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Maxifleur can proudly boast the most modern interactive centre for artificial plants in Europe. We would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Immerse yourself in an environment characterised by nature and tranquillity and let the numerous attractions inspire you. Our specialists will be happy to help you put together the most beautiful creations.

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How nice would it be if our corporate customers, interior designers and stylists could view their dream plants in advance? With our unique project configurator, that's exactly what's possible! We understand very well how difficult it can be to get an idea of the perfect plant-pot combination. Come and experiment with different plants, pots, sizes and spaces in our configurator to your heart's content!

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Top quality artificial plants can be found at Maxifleur!

Do you admire the beauty of nature every day? Then you are right to choose our artificial plants, trees and flowers. In their purity and breathtakingly beautiful aesthetics, they correspond to all the unmistakable characteristics of a real plant. This is not surprising, because nature is our greatest source of inspiration, to which we dedicate ourselves with all our passion and a clear goal in mind - every day anew.

For the most beautiful and high-quality artificial plants, you have come to the right place.

Authentic and lifelike Artificial plants

It is not surprising that Maxifleur, with its online shops in four countries, has been the market leader in the field of lifelike artificial plants, artificial trees and artificial flowers for many years. Our natural-looking fake plants and artificial outdoor plants are of high quality and the perfect mood setters for any location - from offices and restaurants to swimming pools and hospitals, cruise ships, gyms or even in your home.

Artificial plants that closely resemble real ones: Maxifleur!

Originally started with fresh flowers, we now use the know-how acquired during this time as a solid basis for the development and production of our green and flowering artificial plants and trees. You can expect a varied selection of artificial hanging plants and attractive silk flowers for indoor and outdoor use. To guarantee that the latter remain free from discolouration by the sun, we have equipped many of them with our unique UV protection. To complete your arrangement, you can also choose from luxurious decorative pots.

About Maxifleur

Maxifleur imports, exports and supplies its exclusive and natural artificial plant creations to both private and corporate customers. For years we have worked closely with the best manufacturers in Asia. Many fake plants in our range are produced especially for us. This is what makes our products so unique. Look forward to high-quality artificial plants that you won't find anywhere else!

From export to indoor greenery

We design, import, export and deliver our faux plants and designer planters all over the world. Furthermore, we offer artificial plants indoor for large catering establishments, institutions and companies. Please feel free to make an appointment with our sales consultants. Together with you, they will carry out a planting consultation on site, free of charge. You can also find inspiration in our webshop. For the most beautiful and highest quality artificial greenery products for indoor and outdoor use, you have come to the right place - both for business and private use.

What makes our fake plants so unique?

We promise you superior quality that remains unchanged not only from the time you purchase it, but still after many years of use. To turn this guarantee into reality, we use only first-class materials, such as finely woven artificial silk and fully synthetic material with a long service life. Our claim is that only when we place an artificial plant in our own four walls does it find its way into our assortment.

Our artificial plants - our designs

If our search for quality artificial plants at our suppliers doesn't go as well as we'd like, we will then design the fake plants on our own without any assistance. With our botanical knowledge as former fresh flower growers, we know exactly how a plant must look in order to resemble a real-life version in the wild as closely as possible. What we have in mind is made in our factory in China. So you can be sure of getting an exclusive specimen that you won't find anywhere else.

With passion, skill and commitment, we create the perfect artificial plants

Nowadays, every DIY shop includes artificial plants in its assortment. Unfortunately, we often find that they look cheap, fake and bare. To make matters worse, the material discolours in no time or falls apart completely when you bump into it. But this will not happen to you with our artificial plants. Our aim is to produce exclusive artificial greenery that you will enjoy for years to come.

Our approach to your new favourite fake plants

Did you know that we not only import and export the artificial greenery we produce exclusively for you, but also design and create some of it ourselves? Every year we add over 150 new products to our selection. At the beginning of a creation there is a discussion about the best designs and types and quantities of leaves and stems. Every detail of the design is carefully thought through. Step by step, we then bring our inspiration to life.

From tree construction to project planting

Have you ever watched a professional arborist at work? With great dedication, he designs the most beautiful custom-made creations. We, too, model what we can. We glue delicate leafy branches onto real wooden trunks, push, pull, discard again and redesign. With the help of our project planting professionals, we work with you to create complete gardens at your business premises and plans for green company grounds.

Buying artificial plants made easy!

Are you opting for a trendy urban jungle with various hanging plants in the meeting room, UV-resistant artificial trees for outdoors or a modern green wall or stylish partition with fireproof faux plants? Then simply take a walk through our virtual showroom and get inspired!

Breathtaking fake plants designed according to your ideas

Dream about faraway places with giant artificial palms or extraordinary-looking bonsais! You can almost feel the unmistakably exotic scent of these authentic faux plants. Use this feeling for your personal inspiration zone or take a soothing break in the washrooms. Let it wash over you while you enjoy a freshly brewed coffee during a stroll through our virtual showroom. Doesn't that sound tempting?

Artificial plants indoor in a pot? Let's get mixing!

Once you have found your new favourite artificial plant in our selection, the question of a matching pot or planter arises. In this category, too, we have a diverse and multifaceted range of products ready for you. Get a feel for our high, exclusive and mostly handmade quality fake plants. Use our individual plant-pot configurator for inspiration and find the perfect combination for you.

Take a virtual tour with us!

We offer you the opportunity to view our fake plants, artificial flowers, artificial trees and planters from the comfort of your sofa. Take a look at the beautiful Cycas leaf, for example! Can you feel the leaves in your hand? How lifelike do the wooden stems of the plants you just glanced with your eyes appear? Don't miss out on these and other virtual experiences!

Let yourself be carried away by augmented reality images!

Enter our virtual showroom! Move your mouse across the screen to the place you want to visit. Click and drag to rotate 360 degrees. It is definitely a great experience!

Experience the effect of artificial plants in your home!

A fake plant can quickly be purchased. But how do you know if it is stylistically suitable for your home, restaurant or business? This is without doubt difficult to determine when you look at the plants on the website instead of in real life. For this reason, you can look forward to an innovative augmented reality application from us, with which we bring the artificial plants you have selected directly into your own four walls.


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The most beautiful indoor artificial plants

Artificial plants for indoors? Hell yes! This is a very smart idea for all who want to enjoy an inspiring piece of greenery, but do not want to have the difficult and time-consuming maintenance. The benefits, but not the burdens with our high-quality artificial plants indoors. As the market leader in this market for many years, we have an extensive range ready for you.

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Practical and trendy, artificial boxwood

Are you looking for an artificial boxwood to decorate the entrance at your front door or office? Our Artificial Boxwoods offer many options. This popular plant species is also extremely suitable as a green room divider between two rooms, in the office, terrace or balcony. The trees and plants are made of high-quality plastic and look just like the real thing. You can rest assured that the fresh green color is almost identical to the real boxwood.

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Augmented Reality

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in your own home or office!

Would you like to know exactly how your new artificial plant will look in your own four walls, restaurant or other location? With the help of our augmented reality application, you can project your chosen artificial landscape into your room. Enjoy this virtual experience!

Mix & Match

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plant and pot configurator

That is difficult to estimate. Which pot suits your newly selected artificial plant? Does it fit in style and color and how do you like the size of the ornamental pot? With our plant / pot configurator you can endlessly play with plants and pots, sizes and spaces!

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