Artificial bamboo plant

Faux bamboo: always a great sight. Who isn't familiar with these varied and immensely popular plants of the grass family? The advantages of a top-quality artificial bamboo plant will certainly surprise you. For example, you can simply present it in a beautiful decorative pot or use it in your office as an atmospheric room divider. A high-quality faux bamboo plant is also a worthwhile alternative if you only want to spend a little time on maintenance. Do you opt for the wild and sturdy-looking bamboo grass, the small-leaved Japanese bamboo, or a royal or deluxe version? We have artificial bamboo plant varieties for you that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The latter are treated with our unique UV protection, which shields them from discolouration by sunlight.

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    Bamboo 150 cm FR
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    Bamboo Deluxe 180 cm
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Faux bamboo as an immediate mood enhancer

A practically maintenance-free bamboo -- it couldn't be simpler or more practical. Our high-quality bamboos look so lifelike that the disrespectful term "fake bamboo" does them no justice at all. While real bamboo can take over in your garden and needs constant pruning, you don't have this problem with an artificial bamboo plant. Likewise, the leaves of the artificial alternative don't wither or yellow, which saves you a lot of clean-up work. The only thing you should do is dust the plant weekly. Don't forget one of the greatest advantages of an artificial bamboo plant: once placed, it immediately conjures up a pleasant atmosphere in any room.

Faux bamboo: multifunctional attraction

Whether you need weatherproof faux bamboo for your home, in your company, in a catering location or during an event, we offer quality specimens that are indistinguishable from real bamboo. Do you want to create an oriental, relaxed ambience in your catering facility? Our majestic bamboos are a frequent sight at hospitality events due to their attractive price-performance ratio. These artificial plants are strong, practical and eye-catching. With a model from our large deluxe range, you're choosing a sophisticated decoration. Thanks to their striking appearance, these bamboos blend in beautifully with a luxurious interior in the office or your own four walls, never looking out of place. You can also create a balanced mix with our artificial branches, grasses or bouquets, which are the perfect elements for a creation you put together yourself.

From plants to grasses to branches: Which bamboo should it be?

When you buy an artificial bamboo plant from us, you can choose from a rich and varied range of designs, colours and sizes. For example, we have bamboo plants with various leaf shapes, real wood or plastic stems, and different heights and shapes. You can also choose from a large, sturdy artificial bamboo tree on a plate, bamboo branches in various designs, and bamboo grasses as plants or as bouquets. The bamboo grasses have a practical plug-in element so they can be easily incorporated into arrangements.

In summary, you can choose between these artificial bamboo varieties:

- Classic bamboo plants

- Bamboo trees

- Bamboo branches

- Bamboo grass plants

- Bamboo grass bouquets

Choose your favourite bamboo species!

There are many different bamboo species. It is sometimes not so easy to choose the right one. You can choose between the upward-growing Japanese bamboo with its refined and narrow leaf shape and the popular Royal version with its hard-to-beat price-performance ratio and its green or variegated leaf colour. Or do you prefer the oriental type, where the small leaves seem to grow almost directly from the stems? We even have an artificial spherical Buddha bamboo ready for you. Which one do you choose? Below we summarise the options our range offers you once again:

- Japanese bamboo: narrow and upward growing leaves

- Oriental bamboo: small leaves growing directly from the trunk.

- Deluxe bamboo: classic leaf shape, luxurious full appearance

- Royal bamboo: price-performance bestseller, green or variegated leaves

- Buddha bamboo: spherical shape with a lush, luxurious appearance

Deluxe artificial bamboos: almost like the real thing

Those for whom nothing can be too authentic and luxurious should reach for our deluxe faux bamboo varieties. These specimens, specially designed and exclusively produced for us, radiate pure luxury with their opulence. The high quality is reflected, among other things, in the use of real wooden stems from which the beautifully recreated artificial silk leaves grow. The majority of our deluxe artificial bamboos are supplied as standard in a plastic inner pot, so that the plants can simply be placed in a decorative pot of your choice. A bamboo of this type is available in sizes between 120 and 475 centimetres.

Which faux bamboo is your favourite?

Our faux bamboos are perfect as an individual plant displayed in an ornamental pot. They can set the scene with a variety of additional materials. Whether you choose a clay pot, a rattan pot or a pot made of real shells, they will make your bamboo even more striking. You will find a large selection of decorative pots in our range. In addition, we have many bamboo designs ready for you. How about bamboo branches or bamboo grass bouquets, for example, which you can arrange to your heart's content? Placed side by side in a long container, the resulting bamboo hedge is ideal as a bamboo privacy screen or atmospheric partition.

Artificial bamboo with special properties

At Maxifleur, special bamboos with very special properties are waiting to be discovered. For example, what do you think of our unique UV protection that has been incorporated into the plastics we use? Where cheaper artificial bamboo quickly discolours in the sun, we have provided our specimens with this practical protection against sunlight, which is guaranteed to prevent fading for eight years. We are unique in the market with this promise, because only we can implement it. Bamboos with this UV protection are ideal for outdoor use. Our fire-resistant bamboos are also recommended for events or in the catering sector, where safety is paramount.

Faux bamboo based on nature's example

With nature as our greatest source of inspiration, we at Maxifleur do everything we can to make our products as lifelike as possible. Many of our artificial plants are designed and produced exclusively for us. This makes our range unique in both type and quality. There's a reason Maxifleur is the market leader when it comes to high-quality artificial plants and trees. With botanical knowledge acquired from our history in flower cultivation, we're often the originators of each design. In our factory in China, our wishes are meticulously translated into the most beautiful products. It's an intensive, long-lasting and pleasant cooperation.

Attention to detail is a top priority at Maxifleur.

Our motto is: "A plant only belongs in our assortment if we'd want it in our own home". Quality is an absolute must at Maxifleur -- and of course this applies to our bamboo. With great attention to detail and working with the very best materials, we strive for the highest product quality. For example, we pay great attention to hair-precise leaf drawings and the careful attachment of hand-woven artificial silk leaves onto the real wooden bamboo canes. In this way, we ensure that shoots and leaves in different sizes, thicknesses, growth phases and colours create a realistic effect instead of "fake bamboo plants". We also don't skimp on the number of leaves. For example, our well-stocked deluxe bamboo with a height of 150 centimetres is equipped with more than 1,400 leaves. That's what you call a real bamboo powerhouse.

Buy faux bamboo online: Benefit from attractive advantages!

Do you want a high-quality artificial bamboo plant that won't break the bank? Although our prices are wonderfully low anyway, we offer even greater price advantages.

When you buy larger quantities from Maxifleur, you benefit from an attractive discount. We reduce the unit price for you when you buy multiple items. This quantity discount is mentioned in the text above the shopping cart button and applied immediately. Take a look at our promotions page for the latest offers and discounted products.

Buy artificial bamboo? At Maxifleur, of course!

Are you planning to buy an artificial bamboo plant? In principle, there are many places you could try -- but it would be a shame if you regretted your choice after your purchase. At Maxifleur, we work hard every day to bring your artificial plants to life. What makes us different from other suppliers? Quite simply, we were once growers of fresh flowers. That's why we have a great deal of botanical expertise. We often incorporate this knowledge into our own exclusive designs before producing them in our state-of-the-art Chinese factory.

Our family business has grown into a successful importer, exporter and supplier of exclusive and natural-looking artificial greenery for private and business customers. With four different web stores -- in France, Germany, England and the Netherlands -- we are the market leader when it comes to online sales of high-quality artificial plants. We also have a showroom with more than 10,000 products in stock, waiting for you to discover, admire and take home. It's a unique assortment that you won't easily find in DIY stores or garden centres. We also carry out project plantings for large companies, catering facilities and other businesses.

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