Artificial moss

Artificial moss is currently all the rage. We also understand why this is the case: there is no other piece of greenery that is so unique, authentic and characteristically unparalleled. Thanks to its capricious growth structure, the plant is incomparable. Whether you prefer something delicate, robust or playful, our artificial moss comes in many varieties, sizes and designs. From the moss bulb to the moss bouquet to branches and moss mats, countless different forms are waiting to be discovered by you. We also offer moss with our unique UV protection, which is resistant to sun discolouration. Let your imagination run wild and look forward to creative inspiration by simply reading on.

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Moss in the woods: A magnificent sight!

Do you also love to roam through the woods in the colourful autumn? Or do you remember how you built your first figure showcase as a child with the most beautiful moss as a base? It was this very moss that inspired us to create an art variation of it. But what do we know about the plant as it grows in nature? Well, over the years we've learned a lot.

There is a science that focuses on the study of mosses: bryology - in English, the science of mosses. It refers to mosses as foliose mosses, which are defined as small, herbaceous plants that grow singly or close together on rocks, soil, stems, leaves or trees. The collections are called cushions or mats.

There are many different types of moss, but most of them are green and attach themselves to roots, which in technical jargon are called rhizoids. If you look more closely, however, mosses have neither roots with which they absorb nutrients nor true leaves. In Europe, we mainly find sphagnum mosses, which are known for their high water retention capacity. They play an important role in typical landscape design.

Our realistic looking fake moss is a perfect replica

All the different species, the different shapes and characters: moss is so popular and popular for a reason. So it was out of the question for us, as a supplier of high-quality artificial greenery, to pay our respects to this special plant by selling an artificial version of it. We went in search of quality mosses at affordable prices. We found this with some suppliers and not with others, simply because the moss looked badly imitated, its quality was not good enough for us, or because it discoloured or decayed in a very short time. In a few cases, we decided to get behind the drawing board ourselves because, as you know, we are the market leader in artificial greenery and stand for a lifelike and varied exclusivity that is almost indistinguishable from the original. Why else would you choose an artificial plant from Maxifleur?

Would you like to buy artificial moss? You've come to the right place!

As diverse as the moss plant is, as varied is our selection of fake moss. With us you will find various types of moss on mats, which you can stretch on a frame, a cloth or make into a fake moss wall. Do you opt for an easy-to-handle, green and flat moss mat, a promotional moss mat at an attractive price or would you like to buy exclusive fake moss that captivates with a lively 3D effect? Or how about a grey, imaginative Icelandic reindeer moss mat? You've probably never seen such luxurious-looking artificial moss before. Hanging plants are also much more fun when you place them in one of our fresh and natural moss mats or moss hanging baskets. Not to forget our giant moss ball. It makes a perfect base for your latest creations. You can also choose from moss bouquets, artificial moss grass and artificial wooden branches with moss. With our extensive range, anything is possible. So close your eyes and dream of your future decorative creations!

Our fake moss range at a glance

- Faux moss mats: mats with different types of moss in various sizes, can be used as a base for a planter, stretched on a frame as a partition or as a green wall, also available in a special UV version for outdoor use

- Faux moss ball or other spherical creations: fake moss ball with a diameter of 16 centimetres, available individually as a decorative base for a creative arrangement with various plants, branches or bouquets or as a complete arrangement with hanging plants of your choice, such as scindapsus, eucalyptus, asparagus plants, senecio pearl or various types of rhipsalis, dischidia and tillandsia

- Moss hanging basket: Moss pot with rope pendant and a diameter of 13 centimetres as well as moss hanging baskets with a diameter of ten or 15 centimetres, a natural hanging basket in which you can place your hanging plants

- Artificial moss bouquet: bouquet of 20 centimetres including cuttings, for use in your own arrangement

- Artificial wooden branch with moss: beautiful artificial branch made of wood about 40 centimetres long, covered with a layer of moss, for use in bouquets

Artificial moss species at Maxifleur

Real moss comes in countless types and radiations. The same applies to the artificial moss that you will find in our range. Our artificial moss is available in a wide variety of designs: Our 100 x 100 centimetre standard moss mat, for example, has a soft base covered with a layer of moss like we know it from the forest: flat, green and with a few yellow spots here and there. With its authentic, black, somewhat earthy-looking base, this mat looks as if you took it out of the forest. It is ideal to be used as a base in an arrangement or container. We also offer a range of moss mat types that are striking for their playful and vibrant appearance. They are again an optimal choice for creating a green wall. The most luxurious variant in this class is our Honey moss mat, which is also available as a UV version. You want to cover very large areas with artificial moss? No problem! Our inexpensive, 50 x 50 centimetre, UV-resistant promotional mat is the perfect solution. Would you like something a little more special? Then you'll love our reindeer moss. If you look closely, you will discover one or two grey antlers in this fairytale reindeer moss mat.

The use of moss on mats

Moss is so incredibly versatile, yet it always remains neutral. For this reason, it forms the perfect basis for creative arrangements. You will love our artificial moss mats. Most can be joined together, making them practical to use - especially when it comes to covering larger areas. For example, you can use our artificial moss mats to create a metre-high or ell-long green wall. Or stretch them on a frame and use them as a partition. Imagine how well artificial moss mats would look as an attractive and natural-looking artificial hedge between two rooms, on terraces, between desks or on balconies. The size of the frame on which artificial moss is clicked is 25 x 25 or 50 x 50 centimetres. Assuming you choose the smaller version, you will need 16 artificial moss sheets for one square metre. Our large moss mat measuring 100 x 100 centimetres can also be used as a green wall. It has a soft base into which other plants can easily be inserted, but it cannot be combined with other mats.

Artificial moss for outdoor use

The moss, which originally comes from the forest, should only be used indoors? Conversely, this would mean that the plants would discolour in the sunlight within a very short time if you were to put them outdoors. So you would never be able to put a beautiful green wall, a metre-high moss hedge or an atmospheric moss fence in a sunny place. No, we certainly didn't want that and for that reason we looked for a product that wouldn't mind the sun. Since we did not find such a specimen, we decided to experiment on our own. After years of development, marked by successes and failures, we can now present the solution: With our unique UV protection, we guarantee that your plant will not discolour in the sun for eight years. You can recognise products equipped in this way by the special UV-resistant logo, such as that found on this artificial moss mat.

Want to buy artificial moss? You can at Maxifleur!

You decide: Do you not want to spend a lot of money and is the appearance of your artificial plants not so important to you? Then you have the option of buying artificial moss in a DIY store or a furniture store that advertises cheap prices. We believe that artificial greenery should be a decorative enrichment and at least as high quality and true to nature as the original. For this reason, you will only find premium quality artificial plants, branches and trees, as well as artificial moss of the highest quality. Our products are subject to careful inspection before they are included in our range. This is something we have been proud of for many years as a family business and market leader for artificial greenery. With four online shops in different countries, we are not only a successful importer, but also a supplier of a wide range of art products for private and business customers. We can design your visually appealing green wall made of artificial moss. Just contact our project planting department!

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