Artificial Hydrangeas

Are you planning to buy faux hydrangea? We can understand that, because this beautiful plant is and remains immensely popular. The colourful flowers in white, pink and blue create a cheerful vibe in no time. Thanks to high-quality silk leaves, cleverly reproduced leaves and stems made of real wood, our artificial hydrangeas look as if they come from the wild. The overview below provides you with the different species in the Hydrangea Artificial Flower category. Some specimens are artificial hydrangeas in a pot or on a wooden base, so you only need to choose a suitable decorative pot. In our online shop you will also find a range of individual flower branches. Combine them with some greenery and other flowers to create a beautiful artificial bouquet.

Artificial Hortensia bouquet 40 cm blue
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Hydrangea Deluxe 45 cm pink
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Hortensia on trunk 110 cm blue
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Hydrangea Deluxe 45 cm blue
£43.95 £36.62 As low as £41.50
Hydrangea Deluxe 45 cm cream
£43.95 £36.62 As low as £41.50
Hortensia on trunk 110 cm cream
£134.95 £112.46 As low as £129.95
Hortensia Deluxe artificial plant 65 cm on foot cream
£85.95 £71.62 As low as £83.95
Artificial Hydrangea deluxe 65 cm on base blue
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Artificial Hortensia bouquet 40 cm cream
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Hydrangea Deluxe on trunk 90 cm blue
£139.95 £116.62 As low as £137.50
Hydrangea Deluxe on trunk 90 cm cream
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Artificial Hydrangea flower 38 cm white
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Artificial Hydrangea flower 38 cm pink
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Artificial hydrangeas in different colours

Choose which of the hydrangea colours best suits your interior or garden. White hydrangea, for example, has a creamy white hue. From classic to minimalist to modern, it complements any interior and is suitable for any terrace. How about, for example, a white faux hydrangea on a trunk made from a real, thick wooden stump?

In our industry, one of the things we excel at is using high quality materials and choosing to actually put flowering plants and trees in full bloom. So you don't have to twist the plant back and forth to get the best possible look. The Hydrangea Deluxe trunk, for example, has no fewer than 13 large, cream-coloured silk fake hydrangeas flowers. The many flowers of the artificial white hydrangea stand out beautifully against the leaves.

Or how about our fake hydrangeas in pink? For example, choose a 45-centimetre indoor plant to decorate your windowsill or table. This variety has five large and beautiful artificial hydrangea flowers that look lifelike and feel as silky as real petals because of their material.

Did you know that hydrangeas are naturally white, pink or red? Surely you have also come across blue specimens. This is because you can colour the pink ones in blue. However, this requires some preparation:

You need to mix the soil in which your hydrangea thrives with plenty of garden turf and potting soil and rake in alum or aluminium sulphate regularly. So it's understandable that many people don't have the time or the patience to wait for the blue colour to finally appear. Our fake hydrangeas in blue are an excellent alternative. Because we offer you the choice of flowers that are both blue and cream, you can look forward to an authentic view in your garden.

Which is the most suitable size?

We always listen to our customers' wishes and feedback. This way we can take all your preferences into account and offer you a range that suits you perfectly. Artificial hydrangeas are also available in our online shop in a wide range of different types and sizes.

You will find a variety of unique fake hydrangeas in our online shop. These flowers with loose stems can be wonderfully arranged into beautiful artificial bouquets. Each stem flower has a single stem with a large artificial silk hydrangea flower. Again, you will recognise the premium quality of our products. The artificial deluxe hydrangea, for example, is a full twelve centimetres wide because of its many pink branches and has up to 41 flowers that together form one large bulb.

Since many of our customers like these stem flowers so much that one specimen is not enough, we regularly offer the opportunity to get even lower prices when buying several flowers.

Do you already have a flower pot in your cupboard just waiting to be filled? Then you've come to the right place, because we have fake hydrangeas as bouquets that are made up of a series of branches and side branches and five large flowers. We deliver this type without a pot, so you can easily place it in your own pot directly after delivery. The height of the bouquets, including the stem, is about 40 centimetres.

By the way: You can also benefit from a great discount on the bouquets if you buy six or more.

If you want artificial hydrangeas with a perennial indoor pot, our 45 centimetre artificial hydrangea could be a good choice. It comes in a standard plastic inner pot (with a dimension of approximately twelve centimetres). We will also help you with direct suggestions and tips regarding the size of the appropriate decorative pot. You are welcome to order this together with the plant.

Are you looking for something larger? Then take a look at our beautiful Hydrangea Deluxe on a stem. With its thick stump of real wood and up to 13 large, cream-coloured artificial silk hydrangea flowers, it's a real feast for the eyes.

And if you want a plant that is taller than a metre and is capable of completely brightening up a corner of the room with its look, then take a look at our artificial hydrangea plant with a stem. It consists of several slender real wood branches. The perfectly chosen space between them gives it an airy, playful appearance. Between the leaves it has nine large artificial silk flowers.

Beautiful flowers, leaves and stems - always with an eye for detail

As already mentioned, we only use high-quality materials for our plants. The hydrangeas therefore only have artificial silk flowers. However, we devote just as much time and attention to the leaves as we do to the flowers.

With many artificial plants, the quality of the leaves determines whether it is a cheap fake plant or a first-class specimen. That is why our leaves have a beautiful leaf shape and a deep green colour. At Maxifleur, we also pay attention to detail. This is the only way we can ensure that our plants look exactly like real plants from the wild. For example, we work with authentic green colour shades and opt for variations between small and large leaves rather than just one leaf size. This creates maximum authenticity. In addition, we often choose real wood stems.

Unique and distinctive through our own designs

On the one hand, we distinguish ourselves through high quality, but on the other, we also offer many exclusive designs. Only in this way are we able to offer only arrangements that meet the highest standards. How about this excellently designed artificial silk hydrangea with a stem? It is also available in other colours and is guaranteed to be a lifelike floral eye-catcher. The plant fits equally well into a romantic vibe as well as a friendly accent within a classic interior and completely seamlessly into a country style of living.

The design piece comes on an extremely sturdy wooden base, so you can easily use it as an artificial hydrangea for the porch by placing it in a decorative pot, bowl or other container. Dozens of dark green leaves and five large blue buds, which have a total of 144 petals, spring from the stem.

Artificial hydrangeas for outdoor use

Artificial hydrangeas make an impression both indoors and outdoors. So you can easily give the specimens from our online shop a place on the veranda or on your covered terrace. However, be careful if you leave your artificial hydrangea in a pot outside for a longer period of time. Unlike a large part of our plant range, the hydrangeas have not (yet) been treated with the special UV protection. For this reason, they can discolour or fade over time outside due to adverse weather conditions such as extreme sunlight or rain, which would be a great pity.

As you may know, the hydrangea flower is an extremely popular plant that can be found in countless gardens, especially in Europe. We will now introduce you to a number of well-known species:

- Peasant Hydrangea: The farmer's hydrangea is the best known and most popular hydrangea variety. It comes in two different varieties: Garden Hydrangea and Ball Hydrangea. Garden hydrangeas are flower umbels with small flowers in the centre and larger flowers on the outside. Ball hydrangeas, on the other hand, have only large leaves that together form a ball.

- Snowball hydrangea: The snowball hydrangea (botanical name: hydrangea arborescens) has large bulbs up to 20 centimetres in diameter. The disadvantage of the real snowball plant is that the bulb sometimes becomes too thick and heavy and for this reason snaps off. Of course, this cannot happen to you with an artificial hydrangea.

- Oakleaf hydrangea: You will recognise the oakleaf hydrangea by its deeply cut leaves, reminiscent of an oak leaf, and its cone-shaped flowers.

- Lilac Hydrangea: The lilac hydrangea is immediately recognisable by its pointed flower shape.

Choose artificial hydrangeas from Maxifleur!

We once started out as a grower of fresh flowers. We now use this expertise as a solid foundation for our flawlessly original artificial hydrangeas. As already mentioned, we have an extensive selection of stem flowers, bouquets and plants on foot or in pots for you to choose from. To complete your arrangement, you can also select the matching decorative pot immediately on our product pages.

Maxifleur is an importer, exporter and supplier of exclusive and authentic artificial greenery for private and business customers. We set high quality standards and therefore work exclusively with the best manufacturers in our industry. Many plants are produced exclusively for Maxifleur, which allows us to offer you a unique assortment that you won't find anywhere else.

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