Artificial areca palm

If you are looking for an artificial areca palm tree in unprecedented high quality and luxurious appearance, you don't have to do any further research, because you've come to the right place. In our assortment we carry various species, sizes and designs of the areca palm - from Golden Cane Arecas to stemmed palms, from promotional to deluxe versions and from plants to bouquets with cuttings.

You can work with the tropical-looking palm anytime and anywhere. For example, opt for an exotic urban jungle in your own four walls, for a green wall or for a powerful solo presentation in a decorative ornamental pot! Browse through our collection at your leisure or alternatively let yourself be inspired by the grace of the plant in our showroom! We will accompany you on your journey of discovery.


Areca Palm Deluxe 225 cm
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Golden Cane Areca Palm 120 cm
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Artificial Areca Palm tree Deluxe 125cm
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Areca Palm op trunk 120cm
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Artificial Areca palmtree deluxe 150 cm
£259.94 £216.62 As low as £252.50
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Artificial Areca Palm Tree Deluxe 180cm
£349.94 £291.62 As low as £329.95
Areca artificiel palm Pl 140cm in pot
£144.95 £120.79 As low as £142.50
Areca Palm on trunk 175 cm
£234.95 £195.79 As low as £209.95
Golden Cane Areca Palm x3 180cm
£152.50 £127.08 As low as £147.50

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Parlour Palm 50cm in 12cm pot
£28.50 £23.75 As low as £25.95
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Parlour Palm bouquet 50cm
£21.50 £17.92 As low as £19.95
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Golden Cane Areca Palm x3 140 cm
£99.95 £83.29 As low as £97.50
Artificial Areca Palm bouquet 80 cm
£37.95 £31.62 As low as £35.95
Areca artificial palmtree 90 cm in pot
£67.51 £56.26 As low as £64.95
Areca artificial palm Pl 165 cm in pot
£199.95 £166.62 As low as £194.96
Areca artifiiel palm Pl 110cm in pot
£92.50 £77.08 As low as £89.95

Areca artificial palm: the most popular among the house palms

Almost everyone knows it: the popular palm that decorates many an interior. It can claim to be the most sought-after house palm. And there is a good reason for this, because its cheerful and playful appearance brightens up any room - whether at home, in the office, in a restaurant or in leisure facilities. Because the areca has distinctive, feathery leaves, it is also known as the butterfly palm. However, there are other names it goes by.

Precisely because the areca is in such demand, we have made our range rich and varied. You can choose your artificial areca palm tree from several species and sizes as well as promotional or deluxe versions. In addition, there are our arecas on real wooden trunks, whose effect is even more authentic, as well as bouquets for a creative arrangement.

Our inspiration: the areca palm from the wild

A feathery palm with large, fresh green leaves - this is the best way to describe the areca. The plant is also called gold palm, gold reed palm or butterfly palm, belongs to the Araceae family and comes from the African island of Madagascar. It grows in the coastal areas of Madagascar in the form of coherent shrubs and reaches a height of six to twelve metres. The Latin terms for the areca are Areca lutescens, Dypsis lutescens or Chrysalidocarpus lutescens.

In principle, the areca consists of several small palms that grow in groups and yellow-orange fruits that give the plant the nickname "golden palm". It grows comparatively quickly and its leaves have an air-purifying effect. The areca is a popular houseplant because of its exotic appearance, but it needs a lot of care.

A worthwhile alternative: our artificial Areca palm tree

When you see our artificial areca palm in our showroom or online shop, you will ask yourself at first glance: is it a real palm or an artificial areca palm? Its capricious stems and its fresh-looking, green as well as feathery leaves, which fall down like a butterfly, are perfectly reproduced. This unmistakable closeness to life will delight you. And this is exactly the effect we want to achieve with our products. We only offer artificial greenery including fake Areca palm that is indistinguishable from real plants and that you can enjoy for years without much maintenance. Our range includes inexpensive promotional versions and deluxe versions designed by us for those for whom it can't be exclusive and realistic enough. Let your imagination run wild!

We proudly present: our artificial areca palm tree

If you browse through our range of products, you will notice how versatile the artificial areca palm plant is. We offer the right plant for every wish, every room and every application. Would you like to create a wow effect in no time at all and still not spend a huge amount of money? Then take a look at our interesting and inexpensive promotional designs. If, on the other hand, there are no limits to exclusivity, then the deluxe versions are a reliable choice. Equally beautiful and hardly distinguishable from the original are our arecas on a real wooden trunk, for example in a height of 120 centimetres. Or opt for an areca bouquet, with which you can beautifully complement your own arrangement.

As far as the different species are concerned, we have made hardly any distinctions, apart from the Golden Cane Palm. This is so well known that we have given it its own place and name in our range.

We have the following faux areca palm tree varieties ready for you

- Artificial areca plant bouquet: bouquet with plug-in plugs in a height of 80 centimetres, for use in arrangements

- Artificial Areca palm in plastic inner pot: in the promotional version 150 centimetres high, in the deluxe version 150 or 225 centimetres high, can be placed directly in an ornamental pot

- Artificial areca palm on trunk in plastic inner pot: available in different heights of 120 and 175 centimetres, made of real logs

- Artificial Golden Cane areca plant in plastic inner pot: available in heights of 120, 140 and 180 centimetres

Our artificial butterfly palm: lifelike luxury

What a great sight the artificial areca palm is! Are you wondering why you should buy it from us? The answer is simple: our artificial plants, including the artificial areca palm, are made exclusively from the highest quality materials. Have you ever seen the deluxe version somewhere else? No! That would be impossible, because it is designed by us and produced exclusively for us. Conversely, this means that it will always bring something unique into your home. And it is not only the quality that is above average, but also the magnificent abundance of plants.

Just take a look at this wonderfully green and 150 centimetre high specimen! Our areca trunk palms are equipped with the same finesse. Both versions are made from real logs and for this reason achieve an even more realistic effect that you will enjoy for many years.

Do you want to combine an artificial areca palm? It couldn't be easier!

How and where will you display your new artificial areca palm? There are no limits to your tastes and wishes. The 180-centimetre-high Golden Cane palm, for example, is irresistibly beautiful in a matching decorative pot in your office. It also cuts a fine figure in the entrance area of a hotel lobby on a real wooden trunk. With our inexpensive and easy-to-transport promotional versions, you can spice up your event location in no time at all. Or how about a tropical accent in your private urban jungle? The smaller areca palms are particularly suitable for this. You can also conjure up an imposing arrangement with a bouquet of areca palms. A practical green wall is quickly created with the help of artificial areca. Just let your creativity run free and use your imagination!

A pot as a great finishing touch

Have you decided on an artificial areca palm? Then take the final step necessary for a decorative presentation. All our artificial plants are delivered in a plastic inner pot, which allows you to place them directly in a suitable decorative pot. If you don't have this yet, that's no problem at all. Browse through our range and let yourself be carried away by the large selection of affordable plastic planters or luxurious ornamental pots. You can also draw inspiration from our pot and plant combination suggestions, which are included with most products in the form of photos on the left. Our inspiration page can be just as helpful.

Have you noticed that we offer attractive quantity discounts on many products? These come into effect if you decide to buy several pieces of the same type. They are displayed above the shopping basket button and automatically deducted at the checkout. Would you like to benefit from further advantages? On our promotions page we regularly place interesting promotions or one or other discounted product. Always keep an eye on them!

When you want to buy artificial Areca palm - Maxifleur is your competent supplier

Would you like to buy an artificial areca palm? Of course, because otherwise you wouldn't be here. But why with us? We think because we have a unique assortment to offer you. This applies both in terms of quality and variety. Where we felt that the standard products already available on the market were not good enough, we have unceremoniously taken up the design on our own. Thanks to our extensive botanical experience as former fresh flower growers, we know exactly what we are talking about and how to proceed. A large part of our offer is unique, so it will not be found anywhere else.

We, as the market leader in the field of high-quality artificial greenery, promise you impeccable quality. Our ambition is evident, among other things, in the fact that we only add plants to our product range that we would place in our own home. Our showroom and web shop are only filled with plants and trees that have the same abundance, are exclusively designed and indistinguishable from the original, look extremely plastic and do not discolour over time. After all, we know that you are looking for an art version that looks at least as beautiful as the original. Our showroom is open daily and we also take care of project plantings for large companies.

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