Artificial bonsai tree

Would you like to buy an artificial bonsai tree? We congratulate you on this wise decision. Bonsai is a sophisticated Asian art form where the trick is to make a small tree look majestically large. With a real bonsai tree this requires healthy growth, regular trimming and careful care. You can buy your bonsai artificial plant directly from us in the desired style and size. This saves time and effort and the tree is, thanks to its high quality, indistinguishable from a real one.

In the Maxifleur online shop, dozens of different fake bonsai trees are waiting to be discovered by you: The Podocarpus with its fine and delicate leaves, the Pinus with its narrow needles, the Acer Palmatum (Japanese maple) and the flowering faux Bonsai, which immediately brings a feeling of spring into your home. No matter what you choose: You will purchase beautiful miniature trees from us, which will be an eye-catcher in your interior.

Pinus Bonsai Tree x5 Deluxe 80 cm on base
£269.95 £224.96
Artificial UV Proof Pinus Bonsai Tree x5 Deluxe 80 cm on base
£349.94 £291.62
Artificial Ficus Wiandi Bonsai 45 cm in bowl
£117.50 £97.92 As low as £114.95
Artificial Acer Bonsai tree 95 cm burgundy
£157.51 £131.26 As low as £152.50
Artificial Ming Aralia Bonsai Green 90 cm on foot UV
£312.49 £260.41
Artificial Panda Bonsai 70 cm on foot
£192.50 £160.42
Artificial Pinus Bonsai x3 60 cm UV proof
£247.51 £206.26
Ming Aralia Bonsai PL Burgundy 90 cm on foot
£239.96 £199.97
Panda Bonsai 90 cm x3 on foot
£147.50 £122.92 As low as £144.95

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Artificial Pinus Bonsai x3 60 cm
£189.95 £158.29 As low as £139.95
Podocarpus Bonsai tree x3 65cm on base
£159.95 £133.29 As low as £154.95
Panda Bonsai artificial tree 140
£229.95 £191.62
Shirakashi Layer Deluxe x3 160 cm
£229.95 £191.62
Artificial Acer Bonsai Deluxe 170 cm burgundy
£279.95 £233.29 As low as £269.95
Out of Stock
Artificial Shirakashi Bonsai on trunk 100 cm
£137.50 £114.58 As low as £134.95
Out of Stock
Shirakashi Bonsai x3 80 cm on foot
£124.94 £104.12 As low as £122.50
Panda Bonsai 60 cm on foot
£92.50 £77.08
Podocarpus Bonsai tree 65 cm UV
£99.95 £83.29 As low as £97.50
Artificial Panda Bonsai 55 cm
£127.50 £106.25 As low as £122.50
Artificial Acer Bonsai 60 cm green
£82.50 £68.75 As low as £79.94
Artificial Acer Bonsai 60 cm burgundy
£82.50 £68.75 As low as £79.94
Artificial Pine (Pinus) Bonsai tree 65x100 cm on trunk
£219.95 £183.29
Ginko Bonsai deluxe artificial tree 170 cm
£229.95 £191.62

Bonsai: the tree in a pot

Did you know that bonsai means "tree in a pot" in Japanese? Based on this planting technique, a tree is deliberately kept small, even though it looks as if it has grown to its full size. We sell fake bonsai trees in different heights. So you will always find one with a style that suits you and your living environment.

In the smallest category up to 50 centimetres we offer you several beautiful trees. For example, what do you think of a Podocarpus bonsai artificial tree at this height? Its size fits perfectly on your windowsill, chest of drawers or shelf. You can give your room an oriental feel in no time. This type of faux bonsai has two leaf crowns and fine leaves that look natural. The artificial plant bonsai Pinus, on the other hand, has strong and robust needles that look and feel authentic. The artificial Pinus is delivered loose on a base, so you can place it in a decorative pot or in a bowls.

These small trees are best displayed in low and wide pots or bowls. On each product page we make a number of suggestions that you can add directly to your online shopping cart if you like. Do you prefer a combination of plant and pot? Then the artificial Pinus Bonsai in 40 centimetres could be just the thing for you. It is delivered directly in a dark brown bowl. The bottom is covered with a natural looking layer of moss. All you have to do after delivery is to take the plant out of the packaging and place it in the bowl. In the same bowl we offer you the artificial bonsai tree Ficus Wiandi in 45 centimetres. It has no needles, just oval leaves. The Ficus is wonderfully leafy and looks very authentic with its medium green colour.

Fake bonsai from 100 to 150 centimetres

Are you looking for a medium-sized artificial bonsai tree? Our 150 centimetre Ginkgo artificial tree has beautiful, fan-shaped Ginkgo leaves, which look like a duck foot. This is why Ginkgo is also called the duck foot tree. It is also known as Japanese walnut. However, this name is misleading, as the species originally comes from China and not Japan. The Ginkgo has a three-storey structure and a visually appealing shape.

The artificial Shirakashi bonsai with a 100 centimetre long trunk, on the other hand, has a completely different leaf shape and therefore has a different appearance. This species is derived from the Japanese white oak.

The top 3 most popular fake bonsai plants

1st place:

Because of its popularity we sell the Podocarpus in different sizes. Also as a real plant this species is an absolute bestseller. This has mainly to do with the relatively easy to care for bonsai. The specimen is also called Japanese Buddha and is available as table bonsai in a height of 50 centimetres up to XL size (190 centimetres on trunk). Although it is a coniferous tree, the podocarpus does not have needles, but very fine leaves that look so real it looks as if the artificial plant came directly from a Japanese garden.

Second place:

The Pinus bonsai, on the contrary, does indeed have needles. This makes it one of the most authentic species for bonsai lovers. Within this species you have a wide choice: For example, you can choose a fake bonsai tree with two, three or more leaf crowns. Furthermore, there is a difference in the shape of trunk: for example, the artificial Pinus bonsai tree with trunk, which is 85 centimetres high, has a fairly straight trunk with a beautiful bark. In contrast, the Pinus Bonsai with 50 x 60 centimetres and trunk appears comparatively unique in its shape. You can choose the Pinus that best suits your needs and preferences.

3rd place:

Also one of the most popular bonsai species is our faux bonsai tree Ficus Retusa in a height of 50 centimetres including bowl. It has firm, oval leaves and a wondrously branched and spotted stem.

Are you looking for a bonsai cherry blossom?

Then we have the perfect flower bonsai for you. With this bonsai you can create a cheerful, fresh spring mood in your house all year round, because who doesn't love these typical, beautiful pink flowers?

With our scaled artificial flower bonsai in 55 centimetres including bowl you will see that we only work with the highest quality materials and designs. For example, the leaves are designed in several shades of green and the flowers are of different sizes so that it looks as if they have grown in the wild. The brown, fine twigs with flower buds that have not yet opened emphasise the natural look.

Japanese maple: artificial bonsai tree with bordeaux red leaves

As mentioned before, we cannot miss taking a closer look at the burgundy-coloured fake Japanese maple tree and its beautiful, deep red leaves. This species is ideal for all those who are looking for an artificial plant bonsai, but still want to add colour.

The burgundy-coloured Japanese Maple (botanical name: Acer palmatum 'Burgundy Lace') immediately radiates something special thanks to its distinctive leaf colour. This makes the artificial tree an excellent contrast to a simple interior with warm tones, for example. The red leaves look exactly like real maple and are amazingly realistic. The smallest version we currently offer in our online shop is the 60-centimetre version. The medium sized version is the 130 centimetre high artificial plant, which stands on a wooden base. It presents itself optimally in both high and low decorative pots. And for those who like it even one step higher, the deluxe 170-centimetre artificial bonsai tree is the right choice. Not only is it the same size as a real bonsai, but it also knows how to make the entire room shine with its dazzling beauty.

Do you like the colour burgundy, but the Japanese maple style isn't exactly what you are looking for? Then perhaps the 90 centimetre high, burgundy red Ming-Aralia bonsai on a wooden base is a suitable alternative. This specimen consists of five leaf crowns, which are slightly finer in shape than the leaves of the Japanese maple.

Artificial bonsai tree: a fascinating plant from every angle

Not only the leaves of the artificial bonsai tree are something special, but also the trunk and the roots are worth seeing. The trunk often has an obstinate, organic form that seems to be constantly in motion. The bark has a rough texture, which tempts you to find out whether it is real or fake before realising that there is hardly any difference to a specimen from nature. The reproduction of the wood structure of the trunk ensures that our artificial bonsai tree always radiates a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

The winding roots give the plant its special appearance. An artificial bonsai tree owes its fascination primarily to the fact that it looks different from every angle.

How to choose the right pot or bowl

Finding the right planter is a challenge for many bonsai lovers, because the bonsai pot or bowl is not just any container in which the tree is placed. Rather, the decision to buy should be preceded by a well thought-out selection process. For example, the bowl or pot must fulfil the function of supporting the tree and enclosing the root ball without hiding it completely. Furthermore, the decorative pot should match the shape and style of the tree.

Often the wrong bonsai tree is chosen for a flat bowl, so that the pot attracts the least attention and instead all eyes are focused on the tree itself. Some faux bonsai trees also have the wavy shape of a waterfall. In order to correspond as closely as possible to their original conditions, it is best to give the impression that they are hanging from a cliff. In this case, it is recommended to choose a pot that is tall and slender, yet stable enough to compensate for the greater weight on one side of the tree.

If you are looking for a plant-pot combination or a single pot that we have already placed as a product suggestion for you, the ordering process will be simple and quick. And in case of doubt, our friendly and competent customer service staff will be happy to advise you at any time.

Choosing your new faux bonsai from Maxifleur

Maxifleur was originally a company that sold fresh flowers. We now use the know-how acquired in this sector as a solid foundation for our artificial bonsais that are indistinguishable from the original. We act as importer, exporter and supplier of exclusive and natural artificial greenery for private and business customers. Thanks to our high quality standards, which apply to all our products, we have become unparalleled in the industry. We work exclusively with the best manufacturers in our profession. Many of the artificial bonsai trees you will find in our online shop are also produced exclusively for Maxifleur. In this way, you get a unique assortment that you will not find anywhere else.

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