Artificial grass plants

Are you planning to enhance your house or garden with an eye-catching artificial grass plant and are looking for artificial ornamental grass for this purpose? At the same time, however, you don't want to face the problem of tedious care and maintenance - especially in winter, when the plant dies and is no longer a beautiful sight? Fortunately, you can avoid this hassle by choosing Maxifleur's artificial fake grass, which is almost indistinguishable from the original.

Thanks to the wide range of different types, designs, colours and sizes, you can go in all kinds of decorative directions - even outdoors. We work a special sunlight protection into the raw material of our artificial plants. Thanks to this, the plastic parts of our outdoor ornamental grasses are guaranteed to be protected from discolouration for eight years.

Use them, for example, to create an undulating hedge in your garden or put up an attractive-looking partition of fake grass plant between the desks in your office. A single ornamental grass plant in a decorative ornamental pot is equally impressive. Let your creativity run wild!

Artificial Reed grass 60 cm green-cream
£18.95 £15.79 As low as £16.95
Artificial Reed Grass deluxe 100 cm UV green
£134.95 £112.46 As low as £132.50
Artificial Grass Bouquet 60 cm wide green
£5.95 £4.96 As low as £4.95
Artificiel pampas Grassplant 90cm en pot
£52.50 £43.75 As low as £49.95
Grass plant 100 cm in pot
£52.50 £43.75 As low as £49.95
Artificial Reed grass 90 cm in pot
£29.95 £24.96 As low as £27.95
Artificial Grass plant 80 cm UV in pot
£72.50 £60.42 As low as £69.95
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Artificial Grass bouquet 40 cm UV
£7.95 £6.62 As low as £7.50
Artificial Reedgrass deluxe 130 cm burgundy
£129.95 £108.29 As low as £124.94

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Artificial Reedgrass 150 cm
£97.50 £81.25 As low as £92.50
Artificial Reed Grass Bouquet deluxe 85 cm green-cream
£11.95 £9.96 As low as £10.95
Artificial Grass bush W 40 cm green
£9.95 £8.29 As low as £9.50
Artificial Mini Bamboo grass 14 cm green in pot
£7.95 £6.62 As low as £7.50
Artificial Reed grass 80 cm green-cream
£32.50 £27.08 As low as £29.95
Pennisetum foxtailgrass bouquet 50cm
£5.95 £4.96 As low as £4.95
Artificial Reed grass 120 cm in pot
£75.95 £63.29 As low as £72.50
Artificial Grassplant 'Wide' 60 cm
£47.50 £39.58 As low as £44.95
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Artificial Seagrass trailing plant 60 cm burgundy
£10.95 £9.12 As low as £9.95
Artificial grass bouquet 60 cm green
£3.94 £3.28 As low as £3.25
Artificial Bamboo bush 25 cm UV
£3.94 £3.28 As low as £3.75
Artificial Bamboo Bush 25 cm dark green
£3.50 £2.92 As low as £2.95
Artificial Grass bouquet 70 cm UV
£42.96 £35.80 As low as £39.95
Artificiel pampas Grassplant 120cm en pot
£82.50 £68.75 As low as £79.94
Bamboo Grass bush 40 cm
£6.50 £5.42 As low as £5.51

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Artificial Grass plant 100 cm green-brown
£52.50 £43.75 As low as £49.95
Grassbundle 50cm on base
£8.95 £7.46 As low as £7.95
Artificial Grass plant 120 cm UV in pot
£157.51 £131.26 As low as £152.50
Pennisetum Artificial Grass plant 105 cm
£94.95 £79.12 As low as £92.50
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Artificial Reed Grass deluxe 100 cm green
£99.95 £83.29 As low as £97.50
Artificial Reed Grass deluxe 120 cm UV green
£77.50 £64.58 As low as £74.95

Our artificial tall grass: What a beautiful picture!

So wonderfully playful: Nowadays, the grass plant is a welcome guest in every interior - be it at home, in the garden, in the office, in a gastronomic establishment or elsewhere. Artificial tall grass is suitable for solo presentation as well as in the form of shrubs and in combination with other plants. With its unmistakable broad effect, you can use it to create a fantastically atmospheric fence, a waving hedge or a complete urban jungle. When you close your eyes, you will feel as if you are enjoying the sunset on the shore of a lonely lake. Precisely because we want to give you that experience as much as possible, our artificial tall grass plants are of the highest quality and as detailed as if they came from the wild. If you look closely at our perfectly replicated ornamental grass, you will hardly notice any difference to a real plant. What's more, our range offers you everything you need to stage the faux tall grass to your own taste.

Natural-looking artificial grass plant: artistic inspiration at the highest level

With its "feet" bravely on the wet ground, striving towards the sun, its necks swaying and blowing in the wind: that's how it stands - the ornamental grass. The grass plant used as an ornamental grass is conquering more and more gardens, houses and offices today. And this despite the fact that its wide range of uses as well as its special decorative value only gained popularity late in history - namely in the 20th century. Well-known species are pampas grass, zebra grass, reed and lamp grass. The selection ranges from tall to perennial to broad deciduous as well as upward growing, but also flag-shaped flowering or coloured grasses. Ornamental grass is not only beautiful in summer, but also in winter when the morning sun shines on the frost on the graceful stems. It is and remains an absolute eye-catcher.

Our versatile range of fake grass plants

A plant as multifaceted as the ornamental grass deserves very special attention. For this reason, we have a wide range of different varieties in our assortment: from small to large, from wide and low to narrow and high. From the plant to the bouquet or branch. From green varieties to flowering grasses, and from specimens with excellent value for money to exclusive luxury versions designed by us. We also offer artificial grass plants indoor in plastic pots, which you can easily place individually in an ornamental pot or together with several plants in a long container. In our online shop, a number of beautiful ornamental grass/plant pot combinations are still waiting to be discovered by you. Ornamental grasses in the form of bouquets are somewhat more compact and lower. With the help of their plug, they can be easily placed and incorporated into a creative arrangement. Have you already taken a look at our multifunctional, practical pampas artificial grass branch? It is ideal for a bowl or pot, but also makes a visually beautiful addition to a bouquet as well as a vase. Which option do you choose?

We summarise our ornamental grass variants once again for you:

  • - Decorative artificial tall grass in a plastic inner pot: can be placed directly in an ornamental pot.
  • - Bouquet of artificial ornamental grass: with plugs, in pots or in arrangements
  • - Artificial grass plant as twig: multifunctional use in bouquet, vase, pot or other container
  • - Ornamental grass hanging plant: a single plant of the seagrass type, with cuttings

Which type of artificial grass plant will you choose?

Your decorative dream has already taken shape? Great! Then you can now take a look at the different types, sizes and designs of artificial grass plants available from us. Given the huge selection of products offered in our online shop, this may not be so easy. For example, if you are looking for a green grass plant in a plastic indoor pot, you are already faced with a range of ten different varieties. Will you opt for the characteristic reed grass, which is available in various designs and qualities, or will you let yourself be carried away by the wild sea grass? Also beautiful are the cheerfully spotted, green-yellow zebra grass and the pretty flowering lampbush grass (botanical name: Pennisetum alopecuroides). Fortunately, with so many options, you can filter out your favourite artificial grass plants, in our menu on the left, in terms of size, height and colour. All specimens have one thing in common: they have been reproduced in such detail and true to life that they can hardly be distinguished from a real plant. So we are not talking about visually pathetic plants that you can see through, that break in the blink of an eye or that discolour, but about really high quality that is extremely rare to find on the market.

These are the types we have in store for you:

- Classic grass plant: grass plant as we usually know it | tall and narrow | in brown or green colour | in normal and UV-resistant design | from a height of 80 centimetres | usually in pots, but a few also as loose bouquets.
  • - Broadleaf grass: widely decaying and low pollen, beautiful ornamental grass with green and red side shoots | available as an artificial plant in a plastic inner pot in two different sizes
  • - Reed grass: grass that grows in the wild along the shores | with green-cream straws | available in a single colour, luxurious, UV-resistant and flowering version | both as a pot and as a bouquet
  • - Sea grass: botanical name: Zostera | grass as it grows in the sea | impenetrable appearance and grey-green shimmer | in bouquet form or as a hanging plant with cuttings
  • - Zebra grass: botanical name: miscanthus sinensis | cheerful, greenish-yellow or green-brown mottled reed | available as a plant in a plastic inner pot in heights of 60 and 80 centimetres | both designed by ourselves
  • - Lampbush grass (pipe grass): botanical name: Pennisetum | in green and brown colour | as deluxe or standard bouquet | in different heights | also available as plant in plastic inner pot | individually or assembled with several bouquets
  • - Bamboo grass: grass from Japanese culture with hollow stems interrupted by nodes in various shades of colour | narrow and tall | in various sizes in a plastic inner pot | also some low-growing artificial grass bouquets and a UV-resistant bamboo plant for outdoor use
  • - Papyrus cane: swamp plant with long, triangular stems from which fan-shaped, thread-like and long leaves emerge at the top | available in normal and deluxe versions in plastic pots | available in heights from 65 to 175 centimetres

Which creative direction will you be taking?

Whether you are looking for decorative artificial grass plant for an attractive solo presentation in the office, a green oasis with all kinds of other plants for your home or for your outdoor area - you will find it here! How about this wonderful Pennisetum in a classy looking wooden columnar container? With it you can create a real eye-catcher. But the same species arranged in bushes also makes a wonderful fantastic arrangement. Several bouquets in a tall container are a beautifully shaped separating element. Or create a complete urban jungle by combining different varieties and colours. Thanks to the different sizes, you can vary the height to your heart's content. In this way, you make a visually unique statement at the highest level. Of course, you can also opt for the contemporary seagrass hanging plant or a 120 centimetre pampas grass branch. Give shape to your creative ideas according to your own imagination.

Our decorative artificial tall grass is something special!

With such a huge range of products, it will be hard to make a decision. If it can't be luxurious and exuberant enough for you, you will certainly like our Deluxe line, which has been specially designed and exclusively produced for us. The plants from this division are particularly graceful artificial plants, made from the very best materials and with the most detailed foliage designs that you won't get anywhere else straight away. If you are looking for something unique, this line is definitely a reliable choice. We also have ornamental grass for outdoor use. Thanks to our great built-in UV protection, you won't have to worry about discolouration due to sunlight for up to eight years - a unique promise. And you've also come to the right place when it comes to the right pot. Robust containers made of natural materials, such as wood or shells, harmonise just as wonderfully with ornamental artificial grass as modern high-gloss ceramics.

Only the best quality ornamental grass

Buying ornamental grass online at Maxifleur artificial plants is not only simple, but you can also look forward to attractive value for money. Our motto is: everything we do revolves around quality: from the first carefully reproduced design to the processing of the fine artificial silk feathers and stems to the final packaging and modelling by hand. When it comes to materials, we make no compromises. We take great care to create a realistic effect. So we design stems, side shoots and feathers in different sizes, thicknesses, growth stages and colours in detail. In doing so, we draw on our previous experience as fresh flower growers. And because only what we would put in our house or garden makes it into our showroom, you can be sure to buy exclusive quality. We often develop our creations ourselves, and at the same time we have been working intensively for many years with the best suppliers and factories that the market has to offer.

Order cheap ornamental grass online: at Maxifleur

As the market leader in the supply and export of high-quality artificial plants in four different countries, we are not only committed to the highest quality, but also to the best price. When we buy in large quantities, you benefit! For example, you can expect attractive prices for your ornamental fake grass if you order several of the same type. This discount will be shown in the text above the shopping cart button and will be settled immediately. On our promotions page, you will also find one or the other price cracker. Would you prefer to make your choice in person and see our plants in real life before placing an order? No problem! Our showroom with more than 10,000 products awaits you. The advantage here is that you can immediately take away what you like. Did you know: you can also order large-scale planting projects for your company or gastronomic events from us.
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