Artificial aloe vera plant

If you are looking for an artificial aloe vera plant of exceptional quality, then you have come to the right place. The selection is not exorbitantly high, but it is beautifully lifelike, lovingly detailed and absolutely authentic.

This particular plant, discovered long ago by Columbus and taken aboard his ship to heal the wounds of his crew, has a character all its own. With its distinctive blue-green leaves, notched at the wheels, the succulent brightens up any room. It is clear that with an artificial aloe plant, one does not benefit from the medicinal characteristics of the plant. For this, it has almost no care requirements. It is sufficient to dust it off from time to time.

Do you prefer an inexpensive artificial aloe plant in a pot or an exclusive deluxe bouquet?

Aloë Deluxe bouquet 60 cm
£84.95 £70.79 As low as £82.50
Aloë bouquet 30 cm
£9.95 £8.29 As low as £9.50
Aloë bouquet 30 cm in pot
£13.95 £11.62 As low as £12.95
Aloë Deluxe Bouquet 70 cm
£199.95 £166.62 As low as £197.50

The real aloe vera: cactus-like plant with healing powers

Actually, it's hard to comprehend that we don't really know the origin of this popular plant. What we do know, however, is that it was brought to other countries by travellers from its original location. This is the main reason why aloe vera (the name means "real aloe") can be found almost everywhere in the world. Aloe vera is called a miracle plant because of its healing sap and, because of its toughness in the face of climates that are warm for many months without rain, it is called a warmth plant. It belongs to the succulents, which means that it stores water in its leaves. Although the aloe vera looks like a cactus, it belongs to the affodil group of plants. It can be recognised by its many shoots and the blue-green, rosette-shaped leaves around the stem, which can grow up to 50 centimetres long. The sides of the leaves are serrated. The juice of the aloe vera contains an enormous amount of valuable, medicinal substances.

Our artificial aloe plant is a true masterpiece

As a creator and designer of artificial plants, you simply have to be in awe of this aesthetic, air-purifying and medicinal plant with an authentic and contemporary character. We know this better than anyone else. With each and every Aloe Vera plant artificial, we consider in advance how to produce it in the best and most natural way, what materials to use for it and how to carefully handcraft it into a lifelike work of art. It is not only important to us that you can see the quality of the plant, but that it is indistinguishable from the original. Unfortunately, we cannot imitate the medicinal juice. But you can be sure that the thorns on the leaf edges are completely harmless.

Our artificial aloe plant is always a welcome guest

If you choose an artificial aloe plant, you can't go wrong. Whether you give the plant as a gift together with a decorative ornamental pot or combine it with several specimens to create a tropical arrangement - an Aloe Vera immediately conjures up a special atmosphere. The plant has significant fleshy, blue-green leaves and a short stem that forms many small shoots at its base. The leaves themselves are often compact, ending in a narrow point and have triangular, light green teeth on the edges.

An artificial aloe vera plant suits just about any interior style - at home, in the office, in a catering establishment or anywhere else. Place this magnificent 60 centimetre high deluxe artificial Aloe Vera in a decorative ornamental pot or create your favourite arrangement by joining several bouquets together. In this way you can play wonderfully with heights, widths, types, colours and designs.

What does our range of artificial aloe vera plants look like?

Everyone who buys an artificial aloe vera plant from us can look forward to natural and high quality. The shape, colour, height, width or basic design you require is entirely up to you. In our online shop we have artificial aloe veras for every taste, every type, every size and for every application. For example, what do you think of our bouquets with their practical cuttings? They are available in heights of 30, 60 and centimetres as well as in a standard and an exclusive deluxe version. While the standard version scores with an attractive price-performance ratio, the deluxe versions - as the name suggests - exude pure luxury. We also offer two versions of the artificial aloe vera plant in a pot, one as a 60 centimetre high deluxe specimen and one with a height of 30 centimetres. As a highlight, we also recommend our Spiky Aloe Vera artificial bouquet. In addition, you will come across the Haworthia in bouquet form, which is related to the aloe.

These artificial aloe vera plants are waiting for you to admire their beauty

- Artificial aloe vera plant bouquets: in pots or arrangements and in heights of 30, 60 and 70 centimetres with cuttings, available in standard and deluxe versions

- Fake aloe vera plant: in heights of 30 and 60 centimetres, supplied in a standard and deluxe version, both in a plastic inner pot

- Artificial spiky aloe bouquet: 30 centimetres high with plug

- Other succulents similar to the Aloe Vera, such as the Agave or Haworthia

Conjure up a touch of the Wild West with faux aloe vera plant

Succulents, including the aloe vera, are absolute eye-catchers and very much in vogue. This is due in particular to their unusual, sometimes even whimsical shape, thanks to which the plant achieves an atmospheric effect in interiors. They give every room an individual touch.

The fake aloe vera plant looks great together with other succulents, such as agaves and yuccas, as well as with classic cacti. In this combination, you can create a Mexican Wild West ambience in no time at all. Thanks to their neutral leaf colour, they blend in with any style of home. If you want more colourful accents in your office or catering location, it's best to opt for flowering varieties. Succulents, such as aloe vera, also come into their own in pots made of natural materials in subtle shades. Our black high-gloss decorative pot is proof of this.

Our artificial aloes are indistinguishable from the real counterpart

Bravely enduring the driest and hottest storms: the aloe vera. We pay our utmost respect to the awe-inspiring succulent, and do whatever it takes to make its artificial counterpart as true to detail as possible, and sometimes even more beautiful. Driven by this task, we make use of our botanical knowledge as former fresh flower growers. The deluxe versions, for example, are specially designed by us. This eliminates the problem that the plants offered by existing suppliers were not enough for us. We pay the utmost attention and meticulousness to the leaf drawings, all the details and the careful bonding of the plastic parts. The leaves we design in different sizes, thicknesses, growth phases and colours ensure a completely realistic effect.

Quality in perfection: our faux aloe vera plant

Products that look admirable and retain their beauty for years without requiring much effort on your part: These are the main criteria that an artificial plant must meet. Otherwise, you could have chosen a real plant. We give all our attention to quality, spending hours studying the plants, designing them, discarding them, and then starting all over again. Only when we are one hundred percent satisfied does the design go to our factory in China. The skilled staff on the ground then create exactly what we have thought of, exclusively for Maxifleur. This is why we have a unique range of products that you won't find anywhere else in a hurry. True to the motto "Only the products we would put in our own home can find their way into our showroom".

Order artificial aloes and take advantage of discounts

Quality alone plays a decisive role in a purchase decision. If the desired product comes with an attractive price - then all the better! If you order several specimens of a plant from us, the unit price is usually reduced, because if we buy large quantities for you, it is only fair that you also benefit from this discount. You can see above the shopping basket whether and how much the respective product is cheaper. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to regularly take a look at our promotions page. Here you can expect some great offers as well as a discount or two on selected products.

Want to buy artificial aloe vera? Where else but at Maxifleur!

Would you like to buy the artificial aloe vera you have been waiting for online? A good decision, because this way you can be sure that you will enjoy a real gem in your home or business for years to come. With us, you won't find trees that are bare, plants that you can see through or flowers that are visually far from the original. Our main focus is not only on quality, but equally on attractive pricing.

In the few years of our company's existence, our family business has become the market leader in the online sale of high-quality artificial trees and plants. With four different online shops, in France, Germany, England and the Netherlands, we are now a successful importer, exporter and supplier for private and business customers. We also carry out large-scale project planting for the catering trade and for companies. Visit us in our showroom and see our more than 10,000 products for yourself!

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