Artificial olive tree

Are you looking for an artificial olive tree? Then you've come to the right place. This type of tree is immensely popular, because it immediately gives your interior or garden a Mediterranean touch. Do you want to feel like you're in Greece, Spain or Italy? It's easy with a fake olive tree.

Our faux olive tree owes its distinctive appearance to its grey-green colour, which is dappled with a metallic sheen. This ensures that the tree fits perfectly into any interior -- regardless of whether you prefer a classic or modern style. For example, you could feature a small olive tree on your table or windowsill, place two trees on either side of your entrance or choose a large olive tree to decorate a drab spot.

Olive Bonsai tree 60cm on foot
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Artificial Olive Bonsai tree 90 cm on foot
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Olive tree Giant 270 cm Y shape
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Artificial Olive tree Promo 120 cm
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Artificial Olive tree promo 120 cm
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Olive tree Deluxe 155cm
£219.95 £183.29 As low as £214.94
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Giant Olive tree Deluxe 290cm
£2,199.01 £1,832.51
Olive tree Deluxe 120cm
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Olive Bonsai Deluxe 150cm
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Artificial Olive Tree Promo 150cm
£179.95 £149.96 As low as £174.95
Artificial Olive tree Promo 180 cm
£269.95 £224.96 As low as £249.95
Artificial Olive tree deluxe 100 cm
£172.50 £143.75 As low as £167.50
Faux Olive Branch deluxe 90 cm Fire Retardent
£19.95 £16.62 As low as £18.95
Olive Bonsai Deluxe x3 160 cm
£259.94 £216.62
Artificial Olive Branch 85 cm
£9.50 £7.92 As low as £9.24
Artificial Olive branch 54 cm
£4.50 £3.75 As low as £3.94
Artificial Olive branch 54 cm FR
£6.50 £5.42 As low as £5.95
Olive artificial tree 60 cm in pot
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Artificial Olive tree XL 300 cm on plate
£1,599.00 £1,332.50 As low as £1,499.00
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Artificial olive trees for indoor use

Our artificial indoor olive trees are characterised by very high quality and excellent value for money. They look so real, you can hardly tell them from the original.

- The grey-green leaves are strikingly realistic.

- The branches are abundant with leaves, giving an impression of fullness.

- Numerous dark purple olives add to the authenticity of the tree.

- The trunks are made of first-class materials, such as polystone (artificial stone).

- Each trunk has characteristic markings and, thanks to the natural-looking growth, almost seems real.

- We offer both promo trees and deluxe varieties at competitive prices.

Different olive tree species

When it comes to olive tree species, you can rely on us for a wide range. In our web store we have loose branches as well as olive trees in pots or on wooden bases ready for you. Choose from different styles: olive trees in a spherical shape, trees with one or more crowns, and even oriental olive or bonsai trees that create a completely different effect.

Do you appreciate value for money? Look for the word "promo" next to the plant name. These fake olive trees are affordably priced models, in no way inferior to the standard models. We always work with high quality plastic and an eye for detail. The result is realistic, robust and virtually maintenance-free. One of our bestsellers in the promo price range is the 60-centimetre olive tree in a pot. If you buy several trees of one species, for example for decorating your catering establishment, you will benefit from an even more advantageous price.

An extremely popular artificial olive tree in the luxury class is our deluxe 100-centimetre olive tree. Customers are delighted with its leaves and olives, which couldn't be more realistically designed. The tree is made with a number of real wooden trunks, which further enhances its natural look.

When does the olive tree bear its well-loved fruit?

Most people who buy a real olive tree are curious about the process of bearing fruit. First and foremost, they want an answer to the all-important question: "When will olives grow on my olive tree?" Unfortunately, you have to be patient for months or even years, because olives only grow on branches that are at least two years old.

Remember that the living conditions must be ideal. Sufficient sunlight, the right temperature and enough water are essential. As you can see, it is not that easy to grow real olive trees with their own fruit. This is where an artificial specimen comes in: you can be sure that there are already olives on the tree at the time of purchase. They're not edible, but contribute a lot to the creation of a Mediterranean atmosphere.

From slender branches to robust trunks

Loose olive branches arranged in a pot or vase guarantee a pleasant ambience. A ceramic vase or flower pot contrasts beautifully with the grey-green hue of the leaves.

The trunks of olive trees usually become thicker, more irregular and gnarled with age. With us, you choose the type of trunk you like best from the start. Your artificial olive tree will always look this good.

It is up to you which variety you choose: a tree with a single narrow trunk, several slender trunks with branches, or a robust trunk -- something that would take years of patient waiting in the case of a real tree.

Choosing the right size

When buying a faux olive tree, choosing the right size can be difficult. Many often choose a tree that's too modest for fear of purchasing one that's too large. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this, because mini olive trees strike an elegant and lovely note. The smallest olive tree that we currently have in our web store is 60 centimetres high. It looks wonderful on a table or windowsill.

It is also a nice idea to combine several trees of different heights. This way you can decorate an empty space. It's preferable to choose pots in the same colour palette to create a playful yet calm effect.

Would you like it to be a little bigger? Then take a look at our splendid 120-centimetre olive tree. It's often bought in sets of two and placed as an entrance decoration.

If you generally prefer quality to quantity, gardeners and interior designers advise opting for one large plant rather than several small ones. Space permitting, a larger olive tree in the living room, garden or office is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

The minimum height for most interiors is around 2.20 metres, so our 160-centimetre olive bonsai is a perfect fit. Experts recommend a tree of this dimension, as it makes the room appear larger. Thanks to its three separate crowns, this olive tree is something very special.

An artificial olive tree of your own design

One of the showpieces is our 290-centimetre Deluxe Olive Tree. It's our own design and is exclusively available at Maxifleur. Rightly described as eye-catching, this XL artificial olive tree is 290 centimetres tall. For even more height, you can place it in a pot. The diameter of the crown is over 175 centimetres. There are more than 12,250 leaves and about 300 olives on each tree. You can't get more magnificent than that.

The thick, perfectly reproduced trunk is made of polystone -- an extremely high-quality material we like to use. It's composite composed of ground stone, such as granite, marble and soapstone, mixed with liquid synthetic resin. The castable compound is poured into a specially designed mould, coloured, ground and polished, making the artificial stone look, sound and feel almost like real wood. This strong, weather-resistant material is often used for outdoor furniture and is an optimal choice for an outdoor artificial olive tree.

An artificial olive tree deserves a beautiful container

A carefully selected outer casing gives an artificial olive tree the perfect finishing touch. That's why most of our olives are delivered with an inner pot or on a wooden base as standard. All you have to do is place them in an appropriate ornamental pot.

On the product pages of our web store, we offer suggestions for pots that harmonise with your olive tree. An anthracite or light grey planter, for example, goes perfectly with the grey-green olive leaves. Round planters look more playful and romantic, whereas a square or rectangular pot is more minimalist. In the Maxifleur web store, you can easily filter for the right size and colour. You'll find a suitable planter in no time at all.

Another idea is to place the olive tree in a wicker or fabric basket. Since you don't have to water an artificial tree, there's no danger of the bottom of the pot becoming wet. Washable paper pots are also finding their way into the indoor world. They look nice and are often made from sustainable recycled paper. Do you prefer a timeless planter? Then opt for a wooden planter that will blend in stylishly with your Mediterranean ambience.

Artificial olive trees from Maxifleur

Our family business has its origins in the fresh flower industry. Today, we use expertise acquired over many years as a foundation for our realistic artificial olive trees. We have a wide range of loose branches and trees on stands or in pots for you to choose from.

Maxifleur imports, exports and supplies exclusive artificial plants, flowers and trees for the private and business market. We set the highest quality standards and only work with the best manufacturers in our trade. Many of our products are made especially for us, resulting in an extensive and unique range you won't find anywhere else.

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