Artificial Anthuriums

Are you looking for an exceptional quality artificial anthurium plant and with that little something extra? What a stroke of luck that you have found what you're looking for through us. Not only do we have a large selection of different types, sizes and colours for you to choose from, but at the same time we have all kinds of designs of artificial anthurium. In our assortment you will find natural-looking artificial anthuriums in various shapes, also as bouquets with handy plugs as well as the most beautiful artificial branches. All these form a great basis to let your creative spirit run free. Do you prefer a solo presentation in a decorative ornamental pot, an eye-catcher in a bouquet or a colourful accent in a green wall? You decide!

Anthurium Deluxe red 50cm
£44.58 £37.15 As low as £41.80
Anthurium Deluxe red 80cm
£99.95 £83.29 As low as £97.50
Artificial Anthurium bouquet 40 cm red
£15.82 £13.18 As low as £14.72
Anthurium Deluxe creme 50cm
£44.58 £37.15 As low as £41.80
Anthurium Deluxe 80cm creme
£99.95 £83.29 As low as £97.50
Anturium Jungle King 100cm
£117.50 £97.92 As low as £114.95
Artificial Anthurium S stem flower 50 cm pink-green
£3.50 £2.92 As low as £3.30
Artificial Anthurium M stem flower 55 cm burgundy
£4.91 £4.09 As low as £4.68
Artificial Anthurium 40 cm white in pot 10 cm
£19.79 £16.49 As low as £18.63

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Artificial Anthurium S stem flower 50 cm white-green
£3.50 £2.92 As low as £3.30
Artificial Anthurium 40 cm red in pot 10 cm
£19.79 £16.49 As low as £18.63
Artificial Anthurium M stem flower 55 cm white-green
£4.95 £4.12 As low as £4.76
Artificial Anthurium bouquet 40 cm white
£15.82 £13.18 As low as £14.72
Anthurium Clarinervium artificial garland 110cm
£13.95 £11.62
Anthurium Clarinervium Artificial hangingplant 80cm
£24.74 £20.62
Anthurium Clarinervium artificiel bouquet 30cm
£6.89 £5.74
Anthurium Clarinervium artificiel bouquet 35cm
£9.87 £8.22

Show your true colours: with anthurium artificial flowers!

The anthurium is so popular with everyone thanks to its flamingo-like bracts and wonderful flowers, which contrast so well with the bright green leaves. Their stubborn, flower-like tails, which jut happily from the rough and often brightly coloured bracts, brighten up any interior. While one species in our range features just huge leaves and a tropical look, all the other varieties are flowering. From delicate cream to warm wine red to intense red and seductive green-pink, you can get everything the anthurium colour palette has to offer from us. The same applies to different sizes and varieties. You will be able to create both dazzling arrangements with artificial branches, colourful partitions with small, differently coloured bouquets or help a single plant to make a brilliant solo appearance.

The real anthurium: natural beauty at its best

The anthurium is a magnificent plant that originated in South America and is divided into up to 600 different species. Its name comes from the Greek and refers to the shape of the flowers: anthos (flower) and oura (tail). The anthurium is also known as the flamingo plant. The plant is particularly appreciated for its flowers. They are about three millimetres in size and grow on a fleshy flower bulb with a bract (spatha) around it, which can be of different colours. This feature is characteristic of the Araceae and Arum family, to which the Anthurium family belongs. Most species have a less conspicuous bract. However, there are also specimens where this is bright pink, red or deep black. The colour can change depending on the flowering stage.

Artificial anthurium plants from Maxifleur are real feasts for the eyes

When you see artificial anthurium plants from our range, you will undoubtedly have to look closer to find out whether they are artificial or real plants. Our aim is to imitate products as faithfully as possible - sometimes so that they look even more beautiful than the original. Maxifleur's anthuriums are designed by hand with the greatest care in our own factory. Only materials of impeccable quality are used. The result is beguiling objets d'art that will meet your highest expectations in terms of decorative value, durability, longevity and ease of care. With us, you do not have to expect dead flowers and wilted leaves. For a top condition that lasts for years, your artificial anthurium only needs to be dusted weekly.

Familiarise yourself with our faux anthurium plant selection!

We thought imitating all 600 species of anthurium would be a bit too elaborate. But we have put together the most beautiful varieties especially for you. In our opinion, it would be going too far to bombard you with the many Latin names of the plant in our web shop. We therefore offer them sorted by colour type. For example, you can choose between cream and red for all flowering artificial plants and between an intense wine red, cream or green with pink nuances for the artificial branches. You can also choose the colour of the bouquets with their cuttings between red or cream.

The faux anthurium branches are an especially ideal addition to a trendy bouquet and our extra tall fake anthurium in white, for example, fits wonderfully next to the desk of your office. How do you implement your creative ideas with the flamingo plant?

Here are our anthurium artificial flowers and plants at a glance

- Artificial anthurium plant bouquet with plugs: two different varieties in a height of 40 centimetres, in cream or red, for use in arrangements

- Artificial anthuriums in plastic inner pot: in the normal version (height: 40 centimetres) and as deluxe version (heights: 50 and 80 centimetres), in cream and red, can be placed directly in a decorative pot

- Anthurium artificial plant branches: two artificial branches in white-green in 50 and 55 centimetres, one artificial branch in pink-green in 50 centimetres and one artificial branch in Bordeaux red in 55 centimetres

- Anthurium jungle king plant: non-flowering species from the anthurium family, 100 centimetres high, can be placed directly in an ornamental pot

Artificial anthuriums as a starting point for your fantasy

Artificial anthuriums by no means deserve to be forgotten or excluded. Quite the opposite, because with its beautiful leaves and flowers, the flamingo plant is a welcome guest in any arrangement. Our different versions can be placed on the windowsill at home, for example, or used as part of your personal urban jungle in your catering establishment. How about a cheerfully cheeky bouquet on the table of your restaurant or the counter of your company premises? Or do you prefer a tropical paradise with bright colour accents in your own four walls? As a green partition, the anthurium is extremely popular in offices. And don't forget this surprisingly extravagant jungle king in a matching decorative pot.

Would you like a little more?

We guarantee high quality in our plants and trees anyway, because without it, an artificial version simply cannot look authentic. We look at all the details carefully and then select one product after the other. If we are not satisfied with what the market has to offer, we design the plant ourselves without further ado and have it made exclusively for us.

Our deluxe versions are usually based on our own designs and are therefore unique. We make them even more detailed and fuller, so they look luxurious and magnificent. The Deluxe Anthurium in cream, for example, with a height of only 50 centimetres, has no less than 22 leaves in different shades and eight flowers in different stages of growth. What an exciting picture!

Artificial anthurium plants are a wonderful combination partner

Would you like to buy an artificial anthurium from us? Then we recommend that you first think through how you want to stage the plant and which version you would prefer. You can then start your search via the search bar or via our practical filter menu on the left-hand side. Here you can select with regard to various criteria, such as type, height, diameter, price or intended use.

Once you have decided on a particular plant, the only thing missing is the matching decorative pot, vase or planter. Also on the left of the web page you will often find combinations of a product with a corresponding planter. The Tondo Veneto, for example, is ideal for individual presentations and is very popular in combination with the Anthurium plant. Of course, you can also browse through our planter collection on your own and get inspired.

Are you planning a major greenery project and need advice and recommendations for it? We also carry out business project plantings.

Want to order artificial anthuriums at a discount? Maxifleur makes it possible!

Doesn't every interior deserve decorative enrichment? Although we usually provide the best quality at the best price for our products, you can benefit from even more advantages with us. If you order several copies of the same item, you can expect a low unit price. The quantity discount is listed with each product and automatically deducted from the purchases in your shopping cart. You can find more attractive benefits regularly on our promotions page. Always keep an eye on it to make sure you don't miss out on any promotion or low-priced item.

Artificial anthuriums: permanently high quality

If you ask nine out of ten of our customers what they like most about Maxifleur artificial plants, they will say that it is undoubtedly the high quality. It is our ambition and it is what we focus on day after day. For our artificial greenery and silk anthurium plant, which is often made exclusively for us, we wake up in the morning with our heads full of new design ideas and go to bed with the thought of making it even better. That's why we always manage to outdo our previous creations.

It is no coincidence that we are the market leader when it comes to high-quality artificial greenery for private and business customers. A plant from us must not only look appealing, but retain its beauty permanently. We don't sell poor little trees with bare backs, bouquets that fall apart just by looking at them or artificial plants that you can see through. We also try to make each product as true to the original as possible. We go according to the motto: it belongs in our assortment only if we are willing to put the plant in our own home.

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