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What makes us tick, how and why?

The first sunbeams after a rain shower. The light dancing around the tree tops, getting brighter and brighter. The wind playing with the leaves of the plants... We continue our walk and enjoy the early morning light. Slowly, an image begins to take shape: a new idea for an artificial tree. Like the tree right here in the forest.

Only better. More durable. With such a beautiful, weathered trunk, capricious branches and leaves with grains and character. After all, everything we see in nature, we can construct with our hands and design with the right instinct. That's our greatest passion and source of inspiration. Right down to the smallest of details. What inspires you?

The Team

That's what it's all about!

Working on what we believe in. We work on our ambitions with passion. Realising our own dreams. Realising your dreams. And preferably even surpassing them. That's our challenge and what we'd love to do for you. We simply can't wait to get out of bed every morning and make your dreams come true. Creating the perfect experience with artificial greenery that perfectly matches you and your ideas. To amaze you, inspire you and move you with wondrous and lifelike artificial plants and artificial trees. Day in, day out.

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We are regularly in contact with experts, interior designers and industry peers. What do they notice? What drives them?

But sometimes those experts come to us, like in this movie from RTL Lifstyle. Today in conversation with: Michael Kamper / owner

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