Artificial ivy

The Common Ivy or Hedera Helix is a well-known climbing plant. It is often found in the form of natural, green ivy. But it is also becoming more and more popular as an artificial ivy, thanks to its beautiful appearance. Ivy has the great advantage of being versatile. It is often used as a room divider, which as the icing on the cake brings a little more greenery into the house or garden. In addition, the plant in a hanging basket is very well suited for mounting in a corner of the room.

The leaves of the ivy have a handsome shape with three rounded lobes and are available in all-green as well as in yellow or white markings.

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Artificial ivy as partition wall

If you want to buy artificial ivy vines, you have the choice between many varieties. For example, the plant has green, yellow-green and white-green foliage in every possible shape. The large-leaved Irish ivy (botanical name: Hedera hibernica) is known as a vigorous climber and has large green leaves. The Common Ivy (botanical name: Hedera Helix), on the other hand, has smaller leaves in several colours with a more subtle appearance due to the colour of the foliage.

Real ivy is often used to grow against or around a fence, wire mesh or to sound-proof the fence. However, for these purposes it takes some time before the real ivy hedge actually takes the desired shape and size.

With an artificial ivy plant you do not have to wait that long. So how about an artificial Hedera mat, for example? This natural-looking and maintenance-free ivy is made of high-quality PVC (plastic) and offers sound insulation. With regard to the foliage, which varies in height and has a realistic look, our mats are well equipped. You can simply mount them on a frame and thus create an authentic green wall. This way, you can use your ivy as a partition wall between two rooms, for example in the office, on the terrace or on your balcony.

The great thing about such a fake ivy wall is that a special UV-protection has been incorporated into the material. This ensures that you can enjoy the lush green colour for years without any maintenance.

Real ivy also has the disadvantage of overgrowing. Although this may result in a beautiful effect, it is nevertheless essential to stop the rapid growth by trimming the ivy from time to time. If you do not do this, the Hedera will cover all the walls, window frames and gutters that get in its way, which can cause considerable damage.

In contrast, fake ivy hedge does not need to be pruned, so you do not have to worry about the rest of your garden becoming overgrown. Instead, it acts as an attractive decoration and partition wall in your garden or on your (roof) terrace. Our artificial ivy for outdoors is available as a ready made hedge. It is mounted on an iron frame that protrudes about 14 centimetres below the hedge. This frame also ensures that the hedge can easily be placed in a container. Our ivy is also UV resistant as the hedge is protected from weather elements for eight years.

Colourful faux ivy: a true feast for the eyes

In addition to the usual green artificial ivy plant, you will also find a greenish-coloured version of Hedera in our online shop. Its leaves stand slightly upright with a fresh green appearance with a lush leaf pattern. A large part of the leaves have yellow markings. In comparison to the pure green fake ivy plant, the colourful Hedera appears somewhat more striking.

You can find this ivy version in various lengths, so you are guaranteed to find a piece that meets your needs and preferences. The shortest artificial plants have a length of 65 centimetres. If you are looking for a longer version, you're also at the right place. The longest colourful Hedera that we currently offer has a length of 120 centimetres.

Weather-proof plastic ivy garland

Christmas is just around the corner and you would like to get into the festive mood by decorating your garden, terrace or balcony, right? Then simply opt for a faux garland for an uncomplicated solution to transform your home or business premises into a Christmassy ambience in the quickest time. Synthetic ivy looks especially decorative when you hang it on a balustrade, staircase or wall. As the icing on the cake, this beautifully shaped pendulum plant comes at an attractive price: For less than €10 you can call it your own. In our online shop, you will find both completely green and variegated green faux garlands.

Fake ivy: indistinguishable from the real thing

Here at Maxifleur, we do everything we can to stand out in terms of quality. We work with the best materials and always have an eye for detail. Using the example of ivy plant, the features are wonderfully reflected in the beautiful leaves. Due to the variety of different sizes and formats you will hardly notice that it is an artificial plant.

Pouring the strands out of a mould and coating the leaves gives the plant a natural look. The innovative renewed construction also allows complete bending.

Artificial ivy in a hanging basket

Synthetic ivy is more versatile than you might think. In fact, synthetic ivy in a pot is not the only option you have. For example, the climbing plant looks very attractive in a hanging basket. It is precisely in this position that Hedera's beautiful leaves come into their own.

Our Macramé Yula plant hanger consists of a 75 centimetre long rope with knots on the bottom. Equipped with the fake ivy plant, it literally adds that special twist to any interior. Give the hanging plant a place on your ceiling or on garden fence. Thanks to the practical loop, hanging it up is a breeze.

By the way: Did you know that this type of rope hanger is fully in line with the retro trend? The macramé pendant originates from the 70s and is still very popular today. It is an ideal solution if you only have limited space on the floor or windowsill, but still want to add greenery to the room in style. For these purposes, hanging plants, such as the synthetic ivy, are a safe bet. Alternatively, other hanging plants such as Rhipsalis are also suitable.

Rooms can also be beautifully decorated with the fake plant ivy without a hanging basket. For example, radiator pipes or cupboards are an ideal place for decoration. One often finds ivy as decoration in restaurants.

A single branch is enough to light up any room naturally. The slightly upright leaves of our artificial Boston Ivy hanging branch seem to grow towards the sun, have a detailed leaf pattern and a silky smooth finish. This not only makes them look real, but also feel real.

A starry ivy branch, on the other hand, is often used for creating bouquets. The star-shaped artificial silk leaf has a natural colour and has perfectly replicated leaf veins.

Benefit from an additional advantage!

The demand from our customers for the possibility to buy bulk artificial ivy pieces was very high in the past. For this reason, we offer you the option of benefiting from an advantageous price for many products in the Hedera range, if you purchase a minimum quantity. When it comes to artificial ivy, this applies to as few as six of the same product. The discount is mentioned in the text above the shopping cart button and immediately deducted from the final price.

Buy your imitation ivy at Maxifleur!

We hope that with the help of this article we were able to inform you satisfactorily about the various types of Imitation Ivy from our online shop. Finally, we would like to dedicate a little more time to the history of Maxifleur:

Maxifleur originally started as a grower of fresh flowers. As a family business we have developed into a successful importer, exporter and supplier of exclusive and natural looking artificial greenery for private and business customers.

Every day we work hard to provide you, our customers, with the best possible artificial ivy and other artificial plants. Since only the best is good enough for you, we only use high quality materials and the best manufacturers in the industry. Did you know that many of the products are designed and developed exclusively for Maxifleur? In this way, we provide a unique range of products that you won't find in supermarkets or garden centres for a long time.

We guarantee the best value for money. If you are looking for a beautiful artificial ivy at a competitive price, keep an eye on our promotions page. Here you will regularly find particularly attractive offers. In addition, we can often offer you a quantity discount when purchasing a certain quantity of the same item, so that you enjoy a great price advantage when calculating the quantity.

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