Artificial succulents

Artificial succulents in all shapes and sizes are more popular than ever. Assembled, presented solo, hanging or standing, flexible or rigid, flowering or in the classic green-grey colour scheme: the trend of letting several succulents shine indoors has found its way into the four walls at home as well as into leisure venues, offices and other institutions. And why not? With their authentic, tough appearance, these incomparable plants are dormant works of decorative art. Perfect to place them, for example in the shape of a bouquet, on tables in a gastronomic establishment or to create the effect of a cool green wall in the company with the help of various shapes and sizes. While our many small succulents look wonderful artificially as part of an arrangement, larger specimens make for a real eye-catcher. Bet your visitors will be thrilled with this special welcome.

Artificial Echeveria branch 100 cm burgundy
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Artificial Echeveria branch 100 cm green
£8.95 £7.46 As low as £7.95
Mini Red Echeveria artificial branch 17 cm
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Artificial Echeveria bouquet 25 cm green-red
£12.95 £10.79 As low as £11.95
Artificial Crassula Bonsai bouquet 40 cm grey
£19.95 £16.62 As low as £18.50
Furcraea Agave artificial plant 80 cm varigated
£164.95 £137.46 As low as £162.50
Artificial Agave bouquet 70 cm
£52.50 £43.75 As low as £49.95
Artificial Agave bouquet 55 cm
£42.50 £35.42 As low as £39.95
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Artificial Agave Bouquet 40 cm
£23.95 £19.96 As low as £22.51

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Artificial Echeveria bouquet 20 cm
£5.95 £4.96 As low as £4.95
Artificial Echeveria Setosa Bouquet
£6.95 £5.79 As low as £6.50
Echeveria Velvet Bouquet 15 cm
£4.95 £4.12 As low as £4.50
Small Agave in rope pot
£8.95 £7.46 As low as £7.95
Agave Bouquet 70 cm UV
£179.95 £149.96 As low as £177.49
Agave Deluxe 95cm
£104.96 £87.47 As low as £99.95
Artificial Agave plant 30 cm as bouquet
£29.95 £24.96 As low as £28.96
Agave Bouquet 70 cm
£139.95 £116.62 As low as £137.50
Echeveria succulent 16cm in pot
£15.95 £13.29 As low as £14.96
Crassula succulent plant 40cm
£49.95 £41.62 As low as £48.94
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Aloë Deluxe bouquet 60 cm
£84.95 £70.79 As low as £82.50
Echeveria Succulent bouquet x22
£13.95 £11.62 As low as £12.95
Agave Bouquet 50 cm
£69.95 £58.29 As low as £67.51
Aloë bouquet 30 cm
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Aloë bouquet 30 cm in pot
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Artificial Agave Bouquet 25 cm
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Artificial Agave Plant 25 cm in 10 cm pot
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Crassula succulent plant 30 cm
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Aloë Deluxe Bouquet 70 cm
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Agave Bouquet 50 cm UV
£89.95 £74.96 As low as £87.50

Artificial succulents: the success of the popular fake succulents

The claim that real succulents are easy to care for cannot be subscribed to in practice - especially if you call several different varieties of succulents your own, one of which flowers and the other does not. The former is also called a summer succulent and the latter a winter succulent. It is often not so easy to find out what the two versions need in terms of care. If you choose a fake succulent, this inconvenience is eliminated. Of course, this does not apply to the clearly fake plastic plants that discolour in no time in the sun or that break at first sight. No! With our artificial succulent plants, you can be sure that they are virtually indistinguishable from the original. Moreover, these very plants are made from the best quality materials, such as strong plastic and artificial silk, in order to achieve the most realistic and lasting effect with them.

Real succulents: succulent and hardy bold plants

Succulents is the name for plants that store their water in a part of their body. This can be in the leaf, root or stem. The term succulent is derived from the Latin word sucus, which means sap. There are dozens of plant families of which certain species are succulent. Just think of the cacti!

Most succulent plants can be recognised by their thick, fleshy tissue. They have special structures that enable them to store water and thus adapt to drought. For this reason, a large number of species are called xerophytes. They are plants that can survive in very dry regions.

Geographical distribution and evolution have meant that each succulent has been able to adapt to its individual environment. This is also the reason why there is a huge collection of unique species and forms today. They are not only found in the desert, but also in other areas with sandy and saline soils, for example.

Our fake succulents: a prime example of first-class quality

No plant can boast more variety than the succulent. The choice goes from large or small as well as flexible or stiff to dark or icy green, with round leaves and with or without flowers. Thus, the fat plants fit with ease into a traditional as well as an industrial or modern interior. But succulents also feel at home in other styles of living as well as in gastronomic or leisure areas. For example, they look wonderful as a green wall, as part of an urban jungle or simply as a bouquet for the table.

Our artificial succulent plants are characterised above all by their exclusive and very natural quality, so that you will hardly notice the difference to a real plant. And the more elaborately you combine your succulent with other specimens, the more creative works of art you will create. So vary according to your mood! Fortunately, our range is large enough for any of your ideas.

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to fake succulents

When looking for artificial succulent plants, you can expect a huge selection from us. We have put agaves, aloe vera, yuccas and cacti in their own category, so you won't find them in our succulent range. We have done this mainly to make the difference to the somewhat smaller fat plants clear. Take a look at the beautiful and handy bouquets with cuttings. They are great as individual table decorations, but are also excellent in combination with different species and sizes. Fake succulent plants in pots make an impression on the windowsill, the reception counter or in the entrance of your catering establishment. Not to forget our faux succulents as hanging plants or pendants, such as this beauty.

The following fake succulents await you:

- Beutertia artificial plant: 15 centimetres, in a plastic inner pot, also available as a bouquet, recognisable by the matt, pointed leaves with a silver-grey sheen.

- Mini Marginata artificial plant: in a rope pot, similar look to the Dracaena with green leaves and red tips, ready-made arrangement with glued filling

- Marginata: also available as an 18 centimetre high artificial bouquet

- Crassula succulents: in plastic inner pot, artificial succulents with deep green, round leaves, 40 centimetres high, also available on foot at 60 centimetres high, as a green, 30 centimetre high bouquet as well as a bonsai bouquet at 40 centimetres high

- Crossostephium: 28 centimetre high artificial succulent plant in plastic pot, flexible with fresh green appearance, from the daisy family, also available as UV-resistant 45 centimetre high artificial branch

- Echeveria artificial plant: 16 centimetres high, in a plastic inner pot, also available as a bouquet in four sizes and varieties: a velvet bouquet 15 centimetres, a Setosa species 10 centimetres, a specimen in size 18 centimetres (also available in plant form) and two 25 centimetre high versions, one with red and one with green accents

- Senecio: 30 centimetre high artificial succulent in a plastic inner pot, species with a tangled and playful look, also available as a 15 centimetre long bouquet

- Artificial eucalyptus plant: 35 centimetres in a plastic inner pot, also available as a bouquet

- Haworthia bouquet: 18 centimetres high, resembles aloe vera but has redder leaf tips

- Mini sedum bouquet: 18 centimetres high, characteristic with round leaves that are red at the ends

- Artificial sedum branch: in two colours: Green and red, 50 centimetres high

- Donkey's tail artificial bouquet: 25 and 30 centimetres wide, hanging butterwort with numerous blue-green cylindrical leaves

- Rhipsalis artificial hanging plant: also called coral cactus because of its capricious branches and greasy-looking, cylindrical and hanging shoots, in five species and different heights: the Micrantha measures 55 centimetres, the Pilocarpa 65 centimetres, the Heteroclada and Paradoxa 75 centimetres and the Trigona 100 centimetres

- Tillandsia artificial hanging plant: 75 centimetres, looks a bit like glasswort with its grey-green appearance and cylindrical and hanging branches.

- Senecio pearl hanging plant: also called pea plant because of its strands of small, round leaves, as a hanging plant 60 centimetres high or as a pendant with cuttings in lengths of 55 and 100 centimetres

The icing on the cake: succulents that can withstand the blazing sun

Want to place your artificial plants in the sun? You think that this is the weak point of imitation plants? We can prove you wrong. Thanks to our many years of further development and intensive cooperation with our own factory, we can offer you unique UV protection. Plastic parts of plants, branches and trees that have been treated with this very protection are guaranteed to be free from discolouration by the sun for eight years. For example, choose this 45 centimetre long Crossotephium artificial branch. It is wonderful for creating a green oasis around your swimming pool, as an atmospheric partition in your garden or for any corner where so much bright sunlight shines that no other plant could bear it. By the way, our UV protection promise is unprecedented on the market. Since we couldn't find these product properties anywhere else, we developed them especially for you without further ado.

Fake succulents are wonderfully combinable

Have you found what you were looking for in artificial succulents? Then you can take the next step towards creating your own work of art. We can help you with this: for example, do you prefer an attractive Crassula on a foot that you can place in a decorative ornamental pot at the entrance to your home? Or do you like compositions of several small bouquets in a round bowl? Perhaps you like an attractive pendant that acts as the perfect addition in your garden? In this case, this moss pot with jute rope hanger, an artificial moss hanging basket or a large moss ball would be recommended variants. They are suitable for almost any style and will help you to present your succulents in a splendid artificial way. Artificial succulents also cut a passable figure as green walls in the office or as an urban jungle in the hospitality industry. You can't really go wrong with artificial string of pearls plant. So let your imagination run wild! To give you some ideas, we have illustrated many products in matching containers. So you can see the proportions and possibilities right away.

Maxifleur: Buying artificial succulents made easy

Artificial plants are real bestsellers. Would you like to follow this trend too? Then you can buy artificial string of pearls plants everywhere these days. Most of them can be bought quickly and cheaply in DIY stores and furniture stores, but they are often only suitable for single use. If you prefer the highest quality and most natural alternative, then turn to us with confidence! With us, you will not come across artificial trees that you can see through. Furthermore, you won't find plants that are bare at the back, flower branches that change colour in the blink of an eye, or hanging plants that resemble the original so little that it almost looks ridiculous. As market leader and family business with four online shops in four different countries, we invest a lot in the lifelike design of our products. If we don't like something, we design and manufacture it on our own without hesitation. For this reason, part of our range is unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

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