Artificial banana tree

What a tropical surprise this artificial banana tree could be in your home? If you're looking for an artificial tree with a big impact, you'll make the right choice with this one. You will enjoy it to the full, from the first delicate artificial silk leaves to the perfect banana bushes. And if you close your eyes for a moment and dream for a moment, you'll find yourself mentally in a deserted place in the tropics in no time at all. Isn't that great? You only have to devote a surprisingly small amount of time to maintenance. Give your home an exotic look. Bet your visitors will be surprised at the sight of this charming artificial tree.

Banana Royal 165cm in pot
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Artificial Banana Palm tree 240 cm
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Banana Royal 210cm in pot
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Banana Royal XL 300cm in pot
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Artificial Banana Palm tree 140 cm
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Banana Palm tree 180 cm
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Artificial Banana Palm tree Promo 120 cm
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With our artificial bananas you get a lot of tropical nature in your home

High, higher, highest: the heights of our artificial banana trees are simply impressive. Perfect for creating that coveted wow effect. In our assortment, we have several specimens from the fake banana tree category ready for you. They are characterised by an exceptionally high and lifelike quality and attention to detail. We are convinced that people who are looking for an artificial plant on the one hand want to enjoy the original but on the other hand do not want to be confronted with the workload of care. For this reason, we invest a lot of time to reflect reality as accurately as possible. After all, who wants a blatantly fake product that looks plastic and bald? We certainly don't and that's why you won't find this in our showroom!

Get to know the banana tree in the wild!

The banana tree does not come in many different forms, but it does have various names. It also goes by the name Musa. In smaller forms it is called dwarf banana or banana plant. The latter originates from Southeast Asia, but today it can be found in almost all tropical regions. The tree or plant belongs to the Musaceae family and needs a lot of water - especially as this evaporates through the large leaves - and sunlight. As an indoor plant, the banana requires a lot of care. In the wild, the Musa is a fast grower. It is characterised by large leaves hanging down like an umbrella and sturdy stems. Some species even flower and make a beautiful bouquet of bananas.

Our fake banana leaf plant is a true feast for the eyes

A plant as exotic and pretty as the banana simply deserves to be replicated artfully and in great detail. We have taken up this challenge and searched long and hard for the best and often uniquely high-quality artificial banana trees. Where we couldn't find them in an existing range from our suppliers, or where the existing specimens just weren't realistic enough for us, we started designing our own: we looked closely at the trunks, the leaves and the banana bushes and developed the plants in as much detail as possible. Only the best quality materials were used. The result was a beautiful, lifelike range of artificial banana trees in various heights that you can enjoy for years with very little maintenance.

Fake banana plant: take yourself to the tropics!

Wind that tears the leaves, brown and dying leaves, lack of winter hardiness and the need for water and sun: yes, the banana tree is beautiful as a houseplant but absolutely difficult to handle. The complicated and time-consuming care makes the fun of the tree evaporate faster than one would like to admit. Fortunately, this is different with our artificial banana trees, which we offer in various heights. With them, you get the full enjoyment of perfectly reproduced trunks, huge leaves in various shades of green and artistic banana shrubs. To complete the overall picture, we have several suitable decorative pots ready for you. With them and the matching artificial banana tree, you can create a tropical arrangement for your interior, an urban jungle in your office or a successful solo appearance in the hall of your catering company.

This banana tree art awaits you

If you are looking for high-quality artificial banana trees, you can turn to us with confidence. While we don't have countless different types in store for you, we do have trees of varying heights. For example, our range includes artificial banana trees in heights of 145, 180 and 240 centimetres, which are delivered ready-made in a plastic inner pot. You can place it directly in your own decorative pot or one you have ordered from us. At this point we would like to mention our Natura banana planter, in which real banana leaves have been processed by hand. Or how about the beach planter, the outside of which is wrapped with dried banana leaves that have been rolled up into a string? What a special effect!

Our selection in the artificial banana plant segment includes:

- Artificial banana plant: offered in three different heights (145, 180 and 240 centimetres) and supplied in a plastic inner pot.

- Natura banana plant pot: ornamental pot in two sizes, covered by hand with banana leaves

- Beach plant pot: decorative pot with dried and laced banana leaves on the outside

What creative dream will you be fulfilling with your artificial banana plant?

We all dream of transforming a desolate place into a tropical rainforest. With an exotic eye-catcher in the form of an artificial banana plant, this dream could come true. Our banana artificial trees are ideal for places that should be characterised by a foreign atmosphere, such as the swimming pool, the gastronomic facility or the event room. The banana tree artificial will convince both as a solo presentation and in combination with other plants. How about a mixture of it and a palm tree, a pineapple plant, an agave, a yucca or an aloe vera, for example? Actually, the decoration partner doesn't matter, because the banana tree blends in well with a wide variety of styles and has a broad range of uses. Let yourself be inspired by the presentation examples we show you on the left side of each product!

Our banana trees are indistinguishable from real counterparts

Just imagine: A heavy rain shower falls on the leaves, bending them gently and carefully, but not to such an extent that your carefree daydream is disturbed by the splashes of water. You slowly open your eyes and reach for a banana tree hanging above you as your inert body leans against the trunk. With our artificial banana trees, reality comes more than close to this imagination, as they delight with their vivid and lifelike effect. Our smallest, 145 centimetre tall variety consists of 18 delicate artificial silk leaves, two sturdy trunks and a large bunch of perfectly imitated bananas. You can immediately see the care that has been taken to make the stems, leaf pattern and hand-glued leaves as detailed as possible in different sizes, thicknesses, stages of growth and colours. Your visitors won't be able to stop marvelling at the sight of the tree.

Unique quality: our promise and objective

If you are looking for an artificial plant or tree, you surely want a guarantee of a natural look and minimal maintenance. We understand this well and that is why we focus on this task. It is not without reason that our long-established family business has become the market leader for high-quality artificial greenery over the years. With our botanical knowledge and experience gained as a former plant grower, we select only the best products for our customers or design them on our own. The designs are handmade exclusively for us by our reliable and knowledgeable factory in China. This way we can always present you with a unique range of products that you won't find anywhere else and that we would, without hesitation, include in our house.

Order an artificial banana plant and benefit from many advantages!

The best quality at the best price: many suppliers make this promise, but only very few fulfil it. With us, you are guaranteed to get premium quality fake plant products. And as soon as you order several pieces of the same kind, you benefit from an attractive special unit price, because when we buy in large quantities and gain an advantage as a result, it is only fair to pass this on to you. You will find our wholesale prices for each product above the shopping cart button. Once you have selected the item and quantity, the discount will be calculated automatically. Would you like to take advantage of promotions and discounted offers? Then take a look at our promotions page!

Buy an artificial banana tree - at Maxifleur of course!

Have you found the perfect banana plant on our online shop? Then don't wait long and order it with just a couple of clicks. We are open round the clock and in four different countries. Are you hesitating because you would prefer to see and experience the artificial banana tree in the flesh first? No problem! Our showroom in Aalsmeer is open for you on weekdays and houses over 10,000 products patiently waiting for their new owner.

Still wondering why you should buy your artificial banana tree from us? It's simple: we look back on years of experience and have become a successful importer, exporter and supplier of high-quality artificial greenery for private and business customers. In addition, we carry out highly professional project plantings for gastronomy and companies. You can find several examples of these on our Pinterest page. Let yourself be inspired!

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