Artificial conifers

The beautiful group of woody plants and trees with needle-shaped leaves is so popular that you can't avoid calling a perfectly replicated artificial version your own. In our online shop you will find a wide range of fake conifers. Take a look at our trees, plants, bouquets, mats, bulbs and spirals and let them inspire you! Did you know that you can also place our creative masterpieces outdoors? Our fake conifer trees are guaranteed to enchant you!

Cypress 50 cm in inner pot
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Conifer Deluxe 150 cm UV
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Cypress Deluxe 100cm
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Potted Cypress 45cm yellow green
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Cypress Deluxe 120cm
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Artificial Cypress Deluxe 120 cm UV
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Artificial Cypress mat x77 UV
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Cypress Alumi Ball 145 cm UV
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Artificial Cypress Bouquet 56 cm UV
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Artificial Cypress Bouquet 56 cm
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Artificial Cypress 85 cm UV
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Artificial Cypress Bouquet 56 cm (green-yellow)
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Artificial Cypress Deluxe 100 cm UV proof
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Cypress Spiral Deluxe 100cm
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Discover the most beautiful artificial conifers

Are you looking for an imitation conifer of the highest quality that is true to detail and also wonderfully easy to care for? If you choose artificial conifer trees from Maxifleur, you can enjoy the pleasures rather than the burdens of these evergreen shrubs, which also display their attractive appearance in winter. Most people place one or more conifers in their garden, in their catering establishment or on the company property because they give the surroundings a rustic ambience. Thanks to its neutral appearance, the conifer is easy to combine. We have a large selection of different types, designs, sizes and colours available for you. The range includes elaborate deluxe versions in ball and spiral shapes as well as practical UV-resistant artificial conifers for outdoor use. Which design will you choose?

The real conifer: An eye-catcher in many gardens

Whether in the home garden, in the office, in the hospitality industry or somewhere in a recreational area: conifers often determine the overall aesthetics. And that's no wonder, because with their evergreen exterior they are a real eye-catcher. What else do we know about them? Conifers, as the scientific name suggests, represent a group in the plant kingdom that is over 600 species strong. They grow mainly in temperate climates. When they occur in tropical areas, they are found in the mountains. Their name means "cone bearer" because they carry their seeds in a cone fruit.

Conifers, which are mostly trees with needle-like leaves, make the most important contribution to the timber industry with their coniferous wood. They are also used to produce resins and, in the past, turpentine. Coniferous trees are evergreen shrubs and are therefore welcome guests in the garden even in winter. Conifers come in various shapes and sizes, from dwarf conifers that remain low and are even very suitable as ground covers, to solitary specimens of enormous heights. Their shades go from blue to yellow. Different species, heights and colours can be wonderfully combined with each other.

Artificial conifers in true craftsmanship

With an artfully reproduced conifer from our assortment, which can hardly be distinguished from the original, you save yourself a lot of time. The first-class products are made with such care and from such high-quality materials that you will retain their beauty for years to come. All-round splendour and evergreen, they are also extremely practical because you don't have to spend much energy or time on maintaining them. An occasional dusting is quite enough. Pruning, spraying, trimming, repotting, raking leaves and all the other work involved with a real plant are also eliminated. Difficult cuts, as is the case with conifers in spiral form, are also no longer necessary. You can also place our special UV-resistant artificial conifers outdoors - they don't mind the blazing sun.

Artificial cypress trees from Maxifleur: evergreens of the highest quality

If you are looking for artificial cypress trees and conifers for indoors or outdoors, for your workplace or home, your catering establishment or elsewhere, you will find what you are looking for here. In our online shop we have dozens of conifers ready for you. There is guaranteed to be something to suit every taste, preference and application. Do you need a small tree in a pot? We already have 45 centimetre high specimens ready for you. Or would you like something more massive? Then opt for the big brother, which measures 150 centimetres. The different shapes are also a feast for the eyes: one is available as a sphere and the other as a spiral. Not to forget the different coloured bouquets with plugs that you can use in your own arrangement. If you are looking for an artificial cypress tree or conifer for your garden or another place exposed to the sun, we recommend that you take a look at our UV-resistant versions.

These artificial conifers await you in our shop:

- Artificial conifer bouquet: bouquet in a height of 56 centimetres with plugs, for use in an arrangement, in yellow-green and dark green, also available in UV version

- Artificial conifers: in yellow-green 45 centimetres high, in dark green 50 centimetres high and in the deluxe UV version 85 centimetres high

- Conifers for indoors: deluxe versions in heights of 100, 120 and 150 centimetres

- Conifers for outdoor use: Deluxe versions in heights of 85, 120, 150 and 180 centimetres, also as a 145 centimetre high spherical tree

- Other fake conifers: Artificial spherical conifer in a height of 145 centimetres, deluxe spiral tree in a height of 100 centimetres and a 25 x 25 centimetre UV mat

Full, fullest, fullest: our deluxe conifers

Have you always felt the need to use a conifer as a full-bodied hedge or as a solitary eye-catcher? Then our deluxe versions are the perfect choice. They create an even more luxurious overall appearance and stand in full splendour. To give you an example: This 100 centimetre high deluxe conifer tree has no fewer than 492 leaves. The woody plants are mostly designed by us as well as produced exclusively for us, making them unique on the market. We have them made from the best quality artificial silk, solid plastic and real wooden trunks. Most versions are supplied as standard in a plastic inner pot which can be placed directly in a decorative pot. The heights vary between 85, 100, 120 and 150 centimetres.

Artificial cypress trees for outdoor use: carefree sun worshippers

Nine out of ten artificial cypress trees are not suitable for outdoor use because they discolour within a very short time if left in the blazing sun. Maxifleur is different. Due to the high demand for products that can be placed both indoors in a sunny spot and outdoors, we set ourselves the challenge of developing appropriate specimens. At the end of a time-consuming and complicated process, we succeeded. By incorporating our UV protection into the solid plastic parts of the plant, we can offer you the guarantee that they will not discolour for eight years. This promise is not available anywhere else on the market.

What creations do you want to achieve with your artificial cypress trees?

Conifers are great to work into a hedge, but you can do so much more with them - both inside and out. For example, how about a spiral conifer or a ball-shaped specimen in a decorative ornamental pot? Both can be used perfectly as powerful eye-catchers. Our practical artificial bouquets also look enchanting. You can use them to make creations of different colours and sizes. Or are you looking for a fresh green addition to your sunny urban jungle, a subtle addition to your green wall in the office or a planter with conifers as an atmospheric partition in your gastronomic establishment? An equally brilliant idea is our UV-resistant conifer mats - ideal for decorating walls with and mounting on a frame to create a natural divider in restaurants or hotels.

Choose artificial conifers in lifelike quality!

Driven by our passion for nature and supported by our previous experience as fresh flower growers, we are committed to making our products as high quality and exclusive as possible. A large part of our range is unique because it has been designed by us and produced for us. For this reason, we have become the market leader for high-quality artificial greenery in recent years, with four different online shops in France, Germany, England and the Netherlands. We supply, import and export our products to both private and business customers. We also carry out large-scale project plantings for the hospitality industry, the leisure industry and other large companies.

Buy artificial conifers at Maxifleur

Have you decided to buy your artificial conifers at Maxifleur? With us, you have several options to do just that. The easiest, quickest and safest way is via our web shop. Here you can compare and combine at your leisure for as long as you like. Pay attention to the discounted unit prices, which always apply when you order additional identical items. The quantity discount appears above the shopping cart button and is automatically calculated at checkout. You will also regularly find attractive offers and one or two promotions on our promotions page.

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