Artificial Plants

Would you like to buy green artificial plants? Maxifleur is your specialist for artificial plants! We can supply you with high-quality plastic versions in all shapes and sizes. Do you prefer green, artificial plants? Then perhaps a bamboo or a ficus is right for you. If you want a fresh spring feeling in your home, take a look at our colourful flowering plants. Of course, we also have outdoor varieties for you to enjoy in the winter. So why not go for fake plants that are so well recreated that they are almost indistinguishable from their originals? Read on and find out why you have come to the right place.

Draceana Green 80cm in pot
£59.96 £49.97 As low as £57.50
Artificial Acer Bonsai 60 cm burgundy
£82.50 £68.75 As low as £79.94
Artificial Reedgrass 150 cm
£97.50 £81.25 As low as £92.50
Ficus Exotica Deluxe 125 cm variegated
£117.50 £97.92 As low as £114.95
Ficus Exotica Deluxe 125 cm green
£117.50 £97.92 As low as £114.95
Out of Stock
Calathea Fasciata artificial plant 70 cm
£69.95 £58.29 As low as £67.51
Out of Stock
Monstera Giant 100 cm
£147.50 £122.92 As low as £144.95
Lyrata Deluxe 95 cm
£142.50 £118.75 As low as £139.95
Artificial Schefflera column plant 120cm
£159.95 £133.29 As low as £154.95

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Monstera artificial plant 80 cm
£69.95 £58.29 As low as £67.51
Spathiphyllum King 100 cm green
£139.95 £116.62 As low as £134.95
Artificial red Calathea 60 cm in pot
£77.95 £64.96 As low as £75.95
Artificial Raphis Palm 75 cm
£57.95 £48.29 As low as £55.95
Pennisetum Artificial Grass plant 105 cm
£94.95 £79.12 As low as £92.50
Out of Stock
Artificial Traveller Palm 130 cm
£119.95 £99.96 As low as £114.95
Boxwood Ball Deluxe 50 cm UV
£184.95 £154.12 As low as £182.50
Artificial Alocasia Calidora bouquet 70 cm fire retardent
£129.95 £108.29 As low as £127.50
Artificial Monstera bouquet deluxe 75 cm Fire Retardent
£144.95 £120.79 As low as £142.50
Artificial Monstera bouquet deluxe 75 cm
£109.95 £91.62 As low as £107.50
Lyrata Royal artificial plant 90 cm
£79.94 £66.62 As low as £77.50
Elastica Robusta artificial plant 120 cm green
£114.95 £95.79 As low as £109.95
Artificial Alocasia Calidora bouquet 70 cm
£92.50 £77.08 As low as £89.95
Syngonium deluxe artificial plant 85 cm
£127.50 £106.25 As low as £122.50
Royal Lyrata artificial plant 45 cm
£29.95 £24.96 As low as £28.96
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Alocasia Calidora artificial plant 115 cm
£224.95 £187.46 As low as £219.95
Artificial Lyrata plant 95 cm
£102.50 £85.42 As low as £99.95
Boxwood Ball Deluxe 40 cm UV
£117.50 £97.92 As low as £112.51
Artificial Boston Fern Bouquet 65 cm
£17.94 £14.95 As low as £16.95
Out of Stock
Artificial Boston Fern Bouquet 65 cm
£12.95 £10.79 As low as £11.95
Pothos deluxe kunstplant 90 cm
£79.94 £66.62 As low as £77.50

Not all artificial plants are the same!

Are you wondering why you should buy your fake plant from us? First and foremost, because our faux plants are so faithfully imitated that it is hard to believe they are fake. We devote our passion to achieving this goal every day, because we believe that something that grows and thrives so beautifully in real life deserves to be reproduced in the best quality and faithful to the original. It is precisely this aspiration that serves as our starting point for the design and production of all our fake plants - large and small. We listen carefully to what our customers, suppliers and growers have to say, always keeping in mind the wishes of the end user.

Artificial plants in unique and exclusive quality

Thanks to the close cooperation with our suppliers, we offer only high-quality artificial houseplants and outdoor plastic plants to private and business customers - and at attractive wholesale prices. We scour the entire world. No distance is too far for us to ensure that we find an excellent product. And if we fail to do so, we design it on our own without further ado, because after all, as former fresh flower growers, we know exactly how plants, trees and flowers should look in reality. Many of our plants are also made exclusively for us and are therefore unique on the market.

Buy fake plants: Take a look at your advantages

A fake plant decoration that is indistinguishable from real arrangements: This is exactly what awaits you in our online shop. We have a multifaceted and unparalleled assortment ready for you. As a wholesaler of fake plants, we can guarantee you that you will find just this anywhere else so quickly. But why should you choose realistic artificial plants? Quite simply, you can use them to create ambiance with minimum effort, which you will enjoy for a long time. The leaves of artificial house plants do not discolour and do not die. Since there is no need to water the plants, you can be sure that wilting flowers and brown leaves are a thing of the past.

Quality fake plants - delightfully low maintenance

The biggest advantage with plastic plants? You don't have to prune, trim, tie them up or remove withered flowers. Not to mention that annoying watering is no longer necessary. Thanks to the high-quality materials our faux plants are made of, they require very little care. An occasional use of the duster and our special cleaning agent against dust on the leaves is quite sufficient. In the end, you will notice that you hardly have to spend any time maintaining our lifelike artificial plants.

Artificial plants from Maxifleur: bring the sun into your home!

You can actually place our artificial plants anywhere in your own home, garden or business premises, because they don't need any sunlight and are resistant to temperature fluctuations. Moreover, no one has to expect an allergic reaction if they choose our artificial plants. Furthermore, have you ever thought about placing them outdoors? This is also possible without any problems with some of our artificial plants, because we have treated them with our special UV protector, which protects them from sun discolouration for eight years.

Increase your productivity with artificial plants!

Do you own a company that frequently receives customers? Then it is also worth taking a look at our range. With our silk artificial plants, you can create attractive eye-catchers and a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for your visitors. And don't forget: Research has shown that artificial greenery can significantly increase productivity in the workplace. Meetings in front of a creatively designed green wall are more relaxed and informal and may even be more successful. A nice arrangement also functions as a valued business partner gift. Let yourself be inspired and/or rely on the advice of our experts for project greening!

Buy artificial plants with a true-to-the-original look online

Want to order artificial green plants online? That's exactly why you should turn to Maxifleur as we make it more than easy. A large selection of high-quality artificial greenery at attractive wholesale prices awaits you in our web shop. We have more than 10,000 products in stock and can therefore deliver as quickly as possible. You will also find the right luxury ornamental pots for your artificial greenery for indoor and outdoor use. Ordering in our online shop is very easy. Have you discovered your desired specimen? Then take a look at our diverse range of planters or use the Mix & Match configurator to find the ideal pot and plant combination for you.

Discover artificial plants in 3D

Would you like to make sure that your chosen artificial plant matches your ambience before ordering? We make it possible! In our virtual showroom, you can walk past all the products in our range with your eyes at your leisure. Or use our latest technology: Augmented Reality. With this you can scan the arrangement, project it in 3D into your own environment and view it virtually.

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