Artificial boxwood

On this page we will provide you with details about the variety of artificial box trees we have on offer. They are made exclusively from high-quality plastic. We guarantee the most beautiful colours in the form of lush green leaves, which are hardly distinguishable from real plants.

Our artificial box trees open up many decorative possibilities for you: when placed in a beautiful decorative pot, the artificial plants enhance both your indoor and outdoor areas in an attractive way. Some of the products from our online shop are treated with a coat of UV-protection for installation outside your own four walls, which prevents them from fading due to sunlight.

In addition, an artificial boxwood hedge is wonderful as a natural room or area divider, for example in the office, on the terrace or (hotel) balcony.

Boxwood Ball Deluxe 40 cm UV
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Artificial Mini Boxwood 14 cm in pot
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Boxwood Ball Deluxe 50 cm UV
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Artificial Boxwood Hedge 80x25x56 cm UV
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Boxwood Ball Deluxe 60cm UV
£257.50 £214.58 As low as £252.50
Boxwood Ball Deluxe New 25 cm UV
£57.50 £47.92 As low as £54.95
Boxwood Ball Deluxe 60 cm
£197.50 £164.58 As low as £193.50
Boxwood hedge Deluxe 80x27 cm UV
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Boxwood Ball Deluxe 50 cm
£132.50 £110.42 As low as £129.95

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Boxwood Tower 170 cm UV
£372.50 £310.42
Artificial Boxwood square 40 cm UV
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Boxwood Ball on trunk 110 cm UV proof
£147.50 £122.92 As low as £144.95
Boxwood Deluxe spiral 170 cm UV
£259.94 £216.62 As low as £249.95
Boxwood ball Deluxe 70cm UV
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Artificial Boxwood Ball Deluxe 70 cm
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Boxwood Hedge Deluxe 80x100 cm
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Artificial Boxwood Tower tree 145 cm
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Boxwood Hedge Deluxe 80x27 cm
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Boxwood Ball deluxe on trunk 140 cm
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Boxwood Square 45cm UV
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Mini boxwood branch 30cm
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Boxwood Spiral Deluxe 140 cm
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Boxwood Ball Deluxe 40 cm
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Boxwood Branch 50 cm
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Boxwood Spiral Tree Deluxe 100 cm UV
£149.96 £124.97 As low as £147.50
Boxwood Spiral Deluxe 100 cm
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Boxwood Spiral Deluxe 140cm UV
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Boxwood Column Deluxe 90 cm
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Boxwood Ball Deluxe 25 cm
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Artificial Boxwood Tower 140 cm UV
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Artificial boxwood trees - the most popular varieties

The common boxwood tree (botanical name: Buxus sempervirens) is the most popular out of all the boxwood tree varieties. It is characterised by its fresh green colour and finely branched, dense appearance. The leaves are somewhat reminiscent of eggs in shape, have a shiny upper side and feel leathery. You will find this visual all-rounder, which suits every interior and exterior, most frequently and in a great variety in our online shop.

By the way: Did you know that boxwood trees also have flowers? However, as their blooms have the same green colour as the leaves and are very small, they are usually hardly noticeable.

The boxwood tree first appeared in Roman times. It is therefore considered to be one of the oldest hedge plants. It originated around the Mediterranean. A boxwood hedge usually grows very slowly. Conversely, this means that a lot of patience is required before it reaches the desired height. But if you opt for an artificial box hedge instead, you will avoid this problem.

The highest box trees in our online shop are 170 to 175 centimetres tall. They are best used to cover both sides of the fence.

Do you want to create extra privacy and are looking for a boxwood hedge for this purpose? Then you are making the right choice with our individually designed hedge. Its well thought-out design makes it perfect for use as a partition, for example on a roof terrace. Its colour is extremely realistic, so it is almost impossible to distinguish it from a real hedge. Furthermore, it is mounted on an iron frame and only needs to be placed in a rectangular container of your choice.

Where is the best place to put your artificial boxwood?

As already mentioned, the box tree is a multi-purpose plant that can be placed anywhere without any problems. Below, we have listed some inspirations and ideas for you on how and where to place your artificial boxwood tree. If you choose one of these suggestions, all you have to do is find the right model in our online shop and place it in that very spot.

- Our box trees are available from small to large sizes. We can supply you with both a 40 cm artificial boxwood and a 50 cm artificial boxwood, or in any other size you wish. The smallest type is a decorative table plant with a height of 30 cm. It can be placed on the table, windowsill or shelf. In catering establishments, it is also often used as decoration on the terrace.

- Our synthetic boxwood ball is made of plastic and usually placed at the front door, where it serves as an attractive ornament to give your guests a cosy and green welcome. You can also place it at any corner of your terrace or garden. A less common, but still nice idea is to add lighting effects (for example in the form of light bulbs) to the boxwood, installed at different heights. In this way, a cloud-like play of light is created in no time at all.

- Do you like simplicity and balance? Then you should opt for a harmonious design. A complementary combination of boxwood and bulbous plants is just as suitable as round olive trees. The difference in height between the low plants and the higher trees creates a surprising and unusual look.

- Do you prefer a coarser and more robust garden style in which different plant species are mixed and matched? Then boxwood is also a must. Because of its calming colours and modest foliage, it can be combined perfectly with colourful plants such as a rose shrub, hydrangea or lavender. You can create a variation in height by interspersing it with classy ornamental grass.

- If you prefer the classic style, slender plants and hedges are the best option. A square boxwood at the house or courtyard entrance radiates class and grandeur and is an excellent green setting for your terrace, garden or swimming pool.

- With our boxwood mats you can easily create a boxwood plant wall in the size you want. In fact, these mats are one of our bestsellers for the commercial market. Such a plant wall creates a beautiful green eye-catcher and enhances office rooms, the hotel lobby or the catering business. In addition, you can create a pleasant (working) environment with them. If you are bothered by a bare wall on your house, this vertical garden is a good option for embellishing it. And did you know that such a plant wall is also very practical? The boxwood mats provide excellent sound insulation. This means that the room no longer sounds hollow, which can cause some disturbance.

Trimming the boxwood to the desired shape is no longer necessary

Real boxwood can be cut into all kinds of shapes as it grows larger. This requires a lot of precision, which can sometimes be very time-consuming. One cut too many and your boxwood is out of shape. Fortunately we have the perfect solution for you: In our assortment you will find some of the most beautiful artificial box trees in various special shapes. Trimming is, therefore, not necessary. How about a spiral-shaped artificial tree or a boxwood pyramid, for example?

UV-resistant artificial buxus trees are highly suitable for outdoor use

Some of the trees and plants in our online shop are UV-resistant. This means that a special UV protection has been incorporated into the raw material of these products. This ensures that the leaves are protected against discolouration or fading due to sunlight.

It is also true, by the way, that many of our trees have a real trunk. We have deliberately chosen to do this in order to ensure the most authentic appearance possible. However, logs are susceptible to weathering and fungi. We therefore always advise you to treat the trunk with a primer or stain before you put the tree outdoors. This is the only way to ensure a long lifespan.

Choosing the right pot is the key

If you have chosen your favourite box tree with care, it is advisable to buy a suitable cachepot at the same time. A carefully selected pot completes the overall picture and makes the difference between an eye-catcher with a wow-factor and a plant that simply looks good.

The bright green artificial boxwood matches the colour of almost any planter, which makes the decision to buy a pot much easier. However, it is best to pay attention to the environment in which you want to plant the tree. For example, a dark coloured pot in anthracite or black will stand out perfectly against wooden floor tiles or boards.

If, on the other hand, you wish to place the tree on a dark background, such as anthracite tiles, a lighter pot colour, such as light gray or white, is a good choice because it makes a great contrast with the floor.

You can also choose between high and low pots. This is mainly a question of taste and space. A high pot, in which the trunk of a box tree is no longer visible, looks a little broader and thus visually fills the room. A low pot or a high pot, in which the tree is placed a little higher, looks a little more airy.

Once you have decided on a colour, there are many options to choose from: Will it be a shiny pot, a matte cachepot or do you prefer a decorative or dense border?

Good to know: If you would like to buy an artificial boxwood and choose our online shop for this purpose, you will see some pictures on the left-hand side to inspire you and make your choice easier. And if you are on the product page of your choice, you will find a number of related products in the middle of the page, below the text. Here we have listed plant pots for which we have already made a pre-selection to match your plant. You only need to click on the right pot to add it to your shopping cart.

The most important advantage of an artificial box tree

We conclude this guide with the most important advantage that an artificial boxwood tree has over a real one: The real variety is susceptible to fungi that can cause boxwood disease. There are two different fungi that cause problems with different degrees of severity:

Boxwood fungus (Cylindrocladium buxicola) attacks the leaf and produces black spots on it. As a consequence, the affected leaves fall out and only the stem remains.

Volutella fungus causes the brown leaves to wilt and stick to the plant. This creates an unsightly and unkempt impression.

Fortunately, the problem of leaf loss and dry leaves is a thing of the past with artificial boxwood. A microfibre cloth is all that is needed to keep the leaves dust-free. And if you want to give your plants extra care during spring cleaning, we recommend using a professional cleaning agent for artificial plants. This not only removes annoying dust, but also refreshes dull leaves.

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