Artificial Monstera plant

Did you know that the faux Monstera plant was already one of the trendiest indoor plants in the eighties? Afterwards, it fell into oblivion for a bit before being rediscovered some time ago. Today it is extremely popular and, thanks to its remarkable leaves, has a high recognition value. Young plants have heart-shaped leaves that develop holes and slits as they age. This characteristic leaf pattern is so well known and sought after that it is even used to decorate bed linen, tableware and posters. We understand this popularity only too well!

Monstera artificial hanging plant 80 cm green
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Artificial Monstera deluxe tree 140 cm
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Artificial Monstera leaf 75 cm
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Monstera artificial plant 70 cm
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Artificial Monstera bouquet deluxe 75 cm Fire Retardent
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The artificial Monstera plant is known by many names

How did the Monstera get its name? At first glance, it is derived from the Latin word "monstrum". Does this possibly refer to the monstrous leaves of the plant?

The most common name is the window leaf. You can certainly guess why this name was chosen: it refers to the special shape of the leaves, in which holes form over time, through which you can see, like a window. In English, the plant is known as the "Swiss Cheese Plant". Here, too, the connection with the holey leaves is immediately recognisable. Another name for the artificial Monstera plant is Deliciosa. This is the abbreviation for the most famous Monstera species, the Monstera Deliciosa.

Why does the Monstera have holes in the leaves?

The reason for the holes and slits in the leaves of the artificial Monstera plant is probably due to two functions: Originally, the plant comes from the rainforests of Central and South America (Mexico). It is assumed that the unusual leaf shape protects the monstera from damage during strong winds and rain in the jungle. The larger the leaf, the larger its surface of attack and thus the greater the risk of damage. The holes reduce this sensitivity.

Another possible function for the leaf growing in this way is that the plant is not completely shielded from the sun, as this is needed for its growth. The holes ensure that the sunlight shines on the monstera and reaches the ground. Other low rainforest plants, such as the ground cover plants, also get enough light from the sun in this way.

The Monstera family

Just like the philodendron, the monstera belongs to the arum family (Araceae). Especially by the type of leaves, one can clearly see that these two plants are related to each other.

The Monstera is originally an epiphytic plant. This means that in nature it is a climbing plant that grows along the trunk of other trees in the jungle and exists with an aerial root. The latter circles around the tree, as there is little sunlight along it in the rainforest. In this way, the whole plant can literally climb towards the sun.

Possible problems associated with the Monstera

The popularity of the plant is not only due to its unique leaf shape. Another reason it is a welcome guest in many indoor spaces is its relatively easy care. For example, the true monstera does not need much water, but it is not sensitive to too much water either. This makes it an ideal option for people who do not have the so-called green thumb. Nevertheless, there are a number of known difficulties that make it clear that an artificial Monstera plant is preferable to a real specimen. We list these for you below:

- Leaf yellowing: If the plant gets quite a lot of yellow leaves and these wilt, this may be due to the fact that it has received too much water after all. Are you sure that this was not the case? Then there is a possibility that the plant soil needs additional fertiliser.

- Blind ends and brown edges: This may be due to low humidity or too dry air in the room.

- Leaves that do not get holes or slits: This problem is often caused by not having enough sunlight, water or fertiliser.

The advantages of an artificial Monstera plant

With a real Monstera, you have no choice but to wait for the plant to show leaf fullness and for the characteristic holes to form. An artificial Monstera plant, on the other hand, is already in full splendour when you buy the fake Monstera plant.

In nature, the Monstera grows very quickly and can become quite large, so that after a short time it can no longer be placed where you intended. With us you can choose the size you want: From 80 and 100 to 140 and 180 centimetres, the choice is yours.

Thanks to its easy-to-handle size, the Monstera Gigant is one of the most sought-after plants in our online shop. The diameter and height are each about 100 centimetres. The beautiful, dark green fake cheese plant's silky leaves are faithfully reproduced and look exactly like the shiny Monstera leaf as it occurs in the wild. This makes the faux cheese plant look very authentic. In addition, the artificial cheese plant is fully in leaf and the leaves are of different sizes. This gives the plant a voluminous appearance.

It is not only the leaf that we have given time and attention to. Likewise, the stems of the plant have been developed with the utmost care. How about our 140 centimetre high artificial tree Monstera in the deluxe version, for example? For it, we have worked with four robust stems made of real wood. Its diameter is about 95 centimetres and its height about 140 centimetres. This artificial plant is also fully in leaf. In addition, the leaves vary in size and colour so that it comes even closer to the original and is bursting with volume.

Do you have some spare space in your home or office and would like to decorate this empty corner or room with some greenery? Then we would like to draw your attention to our artificial Monstera Deluxe in a height of 180 centimetres. With a height and diameter of about 105 centimetres, this "friendly giant" is an eye-catcher in any room. The five stems of this plant are also made of real wood. It also has beautiful, dark green artificial silk leaves that give it an impressive appearance. You can be absolutely sure that hardly anyone will notice that it is an artificial cheese plant. This is also proven by the question from one of our customers about how much water the plant would need.

Which pot size to choose for the artificial cheese plant?

The artificial Monstera plant already has an impressive overall appearance by nature. This makes it wonderfully suitable for placement in a low or a high decorative pot.

At the time of purchase, the artificial cheese plant is delivered in a plastic pot so that you can immediately place it in a pot of your choice. You do not have a suitable pot? No problem! On the product page of each plant we illustrate suitable ornamental pots, which you can order directly for an additional charge.

To enhance the jungle vibe with the Monstera, we recommend a decorative pot in wood look, such as from our Cemani series. The vases are made of hard plastic and are covered with pieces of Cemani wood. The wood of the pots contrasts fantastically with the dark green colour of the Monstera leaves.

Do you prefer a decorative tall, round vase? Then a vase from the Lechuza Rondo series could be the one for you. Available in red, black, white, silver, taupe or anthracite, the decorative pots are perfectly suited to the colours and style of your interior.

Unique leaves

The leaf of the fake cheese plant Monstera is not only functional, but also unusual and decorative. It is glossy, large and sometimes looks a little leathery.

You don't have the space to accommodate a complete artificial cheese plant in your home, but you still don't want to miss out on the unique beauty of its leaves? Then we have a practical solution for you: the fake cheese plant leaf of the Monstera in a height of 75 centimetres. It can be used as a loose decorative branch. The silk leaf has exactly the same authentic colour as in real life. In addition, we have imitated the leaf veins perfectly. You put it in a chic vase and in no time at all you have a mini eye-catcher on the table. With the help of this fake cheese plant leaf, you can instantly conjure up a cool, botanical atmosphere in your home without having to spend a lot of space on it. It is also suitable for combining with other loose cut flowers and leafy branches, which you can use to create a pretty decorative bouquet. Good to know: From six pieces, we will delight you with an extra low price.

You will also find the fake cheese plant leaf in a height of 45 centimetres in our online shop. It is often used as the basis for artificial bouquets.

Choose Maxifleur!

Having reached the end of this article, we would like to tell you a little about the history of Maxifleur. For example, did you know that we are a real family business? We started out as a grower of fresh flowers and use our many years of experience as a solid foundation for our Monstera artificial plants, which are indistinguishable from the original. Our main focus is on the highest quality standards. To be able to guarantee these, we only work with the best manufacturers within the artificial plant industry. Many products are designed by us and produced exclusively for us. This fact helps us to offer an unparalleled assortment that you will not find in any garden centre, DIY store or supermarket. In the meantime, we have grown into a successful importer, exporter and supplier of high-quality and natural artificial greenery for private and business customers.

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