Artificial orchids

Fake orchids are available in countless varieties from plain white to cheery yellow and beautiful purple. The best known is the Phalaenopsis (or butterfly orchid), which is easily recognisable by its flower shape: three sepals and petals each give the plant its unique appearance.

The faux orchid flowers that you can find in our online shop look just like real plants and are very easy to shape into the desired outer form. A loose cut flower is enough to breathe extra colour and ambiance into a room. In a brightly designed living environment, the plant will visually play the leading role. At the same time, in the form of a collection, it is wonderfully suitable for mixing different species and colours together.

If you prefer a discreet overall look, choose pots in the same or very similar shades. To put fake orchids in the spotlight, it is also nice to place them at different heights. Use ornamental pots of different heights for this purpose.

Spider Orchidee burgundy in pot 50cm
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Phalaenopsis Orchid 50cm x2 in ceramic bowl
£39.62 £33.02 As low as £35.36
Spider Orchidee rose in pot 50cm
£26.73 £22.27
Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid 50 cm white
£6.89 £5.74 As low as £6.40
Orchid Leaf Bouquet XL x6
£4.95 £4.12 As low as £4.50
Orchid Leaf Bouquet S x4
£2.50 £2.08 As low as £2.25
Phalaenopsis Orchid 80 cm white
£12.40 £10.33 As low as £11.75
Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid 50 cm pink
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Phalaenopsis Orchid 80 cm purple
£12.50 £10.42 As low as £11.95

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Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid 50 cm purple
£6.95 £5.79 As low as £6.50
Artificial Phalaenopsis Branch 55 cm white
£9.50 £7.92 As low as £8.95
Phalaenopsis Orchid Branch 55 cm pink
£8.95 £7.46 As low as £8.49
Phalaenopsis branch XL 110 cm white
£23.95 £19.96 As low as £23.50
Artificial Oncidium deluxe Orchid bouquet 80 cm yellow
£34.65 £28.88 As low as £31.96
Artificial Macara Orchid bouquet 80 cm orange
£36.21 £30.17 As low as £33.39
Artificial Oncidium deluxe Orchid bouquet 80 cm creme
£34.65 £28.88 As low as £31.96

Fake orchid species

Would you like to buy artificial orchids, but can't decide which species to choose? This is more than understandable with the huge selection of artificial orchid plant varieties, as there are thousands of different species in the world with their own specific characteristics. To make your choice as easy as possible, we will summarise the best-selling orchid species for you below:

- Phalaenopsis - This is probably the best known and most popular variety. It is also known as the butterfly orchid or moon orchid and can be recognised by its short stem, thick green-white aerial roots and two to four leaves. The six to 15 flowers of the Phalaenopsis grow together in hanging panicles. Among real plants, it owes its popularity to its uncomplicated care: it does not demand much from its owners, it has a long flowering period (sometimes up to three consecutive months) and it is one of the few orchid species that produces several branches per year.

- Oncidium artificial orchid - This variety is easily recognisable by its special tiger print on the flower. It is therefore not called the tiger orchid for nothing. The Tiger Orchid is a wise choice if you like more delicate and subtle looking plants. Unlike the Phalaenopsis, it has many smaller flowers on one branch.

- Mokara artificial orchid - The mokara is a type of epiphytic orchid. This means that in the wild it does not grow in the ground but on the bark of trees. In the form of an artificial orchid, you can of course also place it in a beautiful pot. The Mokara, which you can find in our online shop, inspires with a cheery orange colour as well as a detailed, colourful flower heart and lush, small flowers.

- Cymbidium artificial orchid - The philosopher Confucius described this species as the "king of orchids". In fact, the Cymbidium is only available in autumn and winter and adorns itself with red, purple and pink as well as orange, yellow, green or bicoloured flowers. With us you will find it in the form of an artificial stem flower with green blossoms. The cymbidium is a symbol of cherished and respected friendship. For this reason, it is wonderful as a gift.

The different colours of the orchid artificial plants

Behind the orchid lies a beautiful symbolism that stands for luxury, love, wealth, beauty and power. Their grace in particular is appreciated by many flower lovers. Artificial orchids in pots add a distinctive charm to any interior, thanks to their colourfulness and special shape. Each species and each colour creates a different effect. Depending on the style of living and your personal taste, you will find exactly the faux orchid plant you want.

The most popular and most common variety is the artificial Phalaenopsis in white. Not surprisingly, thanks to its neutral colour and beautiful flower shape, this variety blends in with virtually any style of home and suits just about all tastes. The pure beauty of the white orchid looks particularly good in a minimalist and modern interior.

If you prefer a little more colour, then a pink or purple faux orchid might be right for you. For example, you can choose the powdery pastel shade of a pale pink orchid. The bright pink-purple version, on the other hand, will literally create an explosion of colour in your home. Both shades of pink look great in an interior with a Scandinavian touch, as the touch of colour harmonises perfectly with white, grey or an interior style with a lot of wood.

Do you like the style of an urban jungle? The Cymbidium has boat-shaped green flowers and grass-like leaves. It looks great in a room where you want to add a little more green.

The orange flowers of the Mokara fake orchid are perfect for an exotic living environment. They look charming in combination with warm colours such as ochre yellow or burgundy, but can also be used as a balancing element to a cooler style.

The yellow Oncidium orchid is a similar case. It is an excellent choice if you want to add some extra colour to your living or office spaces. The Oncidium has beautiful yellow tiger-print flowers with a brown heart in the centre and makes a lush addition to your rooms.

Which variety of faux orchid do you choose?

On the Maxifleur online shop, there is not only a huge variety of artificial orchids in all kinds of species and colours waiting for you to discover, but also a large selection of other plant species and stem flowers.

We sell high-quality artificial orchids in the form of loose stems. This gives you the opportunity to create colourful arrangements at home according to your individual taste. You can place a single flower in a vase or decorative pot, for example - it is a true beauty in itself. It is equally possible to put several flowers together. As a beautifully shaped decorative item, artificial orchids are perfect for creating a special ambiance in offices and in the hospitality sector. With us, you can get the loose artificial plants in various sizes, ranging from 50 to 110 centimetres.

By the way: faux orchid leaves are the latest addition in our online shop. The leaf tip with six large leaves including aerial roots are a basis for many decoration possibilities. It can easily be placed in a container or decorative pot. The leaves have a length of about 25 centimetres (including the stem) and a width of about 38 centimetres and are made of high-quality PVC.

Even if you prefer to buy a pot and plant combination directly, you have come to the right place. How about a silk orchid in a bowl, for example? It will be delivered to your home ready for immediate placement in an elegant ceramic pot with a slightly flared rim. Your only task is to think about where to place the orchid in your room. The silk orchid is one of the bestsellers of this plant species. This is mainly because the artificial version is almost indistinguishable from a real plant. Even if you look very closely, you will notice that it is not recognisable that it is not a natural orchid but an artificial plant.

A classic among the plant-pot combinations is also our artificial Phalaenopsis orchid in 50 centimetres. It comes in a beautifully shiny ceramic pot.

Inviting, cosy and warm: earth tones are and remain a popular interior design element. Our white fake orchids in brown pots are a perfect match. It consists of two branches and is richly endowed with up to eleven flowers, seven buds as well as six leaves and comes in an ornamental ceramic pot - a neutral plant pot that goes well with a restrained or warm interior.

Choose the best quality!

At Maxifleur, we pull out all the stops every day to have the best quality artificial plants ready for our clientele. We use only the highest quality materials and always work with a keen eye for detail.

Are you looking for a beautiful specimen of the best-selling artificial orchid varieties? The Phalaenopsis natural silk orchid is waiting for you. The artificial flower has eight lush flowers with a delicate yellow-white heart and is about 80 centimetres long. It is available in the colours white, pale pink and pink-violet. You can also look forward to a special discount when you buy at least twelve fake orchids of this type. It is mentioned in the text above the shopping cart button and immediately deducted from the total price.

Our 90 centimetre tall Phalaenopsis artificial orchid is just a little bit larger. It resembles its original down to the smallest detail: Like a real plant, it has several side branches and the artificial stem appears to be in full bloom, thanks to the 13 sophisticated silk flowers and lifelike buds.

The luxurious Oncidium artificial orchid plant from our range has delicate yellow flowers and is beautifully finished. It is bursting with friendly yellow flowers and if you look closely you will discover the tiger print on them. Great attention has also been paid in the production to the plant base and aerial roots.

Or how about our artificial Cybidium orchid? The artificial branch is perfectly reproduced down to the smallest detail and can hardly be distinguished from a specimen from the wild. It has many side branches, up to ten artificial silk flowers and five buds. The leaves also have the feel of a real plant.

Buy your artificial orchids at Maxifleur!

We hope that with the help of this article we have been able to provide you with the best possible information about artificial orchids that you can find in our online shop, and we conclude this with a little bit of history about our company: Maxifleur is a family business that once started out as a grower of fresh flowers and has subsequently developed into a successful importer, exporter and supplier and exclusive and natural artificial greenery for private and business customers.

We are happy to use our many years of experience to provide our customers with fake orchids that are indistinguishable from the real plants. We only work with the best manufacturers within the artificial plant sector. Many plants are designed and developed exclusively for Maxifleur. On this basis, we can offer you a unique range that you will not find in supermarkets or garden centres.

We do everything we can to offer you the best possible value for money. If you are looking for a beautiful faux orchid at an affordable price, keep an eye on our sales page. Attractive offers await you here on a regular basis. In addition, you will see on the various product pages that we often have a quantity discount for you from a certain number of pieces. This means that you pay less per plant if you decide to buy in bulk.

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