Artificial ferns

Are you considering buying artificial fern plants but unsure which type to choose? On this page we summarise the various types available in an informative way. Thanks to the high-quality plastic, natural colours and abundance of leaves, you can be sure that our artificial ferns look just as if they came from the wilderness. The daintily twisted leaves of these faux ferns make them a welcoming decoration at home, in shops or in restaurants. We offer a wide range of accessories including an inner container, so that you only have to choose a suitable decorative pot. In the Maxifleur web store, you'll also find a varied selection of artistic bouquet elements. We supply these in the form of cuttings that you can easily place in a large planter, or use as ground cover in your garden.

Artificial trailing Fern 60 cm
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Artificial Tillandsia Fern hangingplant 90 cm
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Artificial trailing Fern composition 35 cm on rope
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Artificial Alsophillia Fern XXL 80 cm UV
£119.95 £99.96 As low as £117.50
Artificial trailing Fern 90 cm
£22.95 £19.12 As low as £21.50
Boston Fern Deluxe 45 cm bouquet
£12.95 £10.79 As low as £10.95
Boston Fern bouquet Giant D95
£52.50 £43.75 As low as £49.95
Artificial Boston Fern Deluxe 65 cm in pot
£32.50 £27.08
Artificial Pteris Fern bouquet 30 cm
£13.95 £11.62 As low as £12.95

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Artificial Boston Fern Bouquet 65 cm
£12.95 £10.79 As low as £11.95
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Artificial Alsophillia Fern XXL 80 cm
£89.95 £74.96 As low as £87.50
Artificial Woodwardia Fern 140 cm on trunk
£189.95 £158.29 As low as £184.95
Artificial Pteris Fern leaf 50 cm
£0.99 £0.82 As low as £0.80
Boston Fern Deluxe 65 cm bouquet
£28.50 £23.75 As low as £26.50
Staghorn Bouquet 30 cm
£8.95 £7.46 As low as £7.95
Staghorn Bouquet 50 cm
£16.95 £14.12 As low as £15.95
Forest Fern Branch 60 cm
£1.50 £1.25 As low as £1.25
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Boston Fern Deluxe x21 50 cm
£20.95 £17.46 As low as £19.95
Asparagus branch 55 cm
£1.50 £1.25 As low as £1.25
3x Asparagus branch 85 cm - bundle
£7.95 £6.62 As low as £7.50
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Boston Fern Deluxe 50 cm FR
£26.73 £22.27 As low as £25.53
Adiantum branch PL 50 cm
£2.50 £2.08 As low as £1.95
Fern branch 50 cm
£1.95 £1.62 As low as £1.75
Bonsai Fern branch 70 cm
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Fern Branch x2 80 cm
£3.50 £2.92 As low as £3.25
Artificial Forest Fern bouquet 75 cm
£42.50 £35.42 As low as £39.95
Artificial Asplenium Fern bouquet 35 cm
£6.95 £5.79 As low as £6.50
Artificial Asplenium Fern Bouquet 45 cm
£18.95 £15.79 As low as £17.94
Artificial Athyrium Fern bouquet 75 cm
£35.95 £29.96 As low as £34.94
Artificial Alsophilla Fern bouquet 60 cm UV
£21.95 £18.29 As low as £19.95

Buy artificial ferns at Maxifleur

The fern is one of the oldest plant species on Earth. For a long time, ferns had the unfounded image of being drab and old-fashioned. Luckily, that opinion has now changed. These plants have made a comeback in recent years. These days, you can see them everywhere in social media as well as in nearly every home and garden magazine.

The most important artificial fern species at a glance

Since there's a huge number of different ferns -- more precisely, around 10,000 -- the question of the most significant species is completely justified. The shape and colour of the leaves can vary greatly, creating a different look from plant to plant. Leaf colours range from silver-grey to dark blue-green and bronze.

For example, the leaves of the staghorn fern resemble the antlers of a young stag. The leaves are thick yet elegant, with a layer of felt. The staghorn fern is the perfect greenery to complement a minimalist interior. It's great for loosening up this clean environment.

The Asplenium is also known as the quarry fern. It has beautiful rosettes of foliage. It prefers to grow in shady spots with plenty of water. An authentic location for the asplenium would be the bathroom, for instance. The twisted leaves have a slight sheen and the veins are clearly defined, so that they can hardly be distinguished from those of a real plant.

The fresh green Athyrium can be recognised by its unmistakable wafer-thin leaves. Did you know that this plant has female and male types? The female plant is known as the Forest Lady (botanical name: Athyrium filix femina). It's much more graceful than its male counterpart, the Worm Fern (botanical name: Dryopteris filix-mas). The Athyrium ferns you can find in our web store make truly eye-catching greenery. With their long leaves they look slender and graceful, setting subtle accents without seeming obtrusive.

Because of its thick trunks, the Alsophillia is reminiscent of a mini palm tree. With this multi-faceted selection, you can be certain of finding the right plant for every taste.

How do you stage artificial ferns?

Many ferns are several centimetres across. It goes without saying that the leaves require a certain amount of space in order to stand out from the general surroundings as beautifully as possible. It would be a shame if the fern was obscured in a corner, or if the leaves of a real plant had no room to grow. With our artificial ferns, you don't have this problem. You can easily fold the leaves into the desired position, making optimal use of the available space. It's also possible to stage your artificial fern so that its foliage can be admired in full, for example on a sideboard or a tall cabinet.

Real ferns need to be placed in a bathroom or kitchen -- somewhere with the high humidity that they need for healthy growth. Of course, an artificial fern doesn't have these requirements -- although the kitchen and bathroom are still suitable places to create a fresh green ambience.

By the way: Because of their inviting appearance, ferns make excellent office plants.

Artificial ferns aren't just suitable as indoor plants. They also make a great ground cover plant for your garden. If there's a green tick on a fern, that means it's UV resistant. Our luxurious Alsophillia fern has long, bipinnate leaves that give the artificial plant an especially natural look. Thanks to the UV protection incorporated into the plastic, you can be sure that they'll be protected from discolouration for eight years.

Hanging Ferns as Eye-catching Accents

Ferns have long, trailing and elegantly over-hanging leaves. This makes them ideal hanging plants. This isn't only for visual reasons, but also for practical ones: as a hanging plant, the fern's leaves can grow undisturbed. For example, a hanging fern is ideally suited for greening up a workplace without taking up unnecessary space.

In our web store, classic artificial hanging ferns are waiting for you to discover them. They are excellent for concealing heating elements. Our shorter ferns are attractive too. Regardless of the length, the plants look real because of the finely detailed and diverse artificial leaves. How about a hanging foxtail asparagus fern? This species has a contemporary look. It's called a foxtail fern because of its feathery green fronds.

In the unlikely event you can't find a hanging faux fern plant to your taste among our many ferns, we recommend that you arrange a selection of cuttings in a hanging basket of artificial moss. This has the advantage of letting you use several different species of fern at once. Just let your imagination run wild.

Attaching a hanging basket is simple: drill a hole and then install a hook. You can place a hook in the ceiling or wall. If you don't want to drill into the ceiling, you can use the retaining elements of a skylight (for example).

A Beautiful Container for Every Plant

Maxifleur's web store has ferns in an inner pot, as well as loose fronds and cuttings. This creates additional options. Fronds can simply be arranged as desired in a decorative pot. With a little artificial moss, an attractive overall effect emerges in no time at all. This variant is also suitable for creating a green wall.

Loose artificial fronds can be used as an accent for artificial bouquets. You can put several green fronds together in a pot or vase.

Our Athyrium fern is reproduced in great detail. The branched stem is constructed in 3D, has a natural print and looks beautifully luxuriant. Alternatively, Adiantum fronds create a subtle impression and are often used for flower arrangements and bouquets. They consist of six faithfully reproduced leaves in different shades of green.

If you decide on a faux fern in an inner pot, you just have to choose a suitable decorative container. A taupe-coloured pot, for instance, looks timelessly calm and fits into practically any interior.

The Pteridium or bracken fern impresses with its height of 150 centimetres. It is ideal for a tall pot. The Lechuza Cubico, for example, is a co-ordinating high square pot from our range. The Rondo, on the other hand, has a round shape. The red and black colours are classic and always work well. White, grey and beige radiate a little more calm. Which colour you choose is entirely up to you.

One product that we'd like to highlight is our artificial asparagus fern arrangement. To create it, we place nine artificial branches of this fern in a Beach Natural Weave ornamental pot. The outside of the pot is wrapped in twine braided from banana leaves. The combination is reminiscent of a warm day at the beach and harmonises with many interior styles. The banana leaf also produces an urban jungle effect, so the arrangement is eminently suitable for creating a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Maxifleur offers a wide range of artificial ferns

At Maxifleur, we started out in the fresh flower industry. We now use the experience and expertise we've gathered as a basis for our artificial plants, which can hardly be distinguished from the original. We have a wide variety of hanging fake fern plants, fake ferns in pots and fern fronds ready for you. We also provide a large range of matching pots so you can fully implement your design scheme.

Maxifleur imports, exports and supplies carefully selected, natural-looking greenery for private and business markets. We only work with the best manufacturers in our field. Many artificial ferns are specially made for Maxifleur. Because of this, we can provide a unique range that you won't find anywhere else

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