Artificial Alocasia plant

The artificial Alocasia Plant: How about calling this beautiful plant with its distinctive elephant ears your own. You could enjoy the decorative value and exotic appearance of a tropical plant without having to spend time on elaborate care. An artificial Alocasia would truly be a godsend. With our varied selection of Alocasia artificial plants, this wish will come true in no time.

Choose from the most beautiful bouquets, plants and branches in a wide variety of sizes and lengths, as well as with or without matching vases and decorative pots! You will even find different Alocasia artificial varieties in our online shop. Let yourself be inspired by their pretty leaf patterns. Would you like to see your new faux Alocasia plant in person first? Then do so at your leisure in our showroom!

Alocasia Calidora Deluxe x4 125 cm
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Artificial Alocasia Calidora bouquet 70 cm
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Alocasia Calidora Giant deluxe artificial tree 210 cm
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Alocasia Calidora artificial plant 115 cm
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Alocasia Calidora 60cm
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Red Alocasia artificial plant 75 cm
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Alocasia Calidora 80cm
£134.95 £112.46 As low as £132.50
Artificial Alocasia Calidora Deluxe 165 cm
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Artificial Alocasia leaf M
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Artificial Alocasia leaf XL
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Red Alocasia artificial bouquet 65 cm
£57.50 £47.92 As low as £55.95
Alocasia Sarian bouquet 60cm
£21.50 £17.92 As low as £19.95
Artificial Alocasia Calidora bouquet 70 cm fire retardent
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Alocasia Amazonica artificial plant 60 cm
£44.95 £37.46 As low as £42.50

Artificial Alocasia: Trendy tropical plant for your home

With its beautiful leaves, the Alocasia is a true decorative wonder. So it is not surprising that it is so popular in domestic households. However, there is one drawback: the alocasia is difficult to keep as a houseplant and its sap is poisonous. It needs a lot of sunlight and water. In addition, it is sensitive to spider mites. Fortunately, you can resort to an alternative that has become increasingly popular in recent years: the artificial Alocasia plant.

The increasing demand was the reason to include several varieties and versions of the Alocasia, which is also called elephant ear, taro or giant ear, in our online shop. You will find the most graceful plants and bouquets from a height of 60 centimetres. Do you have a little more space available? Then choose our deluxe versions, which almost look like trees with their heights of 125 and 165 centimetres. Of course, the medium and giant leafy branches also make an impression. They form the perfect base for a special bouquet or a creative arrangement.

The Alocasia in the wild

The characteristic leaves of the Alocasia are strongly reminiscent of elephant ears. They alone give the plant a unique charm with a certain touch of ostentation and omnipotence. Originally, the Alocasia comes from the areas from Asia to the east of Australia. The genus belongs to the arum family (Araceae) and comprises up to 97 different species. The individual varieties have different leaf colours and markings. However, they can all be recognised by the same shape of their large, pointed leaves, which can reach a diameter of 1.5 metres in the wild. In the tropics, the leaves therefore often function as shelters. Alocasias are fast-growing plants that constantly renew themselves by shedding their old leaves. The sap of the Alocasia is poisonous and irritates both the skin and the mucous membranes. The shoots (rhizomes) of the plant are cooked and eaten in Asia.

Natural-looking artificial Alocasia plants are available at Maxifleur

In nature, the decorative Alocasia waves its elephant ears in the wind. Because this is such a wonderful sight, we have done everything we can to make our artificial versions faithful to the original. We focus on the highest and most natural quality and often have the products made exclusively for us. This way we can guarantee you a unique assortment in which the plants look almost like the real thing.

Are you still looking for your personal favourite? First choose your preferred design: a bouquet, a leaf or an artificial plant. Then refine your choice with the help of the filter in the left menu. Search by heights, diameters, prices, subcategories and even by type of application. Everything is possible!

We have the artificial Alocasia plant available for you as follows:

- Artificial Alocasia in plastic inner pot: it can be placed directly in an ornamental pot and is available in several heights from 60 to 165 centimetres, several varieties as well as two deluxe varieties.

- Artificial Alocasia tree: It can be used multifunctionally in a bouquet, in a vase, in a pot or with several plants together in a planter and is available in two sizes.

- Artificial Alocasia Bouquet: This is an Alocasia in a bouquet with corresponding plugs, available in 65 and 70 centimetres in height and in two varieties.

Choose between a variety of fake Alocasia plants

We do not offer every Alocasia species as it occurs in the wild, but we do have the most famous, beautiful and popular ones. These include the most common Calidora - an attractive plant with green ribbed elephant ears. Incidentally, the artificial leafy trees we offer also belong to this species. With the skeletal Amazonica we present you a real speciality in our online shop. With its black-green leaves and cream-coloured veins, it is a real feast for the eyes. And then there is an artificial Alocasia whose leaves are coloured red on the underside, giving it a completely different look. Have you already decided on your favourite or do you need more inspiration?

Here is a summary of the three Alocasia varieties that you can expect to find with us:

- Alocasia Calidora: Plant with large, dark green and ribbed leaves. Available as a plant in 60, 80 and 115 centimetres and as a bunch with cuttings in 60 centimetres as well as two different deluxe versions in 125 and 165 centimetres height.

- Alocasia Amazonica (Polly): More compact species with rough, arrow-shaped leaves that look almost black and have cream-coloured leaf veins. It is called a skeleton plant for this reason and is available as a plant 60 centimetres tall.

- Red Alocasia: Two species in which the pointed, dark green leaves are streaked with white veins and the underside is coloured red. As a plant it is offered at a height of 75 centimetres and as a bunch with cuttings at a height of 65 centimetres.

Even taller and more luxurious: Alocasias with an impressive effect

Big, bigger, biggest! Exclusive, more exclusive and most exclusive! If you want to make an impression at home, in your catering business or at the workplace, take advantage of the luxurious effect of our artificial Alocasia plant in the deluxe version or the artificial leafy branches in sizes M or XL. The gigantic deluxe version of the Alocasia Calidora measures no less than 165 centimetres. It is built around five real wooden trunks and has 59 leaves in various shades, sizes and growth phases that are hardly distinguishable from the original. This gives it an unmistakably realistic effect.

Have you also already discovered our giant artificial Alocasia leaves? They make an excellent creative addition to an arrangement. Just close your eyes and let your mind wander to faraway places. Near the leaves, you might even be able to smell a typical tropical rain shower.

Cleverly presented is half the battle!

You have chosen a beautiful Alocasia, but you don't know exactly where and how to present it? No problem! We will be happy to inspire you. On the left side of almost every product you will find pictures with a number of combination suggestions with decorative pots and planters. Many Alocasias, for example, shine solo in the magnificent luxury vase "Loft" made of aluminium But other materials, such as wood or shells, will also show off your plant perfectly.

Do you like the almost black coloured leaves of the artificial plant Alocasia Amazonica? Then create a striking contrast with the help of a bright white decorative pot. Or how about several bunches together in a long bowl? With the artificial leaves of the Alocasia in XL format, you can also conjure up a tropical atmosphere with ease. Place them individually in a tall vase or use them in a creative arrangement.

Order your artificial Alocasia plant from us and we'll ensure you get the highest quality

When you decide to buy an artificial Alocasia from us, you can be sure that you will get the very best quality. It is the result of years of experience and cooperation with the most reputable partners on the market as well as our own factory in China. Thanks to the wealth of botanical knowledge we have acquired as a former fresh flower grower, we design most of our range ourselves. We have our plants made exclusively and with the greatest care from the highest quality materials, such as strong solid plastic and delicate artificial silk. As a result, our range is often unique and characterised by a level of detail that you won't easily find anywhere else.

We also do not like so-called "fake plants". A bare-headed tree or a measly plant that you can see through, that discolours in the sun in no time and falls apart when you touch it, looks unattractive. For this reason, you will not find them at Maxifleur.

Buy your Alocasia artificial plant at Maxifleur!

Quality is our promise! Over the years, we at Maxifleur have become the market leader when it comes to offering high-quality artificial greenery. We import, export and supply artificial greenery to private and business customers in four different countries. In addition, we carry out professional consultations and project planting for catering establishments and recreation centres. In this way, we ensure that you get the best quality at competitive prices. If you buy in larger quantities, we offer you an attractive special price. The special discount price appears automatically above the shopping cart and is added directly.

Would you like to benefit from even more discounts? Then keep an eye on our promotions page. Special offers and promotions await you here. And if you can't decide which plant to buy, visit our showroom. We have more than 10,000 products in stock, ready for their future owners to choose and take home.

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