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The artificial Ficus plant: perhaps one of the most famous houseplants ever. You are guaranteed to find high-quality and exclusive replicas of its kind with us. We carry the Ficus as an artificial plant not only in different species, sizes and colours, but also the Ficus tree in a diverse variety. Do you opt for the beautiful Lyrata (violin fig) with its particularly large leaves, for the Exotica with many small leaves, for the Hawaii type with its colourful leaves or for Ficus branches? By the way, our specimens are equipped with special features: Choose luxurious or fireproof versions, for example. No matter what your decision is: a thorough stroll through our ficus assortment is worthwhile in any case. It's time to find out!

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  5. Fire retardant Ficus Exotica Giant 290 cm artificial tree 112329FR Kunstbäume groß
    Fire retardant Ficus Exotica Giant 290 cm artificial tree
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    Artificial Ficus Exotica Giant tree 325 cm
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Highest quality artificial Ficus tree: trendy and diverse

The artificial Ficus tree is making its way back into our homes - or has it ever been? For years, the strong plant has been considered a must-have in living rooms and student rooms. It is valued above all for its robust appearance. Thus, it is still one of the most popular houseplants in homes, restaurants and shops. This is not surprising, because in addition to its toughness, it is so versatile in terms of variety and appearance that there is a Ficus to suit every taste. From small to large, from plant to branch or even tree: anything is possible! And then there are the various species and characteristics. And don't forget the matching decorative pot. Would you like to learn more? Then read on and let us inspire you!

The real Ficus: a historical plant

Ficus is the Latin name for fig and the botanical name of a genus in the mulberry family (Moraceae). The plant has been found in warm tropical regions for more than a thousand years. The ficus is popularly known as fig, rubber tree, weeping fig or mountain fig. Its most typical feature is that it has a flower that does not resemble a flower in the classical sense, but is a drupe. This has very small male and female flower parts, which only form the fig after fertilisation. As a houseplant, the ficus usually does not have drupes because they are not yet mature. In the wild it is larger and only flowers over the years. The ficus as a plant from the mulberry genus comprises about 750 different species, all of which are different but equally beautiful.

Our selection of high quality artificial Ficus plants

To say that you will find all 750 species of Ficus in real life is certainly unrealistic. But with us you will get a lot of them - and all guaranteed in exclusive top quality. As the market leader for first-class artificial plants, we do exactly that every day. So, in the midst of our oasis of naturally artificial greenery, you can make a considered choice between an artificial Ficus plant, a branch with a Ficus leaf or an artificial Ficus tree.

It is best to first think about what you intend to do with the ficus and then choose the appropriate design. Do you want to place a single giant in your catering area, is your wish more in the direction of a smaller plant in several pieces that will fit in a long container or do you need a rounding component for your artificial flower bouquet? With the help of our filters in the left menu, you will quickly find the product you want from the many results on the subject of ficus.

You can choose between the following Ficus varieties:

- Fake Ficus plant in plastic inner pot: can be placed directly in a decorative pot.

- Faux Ficus tree: can be placed multifunctionally in a bouquet, vase, pot or other container

- Fake Ficus tree: Ficus in the shape of a tree, from 150 centimetres high

The diversity of Ficus species

The beauty of the Ficus is that it is available in so many species. The same is true for our artificial plant Ficus. Get to know Lyrata, Folia and many others. Pay attention to the shape and colour of the leaves as well as the leaf pattern - this is where the difference usually lies. The Ficus Hawaii and the artificial plant Ficus Benjamini have relatively small leaves compared to the robust Elastica (rubber tree) and the Ficus Cyathistipula, while the Longifolia has long, narrow leaves. Are you looking for a Ficus species with furry leaves? Then again the Exotica or the Hawaii might be right for you.

Let's not forget our artificial fici on a bonsai trunk, such as the Retusa bonsai. What a feast for the eyes these fossilised pieces are, which seem to come straight from real life. Besides our plants, branches and trees themselves, the spherical stems are also very beautiful to look at.

These are the Ficus species we have in store for you:

Ficus Exotica: has many, relatively small and thin leaves | 110 centimetres high or as a 125 centimetre high deluxe version | choice between green and variegated leaves

Ficus Cyathistipula: firm, dark green leaves, somewhat narrower and longer sprouting | in a deluxe version of 120 centimetres high

Ficus Folia: with firmer leaves than is the case with the Exotica | in a 180-centimetre deluxe version

Ficus Longifolia: also called umbrella plant because the long, narrow leaves fall down like an umbrella | in a 90-centimetre royal version

Ficus Wianda: Ficus species on a bonsai stem with small oval leaves | 45 centimetres high

Ficus Retusa: Ficus species with spotted bonsai trunk and firm oval leaves |50 centimetres high | in a bowl

Ficus Panda Bonsai: three branches with small, firm leaves on the bonsai trunk | 90 centimetres high | on base

Ficus Lyrata: also called tobacco plant or violet leaf plant because of the shape of the leaves | 30, 60 and 150 centimetres high

Ficus Folia: artificial branch with standard ficus leaf in two different sizes | can be used in an arrangement or bouquet

Artificial Ficus tree: want an even bigger powerhouse?

Big, bigger, biggest: If you want to achieve maximum impact at home, at work or elsewhere, you shouldn't miss out on our artificial ficus tree selection. Do you prefer furry, green or light green? Do you like small, fragile or robust leafy powerhouses that look almost leather? Filtering out what suits you best in terms of height and design from the large selection can sometimes not be so easy. Besides the attractively priced "standard fici", you can also choose the richer deluxe or royal variants. And then there are the spherical ficus species, such as this Ficus Exotica - a real beauty! You want variety? That's exactly what you get from us:

Ficus Benjamini artificial plant: best-known and best-selling variety | with hanging, small leaves | 150 centimetres high

Ficus Hawaii: looks very similar to the artificial Ficus Benjamini in terms of leaf shape, but has a furry leaf | 150 centimetres high

Ficus Exotica: has many, relatively small and thin leaves | species we offer most often and in most sizes | in the deluxe version: with furry, green leaves in heights of 150, 180, 210, 290 and 350 centimetres | green versions in heights of 150, 180 and 290 centimetres also available in the fireproof form

Ficus Exotica Layer: the same type of ficus, but composed of layers | 230 and 300 centimetres high

Ficus Exotica in spherical form: the same type of Ficus as a sphere on a trunk | 125 and 150 centimetres high

Ficus Cyathistipula: firm, dark green leaves that are slightly narrower and sprout longer | 160 centimetre high deluxe version

Ficus Longifolia: also called umbrella plant because of the long, narrow and falling leaves | 120 centimetre high deluxe version | royal versions: 150 and 175 centimetres high | royal deluxe version: 165 centimetres high | spherical deluxe version: 180 centimetres

Ficus Lyrata: also called tobacco or violet leaf plant | 120 centimetres high

Our artificial Ficus tree is particularly special

Are you wondering why the Maxifleur range is so exclusive? It's mainly because a large part of our selection is designed and produced especially for us. You won't find it in this guise anywhere else. While the standard versions of the fake ficus tree as well as the ficus plants already come with an excellent price-performance ratio, there are also promotional packs in this segment from time to time. In addition, you can purchase deluxe versions from us that are so luxurious and detailed that they are indistinguishable from a real plant. And if fire safety is high on your list of priorities, take a look at our fire-resistant products. For example, our Ficus Exotica Giant is guaranteed to keep cool in a fire.

Want to buy an artificial Ficus tree? Find it at Maxifleur, of course!

Would you like to buy a fake Ficus tree online at Maxifleur? Then you are making a great decision, because we offer you an extensive and high-quality range. Not only will you find the largest selection through us, but you also benefit from the highest quality standards as well as excellent pricing. When looking for even more attractive bargains, it is worth taking a look at our quantity discounts, which are displayed above the shopping cart button. You can also regularly find further offers on our promotions page.

We can also take care of project plantings for companies and the decoration of large catering venues. You are also welcome to visit our showroom with more than 10,000 products. Here you can take your time over a cup of coffee and choose your own composition, for example in the form of a plant-pot combination, or another exclusive artificial Ficus tree.

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