Artificial plants in pots

Have you already found your new favourite artificial plant in our range and are now looking for the right pot? With this decision you are exactly right, because after all an appropriate planter is the business card for your interior style or a part of your corporate identity. With us you will find a variety of different decorative pots in all possible sizes, colours, finishes, styles and price ranges. Do you need additional inspiration to find the most beautiful pot and plant combination for you personally? Read on for an overview of, in our opinion, well-matched pots and plants from our own production.

Indoor artificial plants in pot: the perfect base

Let's start with the way we deliver our artificial plants in pot to you as standard - namely in plastic inner pots. These plastic potted plants are usually shipped either with or without a glued filling. This gives you the option of placing your artificial plant directly in the respective pot. But what if you don't have a suitable planter at hand or just a specimen that doesn't harmonise with your artificial plants in pot at all? This problem can be solved in no time at all: For example, choose a perfect plant container, vase, column or classic pot on your own from our range of luxury and plastic planters or find your personal favourite with the help of our plant pot configurator. Let our suggestions and combination ideas guide you.

Faux potted plants: at Maxifleur you get everything from a single source

For those who don't want to spend too much time and energy searching for the perfect plant-pot combination, we have good news: In our range, we carry a small part of already fully stocked planters. These are artificial plants that are supplied in conjunction with the pot shown in each case. The selection starts with grass plants and palms on luxurious columns, continues with bouquets in simple vases and eye-catching asparagus arrangements in a rope ball, and by no means ends with senecios in a hanging pot. It is hardly possible to get decorative artificial plants in pot more simply. Which arrangement will you choose?

Artificial plants in pot: our suggestions for you

If you prefer to design your plant-in-pot ensemble according to your own wishes, you will find everything you need at Maxifleur. For example, you can place a clump of Sanseveria in a tall, narrow column or you can decide to place several specimens in a low, long container. The effect will be completely different in both cases. You can achieve an equally different effect with plants in pots made of natural materials and in plastic tubs. Furthermore, you have the choice between high-gloss, matt, modern and traditional planters, for example in terracotta style. Or how about a chic rope pot? To give you an idea of the different visual ranges, we have put together some combinations for you. It's time to explore them!

Plastic potted plants are practical and decorative at the same time

We can well imagine that it is not at all easy to filter out the right ornamental pot from our huge range of artificial plants and fake trees in pots. Which type of pot is the right one for your plant? Of course, this is primarily a matter of individual taste. But we can give you some valuable tips: for example, our plastic pot collection was manufactured to the highest quality standards using scratch-free lacquers. What do you think of our silver-metallic "Dalat Aruba" decorative pot for your office, for example? Or do you prefer the high-gloss, black "Lechuza Cubico" for your four walls at home? Plastic has the advantage that it is extremely hard-wearing and has a low dead weight. Many of our plastic planters are also frost and moisture resistant and finished with high-quality lacquers that reduce the risk of scratches and damage to a minimum.

Artificial plants in pot in the luxury version

You can create a truly luxurious atmosphere in your home, restaurant or office with our luxury planters. These are made from only the best materials and are wonderfully suited for representative placement in places that immediately catch the eye, such as on windowsills or in the entrance area. Our wide range includes square, rectangular and round containers in all kinds of colours, sizes and price ranges. Some of them are suitable for outdoor use. Immerse your company premises, your showroom or your home, with our plastic potted plants up to 150 centimetres high, in an exclusive and elegant ambience. With the help of refreshing colours or natural tones, even small plastic potted plants will look their best. By the way: Did you know that some of our planters are completely handmade? Our "Ceman" decorative pot, for example, is one of the absolute bestsellers made of real wood.

Faux potted plants: Which style should they be?

This question cannot usually be answered off the cuff. Rather, the stylistic decision depends on whether your room should radiate tranquillity or attract attention. Do you prefer harmony, or do you like subtle surprises with a bombastic and colourful twist? As different as people's personalities are, so individual are the design options. Our advice: Try to match the decorative pots in terms of their colours, types and materials. For this purpose, you can make a mood board or sketch in advance. This will give you a first impression of the final result. If you want to be on the safe side, choose pots made of natural materials such as shells, wood, ceramics or rope. These can be combined in almost any way. Black and white high-gloss plastic potted plants are also perfect for a modern office and for a minimalist or industrial style of living.

Go in search of your preferred artificial plants in pots!

You have discovered your new favourite artificial plant in a decorative ornamental pot or faux olive tree in pot, but you are not sure whether the two harmonise with each other? You don't have to try putting the plant in the pot at your home to check if they match. Instead, we invite you to take a tour of our virtual showroom, where you can be inspired by countless ideas. Or make use of our unique pot and plant configurator. Simply drag the selected plant with the mouse into the desired pot and check whether the overall picture is to your liking. You can view the composition from all sides and then decide whether you are satisfied, whether the combination suits your interior style or whether you would prefer to search a little further. There are no limits to your imagination.

Buy high-quality fake potted plants: naturally at Maxifleur!

Have we convinced you to buy an artificial plant in a luxurious decorative pot? Then leave the rest to us! Maxifleur has been designing and producing the finest quality fake potted plants and artificial grass in pot since 1991, sometimes even penning them ourselves and making them exclusively for us. Thanks to our many years of experience as fresh flower growers and the know-how we have acquired as a result, we know how to develop both indoor and outdoor artificial plants in pots and artificial fern in pot that are virtually indistinguishable from the original. Our multifaceted assortment of matching planters rounds off our wide range of products. We look forward to your visit to our virtual showroom featuring artificial succulents in pots and much more.

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