Artificial cactus

Artificial cactus: how practical and beautiful! You don't need to worry about care or sharp needles with fake cactus. The vigorous plant that seems to have sprung straight from timeless western films is so popular for a reason. As an artificial cactus, it fits in very well with today's trend of a never-quiet urban jungle or a modern, industrial-inspired living environment. We have our cacti specially designed for us in various types and designs: from bouquets and cacti in pots to beautiful hanging cacti. We even have specimens in a special UV-resistant outdoor variety for you. Which option do you choose?

Artificial Opuntia Cactus bouquet 30 cm green
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Artificial Euphorbia Cactus 25 cm grey
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Artificial Euphorbia Cactus 70 cm in pot
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Artificial Euphorbia Cactus 140 cm
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Artificial Tetragonus cactus bouquet 70 cm green
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Artificial Opuntia cactus bouquet 65 cm
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Artificial Tetragonus cactus bouquet 45 cm brown
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Artificial Tetragonus cactus bouquet 35 cm brown
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Artificial Opuntia Cactus bouquet 40 cm
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Artificial Tetragonus cactus bouquet 45 cm green
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Artificial Tetragonus cactus bouquet 35 cm green
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Artificial Euphorbia Mini Cactus bouquet 20 cm
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Mini Cactus Bouquet 20 cm
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Yucca Rostrata 80cm
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Artificial Pandanus plant 90 cm
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Artificial Pandanus plant 135 cm
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Our fake cactus plant: robust and hardy

Do you know a plant that is similar to another in terms of beauty and robustness or has such a hardy character of its own? If you didn't know any better, you might think that our faux cactus was plucked from the Mexican soil and imported here.

We pay a lot of attention to all details as well as to the quality of our artificial plants. You will hardly have to care for them and just as you would encounter them in nature, they are designed the same way here. With their often colourful spikes on contrasting petals on a distinctive trunk, they create a subtle, tropical atmosphere in the home. And the best thing? Maintenance is almost completely eliminated. The only thing you have to do is clear the dust off these plants every now and then. Isn't that an incentive?

You will now first learn more about the cactus plant in general. After that, it will be clear to you why it is so popular as an artificial plant.

The real cactus: our source of inspiration

The appearance of cactus is certainly unique: standing there in the blazing sun in dry soil. The cactus is a true powerhouse from the cactus family (botanical name: Cactaceae), which is home to more than 1,800 different species. Most of them, just like other succulents, are perfectly adapted to dry and warm weather conditions. Since their leaves have developed into thorns in the course of evolution, they lose less water through evaporation. The plants' spines also provide reliable protection against voracious enemies. Another typical feature of the cactus is that its spines grow out of an areole - a felt spot. Although succulents and cacti are closely related, this is not the case with the former. Water is stored in the longer stems. There are many different types of cacti with different shapes and sizes. All of them produce flowers that often grow from the areole. Most of them are in fact day flowers.

From the small to large artificial cactus plant

Our artificial cactus can hardly be distinguished from real plants, so detailed and exclusive. For this reason, they are ideal for creating a wild west or tropical setting. On the other hand, you can also use our cacti to create an urban jungle in your home or business premises. Whether you want to use faux cactus on your windowsill at home, on the counter of your reception, on the tables of your catering company or as decoration during an event: With us you will find the best fake cactus that can hardly be distinguished from the original.

For example, we have the 70 centimetre, but also the 140 centimetre high cactus of the genus Euphorbia (spurge) in pots ready for you. In addition, we offer bouquets of several species with cuttings from 20 centimetres, which you can use both in a pot and in an arrangement. Also beautiful are various artificial cacti of the genus Rhipsalis, a cactus-like species, which we provide as hanging plants.

By the way: we also stock agaves, aloe vera, yucca and other succulents, which strictly speaking and officially are not cacti, but nevertheless exude a wonderfully typical atmosphere.

We offer fake cactus in the following variations:

- Fake cactus in pots: can be placed directly in a matching decorative pot.

- Cactus hanging plants: hanging cacti with cuttings

- Cactus bouquets with plugs: can be arranged in a pot or solo

Which artificial cactus species will tempt you?

Do you already have an idea of an artificial cactus in your mind? That's a good one! Now you can take your time to look at the different types, sizes and designs. With our extensive range, it won't be easy for you to decide right away. For example, we have the Opuntia cactus with its unmistakable round leaf discs on which the thorns grow, or the characteristic Acanthocereus tetragonus, also known as the barbed wire cactus because of its pointed thorns. And let's not forget the magnificent Rhipsalis. This cactus, called coral cactus because of its beautiful "leaves", makes an excellent hanging plant. Of course, you can also opt for a classic Euphorbia in Wild West style. And because agaves, aloe vera plants, yuccas and other succulents are very similar to cacti and are often confused with them, these can also be found in our cacti category.

You can order the following faux cactus varieties from us:

- Euphorbia: "Wild West" cactus with upward protruding side branches and red spines.

- Tetragonus: "barbed wire" cactus with curved branches and white spines

- Opuntia: "disc" or "fig" cactus with diagonally growing drop-shaped leaves

- Rhipsalis: family of cacti whose leaves resemble coral

- Other cactus-like plants: succulents, such as aloe vera, agave and yucca

Which fake cactus do you prefer?

Whether artificial cactus are large or small, both are great for creating a special ambiance in any room or occasion. Do you want to decorate your entryway with a tropical arrangement? Put together several different types of cactus bouquets. Experiment with heights, colours and designs and show off your artistic skills.

If you want a single fake cactus, go for our 140-centimetre-high Euphorbia cactus, which seems to have literally sprung from the Wild West. The tables in your gastronomic establishment are best enhanced with our smallest succulent bouquets. These can be easily placed in an appropriate pot with the help of a handy cookie cutter. Or choose our cheerful mini agave in a rope basket, which is quick and easy to take along for events. Another one of our specialties is the Rhipsalis, which brightens up any room with its beautiful, coral-like leaves. You can use it as a single hanging plant or add it to your own urban jungle of plants.

How to present your artificial cacti

Once you have found your dream cactus, the question is how best to stage it or in what way will you use it? One possibility is to present a somewhat larger specimen, such as a yucca, agave or aloe vera of 80 centimetres or more, in a tall decorative pot. The smaller bouquets of around 30 centimetres, on the other hand, are wonderfully suited to a small pot on the windowsill. Or simply combine several species in a long pot.

Natural materials come into their own best in combination with the robust and hardy artificial cactus. So take a look at our terracotta pot from the Vaso series. You can either place the Rhipsalis in a simple pot on the cabinet or you can choose our Macrame Hanger for them.

Let yourself be inspired by our extensive collection of decorative pots and hanging pots according to the motto "Seek and ye shall find".

Artificial cacti with special features

Not to be overlooked in our assortment are the special artificial cacti with their very special features. How about our deluxe agave, for example? The deluxe version is available in three different heights, specially designed for us and made exclusively for us. So you won't find them anywhere else in a hurry.

Have you also already discovered the agaves with our unique UV promise? For many years we have tried to combat the most common problem of artificial plants: discolouration by sunlight. Thanks to our intensive collaboration with our suppliers, customers and the factory where we developed the UV protection, we can now guarantee that the all-plastic parts of our plants are protected from discolouration by sunlight for eight years. Our UV-resistant agaves are therefore ideal for outdoor use - ideal for your wide and wild urban jungle or your rustic rock garden.

Buy artificial cacti online: naturally at Maxifleur!

Wondering why you should buy your artificial cacti from Maxifleur? Well, we are not only the market leader in the supply and export of high-quality artificial plants in four different countries, but we also convince with an excellent price-performance ratio. The motto "Only what we would use ourselves is worthy of our range!" is the be-all and end-all for us.

We combine what nature has thought of so beautifully with as little care requirements as possible. Our previous botanical expertise as flower growers comes in handy. Many of our realistic looking plants are unique and are made exclusively for us. In addition, we have opened a showroom with more than 10,000 different products for you.

Good to know: We also take care of project plantings, for example for large companies and catering facilities.

Want to order artificial cactus at a discount? It's easy at Maxifleur!

If you have decided to buy from our online shop, consider buying several variations of one species, as this often results in an attractive quantity discount. If a favourable unit price is available, you will see it in the text above the shopping cart button. It will be charged immediately. Would you like to benefit from further incentives? Then take a look at our promotions page. Here we often place interesting offers, promotions and discounted products. 

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