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It all starts in nature

The first rays of sun after a heavy downpour. The early morning sunlight makes its way and dances on the treetops. The wind plays with the plant leaves. We at Maxifleur take all this as inspiration for new ideas and go one step further:

Whether weathered barks, mighty branches or delicate leaves full of veins and markings: Everything we see in nature with our eyes, we can faithfully recreate with our hands - down to the smallest detail. That is our great passion. Do you let yourself be infected by it?

Maxifleur: from flower shop to international specialists in artificial plants

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"As direct descendants of gardeners, we were born with a love for nature. It was precisely this experience with real flowers and plants that was the foundation stone for Maxifleur Artificial Plants."

Maxifleur, which was a flower shop in Dordrecht back then, was founded in 2004 by Michael Kamper. His goal was to build a chain of flower shops with 80 per cent fresh plants and 20 per cent artificial plants. This was followed in 2005 by the second shop in Leerdam and the start of online stores from the upper floor of the flat.

It quickly became clear that the online trade was much more popular than traditional flower shop business. For this reason, it was decided in 2007 to start importing high-quality artificial plants and trees in an industrial area in Papendrecht.

The ratio between quality and price was rather poor with other retail chains at the time. This was enough reason for Maxifleur to fill the missing gap. We started the development of our own products by commissioning them from one of the best artificial plant factories in Asia. From the beginning, the focus was on high quality and faithfulness to nature.

The resulting partnership has been based on openness and honesty ever since. "Collaboration is unique in our industry and therefore one of our greatest strengths." We are committed to never losing sight of both the working conditions in the factory and the use of certified materials in the manufacture of our products.

The growth of our company was unstoppable. "That's why in 2011 we decided to move to a large greenhouse in Rozenburg - now additionally with a website and a well running online shop in three languages: Dutch, German and French. In 2016, the English online shop followed."

Although Maxifleur is growing steadily, Michael has no intention of putting his hands up. "Do nothing? I can't! Fortunately, I am creative and competitive. This wonderful combination helps me to keep reinventing and improving our products. Unprecedented natural shapes? Perfect! I want to recreate them! Walking through the showroom with special glasses to give our clientele a virtual reality experience in their own homes? Nothing easier than that!"

"Together with my team, I will continue to work towards our goal of designing the most beautiful artificial plant collections that are almost indistinguishable from the original."

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Doing what we believe in! Working with enthusiasm towards our ambitions! Realising and even surpassing our own dreams as well as yours! These are the principles and challenges of Maxifleur. We get up every morning with the aim of creating artificial greenery that perfectly suits you and your ideas. We want to surprise, inspire and touch you with our artificial plants and trees - day in, day out.

Michael Kamper Michael Kamper

Michael Kamper

company owner and founder

For Michael, the founder of Maxifleur, bringing a company into the world was not just a brilliant idea in the beginning, but an inevitable path:

"I come from the wholesale of artificial plants - mainly for chain stores. However, I was bothered by the high prices, which were out of proportion to the quality. Starting my own business was therefore the only right way for me."

"The first step was to reduce the chains out there. We removed intermediate links in the form of importers and wholesalers, so that in the end only the factory in China, ourselves and the end customer remained. We also started to design partly on our own, creating our personal touch."

"The main advantage is that we can deliver high quality plants that look real. And that is exactly what we want. Our motivation for this is the wonder of nature and delivering a top plant at a reasonable price is the result. After all, it is in our genes to make the customer happy with an excellent product. A shorter supply chain is one of the basic requirements for this."

"My personal incentive? To imitate the most beautiful plants and trees that the great outdoors has to offer. That satisfies me greatly." Our showroom was and still is a conscious decision, because here our customers can orientate themselves optimally and experience their new artificial plants in the flesh.


Joyce Joyce



Joyce joined the Maxifleur team in November 2011. "Growth inevitably brought a lot of extra work and as Michael and I were a couple, we thought it would be nice to pull together business-wise too. When a relevant position became available, I immediately accepted. My previous experience as a receptionist and telephone operator came in handy in my role."

"After I started in the packaging department, everything happened very quickly. Today, I'm responsible for cost control and likewise for administration, showroom sales and returns processing," explains Michael's colleague and life partner.

"It's the variety that makes the work so enjoyable. One minute I'm walking through our showroom with a customer and the next I'm on the phone or dealing with a refund. My tasks are never predictable and that's what I love. Also, the contact with customers and colleagues is great and I enjoy it a lot."

To switch off from the day-to-day work, Michael and Joyce regularly go out together. "We both enjoy getting together to go to the theatre or out for dinner, for example. I also enjoy cooking and baking and sharing my artworks with my colleagues at work. I also do fitness. But with all the pressure I'm under, I only get to do it far too rarely."

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Visit our interactive centre


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Since 2021, Maxifleur has been the proud owner of a modern interactive centre for artificial plants, which covers an area of 1,000 square metres.

We would like to invite you to visit our interactive centre. If you would like to marvel at a large plant or tree live, you can make an appointment here.

Let yourself be carried away into an environment full of nature and tranquillity. You will be amazed by the variety and quality of our artificial plants, which have been so faithfully reproduced that they almost seem real.

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We have artificial plants in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a green artificial plant, perhaps a bamboo or ficus would be right for you. On the other hand, you can conjure up a touch of spring in your home with our colourful flowering plants. Our varieties for outdoor use will also delight you in winter.

In addition to the varied range of artificial plants, Maxifleur has decorative and high-quality planters ready for you. Combine different varieties with our pots. Which combination do you choose?

Our experts are at your disposal every working day. They will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation. Which plant best suits your needs or your interior? Let us clarify it together!

Take advantage of our eye for detail. Our specialists will pull out all the stops to let you go home feeling satisfied.

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