Artificial eucalyptus plant

Whether at work, at home or in the gastronomic sector: an exclusive artificial eucalyptus creates variety and is a real eye-catcher. The whimsical plant from the myrtle family is available here at Maxifleur in many different types and shapes. For example, we offer it as a single plant, a bouquet, a branch or as a hanging plant. Choose for yourself which variety you find ideal for a solo presentation on a beautifully decorated table, as part of your own green urban jungle or as a brilliant centrepiece in a bouquet or arrangement. We also have fake eucalyptus trees available for you, which are particularly suitable for outdoor use thanks to our unique UV protection. And the eucalyptus hedges in our range work wonderfully as a statement partition. Would you like to be inspired further? Then read on!

Hang Eucalyptus 60cm green
£12.50 £10.42 As low as £11.50
Artificial Senecio Pearl trailing plant 55 cm
£7.95 £6.62 As low as £7.50
Mini Eucalyptus hangingplant 60 cm burgundy
£6.50 £5.42 As low as £5.95
Artificial Eucalyptus bouquet 30 cm UV
£14.96 £12.47 As low as £14.50
Eucalyptus Branch 100 cm
£8.49 £7.07 As low as £8.25
Eucalyptus trailing plant 70 cm
£13.95 £11.62 As low as £12.95
Faux Eucalyptus bouquet 30 cm burgundy
£8.95 £7.46 As low as £7.95
Artificial Eucalyptus plant 30 cm burgundy in 10 cm pot
£12.95 £10.79 As low as £11.95
Artificial Eucalyptus plant 30 cm UV in pot
£18.95 £15.79 As low as £17.94

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Our role model is the real eucalyptus

Before we take you through the treasures of our assortment, we would like to tell you more about our greatest source of inspiration - the real eucalyptus - because it is considered our greatest role model in the creation of the artificial eucalyptus. What do we know about the eucalyptus? First of all, it is a genus from the myrtle family. It is from this that the plant derives its fine fragrance. The shrubs, trees and plants originally come from Australia and its surroundings. Today, they are also found in other areas, such as the Mediterranean region.

Due to the forest fires in the dry areas of Australia, many species have adapted over time. Today, they are able to re-sprout after a fire and form seeds that can survive it. The eucalyptus is divided into more than 600 different species, most of which are fast-growing and therefore widely used in the timber trade. The leaves of some varieties contain the typically aromatic eucalyptus oil, which is often used to cleanse the respiratory tract in the case of colds, as the characteristic vapours are known to work wonders.

Our artificial eucalyptus: a lifelike replica

A decorative shrub that can be used multifunctionally and with its distinctive grey-blue leaves immediately brings atmosphere into any room: this is how we see the real eucalyptus. At Maxifleur, we take an even closer look. We examine the inflorescence and the smallest differences between the species. We read in and don't avert our gaze from the plant, because only when we have completely turned the real eucalyptus inside out and know everything about it do we begin to design our eucalyptus artificial flower. The result is a plant just like nature produces - preferably even more beautiful, but in any case much more durable and easy to care for, as well as of the highest quality.

Artificial eucalyptus: so incredibly easy to care for

Undemanding in care and of first-class quality: these are the main advantages of our artificial eucalyptus. At Maxifleur, we realise both characteristics on the basis of our years of experience as a family business with extensive botanical knowledge. We have a great product ready for you that presents the same abundance from every view, does not discolour in the sun and whose leaves do not fall or wither. Our lifelike replicas remain permanently attractive and require very little maintenance - an occasional dusting is quite sufficient. Whether you are looking for a fresh, cheerful-looking plant for your windowsill, cuttings for a creative arrangement, a complete hedge, a hanging plant or an artificial branch of eucalyptus: You've come to the right place. Let yourself be devoured by the most diverse types, sizes, designs and colours!

You will find these designs in our online shop:

- Artificial eucalyptus plants: in heights of 30 (in green and Bordeaux red) and 35 centimetres | delivered in a plastic inner pot | also special UV-resistant versions for outdoor use.

- Fake eucalyptus bouquets: three varieties in heights of 30 centimetres with stems for sticking | colours: Green and burgundy | also UV-resistant version for outdoor use

- Faux eucalyptus branches: from 60 to 100 centimetres

- Eucalyptus hanging plant: 70 centimetre long eucalyptus hanger with stick-on stem | also available as a ready-made arrangement with three hangers inserted in a moss ball

- Artificial eucalyptus hedge: exclusive, semi-artificial arrangement of eucalyptus hedges

Which eucalyptus creation are you designing?

Our artificial eucalyptus trees are as decorative as they can get because they are top quality and made from only the best materials. They simply harmonise with any style home. Thanks to the many designs available, you can use the branches, shrubs or individual plants in many different ways. How about this beautiful hanging eucalyptus in a moss ball, for example, which you can easily take to events? Or what about a practical, semi-artificial hedge that acts as the perfect partition between desks in the office? An aesthetic composition of various artificial eucalyptus branches also leaves a lasting impression. Create variety with a deep wine-red eucalyptus. Or you can opt for a bouquet of cuttings with which you can create your own personal, UV-resistant urban jungle. There are no limits to your creative imagination.

Fake eucalyptus with UV-resistance guarantee

All our beautiful eucalyptus trees are only suitable for inside your own four walls? Not at all! We can understand why this thought creeps in, because the first generations of artificial plants as well as cheaper varieties often discolour when exposed to sunlight. However, this is not the case with our special UV-resistant artificial eucalyptus. It is guaranteed to withstand the sun's rays for eight years because its solid plastic parts have been treated with our unique protective agent that blocks the sun's harmful ultraviolet light. This promise is currently unprecedented on the market. The sunscreen was developed by ourselves based on years of experience and in cooperation with our factory. Our faux eucalyptus for outdoor use is supplied both in a pot and as a bouquet with a stem for sticking at a height of 30 centimetres.

Custom-made special: our semi-artificial eucalyptus hedge

As you would expect, we offer our artificial greenery in multi-faceted custom-made designs. Because of this, you can design your creations as you please. Bouquets in different colours and sizes, for example, can create a harmonious yet varied whole, while single plants allow you plenty of scope for solo presentations. A faux eucalyptus branch can also play a leading role in a chic arrangement and a hanging fake eucalyptus in a beautifully designed garden.

In connection with all your creative ideas, don't forget our unique, semi-artificial eucalyptus hedge in a height of about 80, a length of about 90 and a depth of about 40 centimetres. We combine delicate artificial silk leaves and branches made of real wood in this hedge. The hedge stands on a wooden construction and can therefore be placed directly in a long decorative pot. It functions, for example, as a room divider in the home or as a hedge in the company's own garden.

It's all in the mix: Which combinations do you prefer?

You have found your perfect fake eucalyptus and are thinking about what to do with it? The eucalyptus is so versatile that you can combine it wonderfully with just about all kinds of decorative elements. For example, browse through our extensive collection of planters. This is divided into luxurious ornamental pots and tubs as well as classic plastic planters. You can refine your search with the help of height, colour and price filters. If you are undecided, perhaps the examples with which we complement various products can help you. Judge for yourself and consider whether the suggested container fits the ambience you want to create. Our hanging eucalyptus plants are also beautiful, with their cuttings in a moss bulb. They look great in a macramé pendant. Alternatively, you can place them in a nice little artificial moss hanging basket.

Buy fake eucalyptus: at Maxifleur!

Every manufacturer wants you to buy their artificial plants from them. With us, however, you get something in return - namely a strong and lifelike composition made from the best and easiest-to-care-for materials that are solidly constructed. We often use flexible iron wire in the branches, thanks to which the plants can be modelled according to your wishes. Furthermore, we invent and design a large part of our assortment ourselves. This makes our range unique in its quality and nature. Our plants are true powerhouses that you will rarely find elsewhere. It is not for nothing that our family business has become the market leader in the field of high-quality greenery for private individuals and companies over the years.

Did you also know that we carry out project plantings for large companies? Please contact us for more information!

Would you like to buy fake eucalyptus?

Then turn to Maxifleur with confidence! As a successful importer, exporter and supplier of exclusive artificial greenery in four different countries for many years, we know exactly what you expect from us. Together with our factory and other partners, we guarantee the highest quality at the best price. In addition, you can benefit from attractive quantity discounts with us. We reduce the price of many products if you buy a variety several times. The reduction is shown in the text above the shopping cart button and immediately deducted from the final price. We recommend that you regularly take a look at our promotions page. Unbeatable offers await you here. Do you prefer a personal selection on site? In our showroom in Aalsmeer, fake eucalyptus plants and over 10,000 products are waiting to be discovered by you.

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