Artificial agave

An artificial agave is considered to be a great addition to your home, office, gastronomic area or wherever you choose to display it. Originally from Mexico, the subtle succulent, with its thick, fleshy and tapered leaves, is a real gem. It has a tough and extremely robust character that gives it the strength it needs for a powerful solo display. But it also cuts a fine figure in combination with other plants in an arrangement.

To give shape to your creative ideas, we have the artificial agave available for you in various designs, types and sizes. Create a surprisingly tropical atmosphere with our large artificial Agave Deluxe or with a mini version for your table, or work several UV-resistant bouquets into your own sunlight-resistant, urban jungle garden.

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  1. Agave Bouquet 50 cm UV 151604UV terras-planten
    Agave Bouquet 50 cm UV
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  4. Yucca bouquet 50cm 400150 Grüne Kunstpflanzen
    Yucca bouquet 50cm
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  5. Agave Bouquet 70 cm 151608 Sukkulenten künstlich
    Agave Bouquet 70 cm
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  6. Agave Bouquet 50 cm 151604 Sukkulenten künstlich
    Agave Bouquet 50 cm
    £69.95 £58.29
  7. Agave Bouquet 70 cm UV 151608UV terras-planten
    Agave Bouquet 70 cm UV
    £179.95 £149.96
  8. Yucca 60cm (Bouquet) 151506 Grüne Kunstpflanzen
    Yucca 60cm (Bouquet)
    £74.95 £62.46
  9. Agave Deluxe 95cm 400495 Sukkulenten künstlich
    Agave Deluxe 95cm
    £104.95 £87.46
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The real agave: is it a fleshy plant, cactus or asparagus?

What do we actually know about the agave as a plant? In any case, it is quite old, appearing as early as before the 16th century. Originally, this unconventional plant came from Mexico. Today we encounter it not only in the Americas, but more and more in Europe. It is not entirely clear to which genus the agave officially belongs. What is certain is that it belongs to the group of succulents and is related to asparagus. Since it resembles the cacti in appearance, it is sometimes assigned to this group.

The agave comes in many varieties, but is generally recognisable by its thick, fleshy leaves that end in a sharp point. These may or may not have thorns. In the wild, agaves grow very slowly and only show a flower after years. Proportionally, a long stem then grows from the plant, on which the small flowers are located. The agave stores water in its leaves so that it does not die of thirst even over a long period of time.

Our version of the agave is literally a work of art

The agave is indisputably a magnificent and special plant with a unique character. You are probably wondering why you should choose an artificial agave plant when the original looks so beautiful and robust. It's simple: with an artificial agave plant, you get a high-quality and durable work of art that is so faithfully reproduced that you will hardly notice any difference to a real plant. The only difference will be that the thorns of the artificial version will not prick you.

Our focus when producing a fake agave is on the highest and even exclusive quality. You can be sure that you will be able to enjoy it to the full for years without having to give it much care. An occasional dusting is quite sufficient.

Artificial agave plants skilfully enhance any space

Once considered hardy and solitary, the agave is now more than in vogue. More and more often it is used for the atmospheric embellishment of the most diverse locations. With its thick and fleshy leaves, it is perfect for the austere industrial or minimalist interior style. You can also use it as a stable partition in the form of several agaves in an oblong planter. Or conjure up a tropical oasis with different heights and species.

Did you know that there are even sunlight-resistant artificial agave plants for outdoor use? With them, you can create an outdoor tropical paradise that is guaranteed not to discolour for eight years. Solo, an attractive, large deluxe agave is best presented in a decorative ornamental pot.

Which artificial agave plants do we have in store for you?

Large or small, low or tall, wide or narrow, competitively priced or deluxe: whatever you're looking for - we have it. Would you like one of our bouquets with handy cuttings that you can use to create your own arrangement, or would you prefer a single plant in a plastic indoor pot? Our bouquets suitable for indoor use are available in heights from 25 to 70 centimetres. Just by combining several agaves of different heights in the same species, you can achieve a really cool effect.

As a plant, you have the choice between a ready-made mini version in a rope pot, various types and sizes in a plastic indoor pot and an elegant deluxe version. We also have two agave bouquets ready for you, which are suitable for outdoor use thanks to our unique UV protection. We would also like to highlight the pineapple plant, which is also sunlight resistant and belongs to the agave varieties.

The following is our fake agave plant assortment:

- Fake agave bouquets: in pots or arrangements, in heights of 25, 30, 40, 50, 55 and 70 centimetres, both as cones and spindles, as well as UV-resistant versions for outdoor use.

- Artificial agave plants: in heights of 25, 80 and 95 centimetres, in standard, deluxe and colourful versions of the species Furcraea

- Pineapple plant: agave variety in UV-resistant outdoor version, 90 centimetres high on a pedestal

- Yucca: agave species as a plant in a plastic indoor pot, in 40, 60 and 80 centimetre heights, also on a base 100 centimetres high or as a 40 centimetre bouquet

- Mini agave in a rope pot: ready to hang at a competitive price

- other agave-like succulents, such as the aloe vera

Enjoy the wild effect of an artificial agave plant

What will the tropical green oasis you create with your faux agave look like? The tough, cheeky Mexican plants harmonise wonderfully with other succulents from this country, such as cactus, aloe vera or yucca. An arrangement of these plants brings you a little closer to your personal urban jungle and adds an exotic touch to your interior and exterior.

We often see our agaves in swimming pools, at summer events or in restaurants with a tropical ambience. Usually they stand in high-gloss, neutral coloured containers and draw full attention to themselves. Our deluxe version looks great in tall pots. An artificial agave plant also fits wonderfully in decorative pots made of natural materials, such as wood or terracotta pottery. If you prefer something more classic or the golden mean, opt for our contemporary Doppio Bordo in the colour cappuccino.

Artificial agave for outdoor use? Only with sun protection please!

The variety of a fake agave plant is incredibly fun at home, in the catering business or in the shop. To ensure that this enjoyment lasts for a long time, the plant must be able to withstand the sun's rays. And that brings us to the biggest and most well-known disadvantage of ordinary artificial plants: In the blazing sun, they unfortunately discolour in no time.

Fortunately, we have the solution to this problem! Based on our years of knowledge and experience, and in close cooperation with our suppliers and our factory, we have developed a unique UV protection. We incorporate this into the plastic parts of our plants, protecting them from sun discolouration for eight years. This is our exclusive promise to you!

You can easily display a faux agave from our range for your outdoor area. Highlight the tropical oasis atmosphere in your garden or by your swimming pool, for example, with the artificial, UV-resistant and 70 centimetre high agave bouquet.

Do you want to buy a fake agave plant? Look for high quality!

Let's face it: the more popular artificial plants become, the more often you see them everywhere. In DIY and home improvement stores, in large department and furniture stores, even sometimes in supermarkets. But do all these artificial plants meet the quality standard? Unfortunately, far too often you come across cheap specimens that you can see through, that are bare on the back, that discolour in the sun within a few months or whose parts break off as soon as you touch them.

With us, you are spared such annoyances. Based on our many years of knowledge and experience as fresh flower growers, coupled with the necessary respect for nature, we cannot bring ourselves to produce such inferior products. Rather, we want to create our works of art so that they look at least as beautiful as real flowers, plants and trees. We design the majority of our plants ourselves and then have them made exclusively for us and completely by hand.

Faux agave plant from Maxifleur: look forward to attractive discounts!

The result of our ambition are unique products that are only worthy of our showroom if we would also place them in our private home. We guarantee you high and sometimes even exclusive quality at the best price. Did you know that when you buy in bulk, you can also benefit from a discount? We pass on this discount, in the form of a reduced unit price when you buy several of the same type. You can see this above the shopping cart button. The discount will be settled immediately. Furthermore, from time to time nice offers are waiting for you to take advantage of them. Just take a look at our promotions page.

Would you prefer to see your new artificial agave plant in person first? Then feel free to visit our showroom. We have more than 10,000 products in stock for you to admire.

By the way: we also carry out project plantings for large companies and catering establishments.

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