Artificial Calathea plant

The Calathea is the epitome of grace and delicacy. And where the real plant with its very specific leaf markings is quite laborious to care for, with our artificial versions you get a high quality and absolutely uncomplicated specimen that you can enjoy for years to come. With so much attention to detail as well as our rich botanical knowledge combined with unbridled ambition, our works of art are sometimes even more beautiful than the original. Browse our online shop and let yourself be inspired by the different species, designs, sizes and colours of artificial Calathea!

Calathea Orbifolia pendant 65cm
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Calathea Fasciata artificial plant 70 cm
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Calathea red Roseopicta pendant 70cm
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Artificial red Calathea 60 cm in pot
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Calathea artificial plant 85 cm green
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Calathea green 60cm
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Calathea Fasciata 80cm
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Calathea Rosea Picta 80cm
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Mini Calathea Ornata artificial bouquet 20 cm
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Calathea Roseopicta artificial plant 65 cm bouquet
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Calathea Makoyana kunstplant 60 cm
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Artificial Calathea Ornata bush 25 cm
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Artificial Calathea Ornata bush 45 cm
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Calathea red Roseopicta bush 45cm
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Calathea Orbifolia bouquet 30cm green/grey
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The artificial Calathea: a wonderfully colourful masterpiece

Maybe the name Calathea doesn't mean anything to you right away. But when you see the plant, you will recognise it immediately. It has colourful leaves with striking drawings. Some are purple, others are yellow in combination with fresh green. One species has elongated and serrated leaves and the next oval round leaf shapes. From all the different designs, choose exactly what you find most beautiful. Place the plant solo on your windowsill, complete your very own urban jungle with it or work it into a green wall in your office or catering establishment.

The real Calathea: our inspiration

Powerful and beautiful: this is the best way to describe the calathea as it looks in the wild. The plant owes its name to the Greek word "kalathos", which means basket and refers to the shape of the leaves. The genus of the family Marantaceae comprises about 277 different species. The Calathea is native to the South American jungle and the Amazon region, where it grows in the shade. The characteristic plant can be recognised above all by the great variety of colours and shapes of the leaves. Usually these are green or purple and oval round. The special thing about the beautiful leaves is that they are actually alive, because they close in the evening and open in the morning. This happens with a kind of light murmur. This is why the Calathea is nicknamed "the living plant".

An image that couldn't be more authentic: our artificial Calathea plant

When you look at our artificial Calathea plant from a distance, you would never think that it is actually an artificial plant. Even when you look at it up close, it is not obvious, because it is so faithfully reproduced that it is indistinguishable from a real plant. Only the complicated care that the Calathea demands in real life is omitted. The artificial version has no requirements whatsoever in terms of light, rain and food intake. It does not discolour or wither and its leaves do not fall off. The only thing you have to do is to wipe it down with a dust cloth every now and then. Unfortunately, we could not reproduce the independent folding and unrolling of the leaves. However, we think that they are most beautiful in their open and full form anyway.

You can find the most beautiful variations of the faux Calathea plant through us!

We have not reproduced all 277 species of Calathea because, to be honest, we have not even seen all of them in real life. However, you can be sure that we have the best-known and most charming varieties in various designs, colours and sizes ready for you. From 20 centimetre high artificial bouquets with a striking ribbed leaf structure to an artificial Calathea plant with large oval leaves. All are made from the highest quality materials and with the greatest care by us, as a successful family business with a well-stocked online shop for four different countries. As a former fresh flower grower, we can draw on solid botanical knowledge. We design the majority of our assortment ourselves and have it made exclusively for us.

We offer the following artificial Calathea designs:

- Calathea bouquet with plugs: two different varieties in 20 centimetres height, another in 65 centimetres height, for use in arrangements.

- Artificial Calathea in a plastic inner pot: in heights of 60, 80 and 85 centimetres, in three varieties, can be placed directly in an ornamental pot

The right variety for every taste

As already noted, the Calathea is very species-rich. We have not succeeded in recreating all the varieties, but we have mastered this challenge with the most beautiful ones. For example, we have created the attractive green Calathea with its feathery and slightly serrated leaves. It is also known as a grass plant. The decorative purple leaf of the Calathea Ornata is wonderfully pretty and is available from us as a 20 centimetre long bouquet. You can also choose the Roseopicta as a bouquet, which has a very different look. It can also be ordered in a plant version with a height of 80 centimetres. Not to be forgotten is the Calathea Fasciata. It is 70 and 80 centimetres high. Which variety best reflects your character?

Choose from these Calathea varieties:

- Calathea Ornata: species with large, round, fresh green leaves with cream tips of red above and red below.

- Calathea Roseopicta: species with large, round leaves that are dark green with light and dark shades and pinnate edges and has a slightly pink stem

- Calathea Orbifolia: species with firm, yellow-green leaves with a ribbed leaf structure.

- The "green" Calathea: a species with elongated, feathery leaves with pinnate margins, also known as the grass plant

- Calathea Fasciata: species with larger, round, deep green leaves with an impressive cream-coloured ribbed pattern

Artificial Calathea: Let's make a creative combination!

A faux Calathea is perfect as the basis for a creative arrangement. For example, how about a Calathea Ornata bouquet in the form of a colourful accent in a metre-long green wall in your office? Or what about the somewhat larger Roseopicta bouquet as an eye-catcher in your specially created urban jungle? Several bouquets of the same species in different heights can also be placed in a long planter. But even on its own, the plant with its special leaf shape and leaf pattern is guaranteed to brighten up many rooms. On the left side of this Calathea Fasciata you can see pictures of how we have combined it. To show it at its best, a plain decorative pot made of natural materials is a wonderful choice. In principle, however, you can never go wrong with your Calathea and its neutral appearance in terms of decoration.

Our artificial Calathea is inimitably lifelike

If you ask yourself why you should order your artificial Calathea from us, we have the answer ready: First and foremost, because our artificial products are almost indistinguishable from real plants. As the market leader for high-quality artificial greenery, we stand for exclusive quality at the best price. How do we achieve this? Quite simply: by designing many of our creations ourselves, using our extensive knowledge and experience as a former fresh flower grower. This know-how is so rich that we come more than close to reality and in this way present our products with absolute truthfulness. With the greatest care, the designs are made exclusively for us by our factory in China, with which we have been working for decades. This makes a large part of our range unique in type and quality.

Fake Calathea plant: What do you get from us?

Our customers appreciate above all the high and exclusive as well as natural quality of our products. No artificial tree from the DIY store that is bald on the back, no shabby hanging plant in colours that simply do not exist, no branches that fall out just by looking at them. We are aware that you are looking for an artificial plant that is the perfect copy of the real one, but significantly less in need of care. For this reason, we design many of our products in-house and we only work closely with the best suppliers as well as our own factory in China. In addition, our quality artificial greenery is made from the highest quality artificial silk combined with durable solid plastic. So you get a goodness you can enjoy for years - every day, again and again.

Want to buy artificial Calathea online? Maxifleur is always ready to do so!

Over the years, our family business has developed into a successful importer, exporter and supplier of high-quality artificial greenery for private and business customers. With four different online shops in France, Germany, England and the Netherlands, we are the leader when it comes to selling artificial greenery online. In addition, we carry out large-scale project plantings.

Would you like to buy artificial greenery at an attractive discount? Then take a look at our price reductions, which we offer on many products when you order several of the same type. The lower unit prices appear above the shopping cart button of the respective product and are automatically settled at the checkout. Further discounts also await you on our promotions page. You can also look forward to nice promotions and one or two discounted items here.

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