Outdoor Artificial Plants

Green artificial outdoor plants? Absolutely! You'll certainly enjoy these maintenance-free plants! Would you like them to have a lifelike, colourfast and unique look? Made of particularly high quality you won't find anywhere else in Europe, and which are durable and remain beautiful for a long time?

Thanks to our years of specialisation, Maxifleur offers the most unique - and sometimes UV-resistant - artificial plants for your garden, patio, porch or company. Unique in the European market, because they're exclusively produced for us. We've got a total of nearly 10,000 artificial plants and trees that we can deliver directly from stock.

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  1. Boxwood Ball Deluxe 50 cm UV 138205NUV terras-planten
    Boxwood Ball Deluxe 50 cm UV
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Inspiring outdoor artificial plants

Always an inspiring piece of greenery around you? Those who buy an artificial plant for outside will no longer have a drab, grey garden in winter. Moreover, artificial outdoor plants can be applied in many situations and are conveniently maintenance-free. Whether you go for a small artificial Fern in that dark corner in your garden or an artificial Ivy for your fence.

From Artificial Buxus to Bamboo Planter

How about a lovely UV-proof artificial plant by the entrance to your company offices? A beautiful buxus version, such as the artificial Buxus tower or artificial Bamboo in a luxury decorative pot will certain look wonderful! And would you like some shade by your pool or on your patio? A hedge with artificial conifers is a very appealing option, of course.

Suitable for all weather types

Our colourfast artificial outdoor plants are produced of high-quality PVC, making them suitable for many weather types! Because our artificial outdoor plants are water-resistant, they are very suitable for placement by a pool. The chlorine water doesn't affect the plants, which makes them perfect for a pool.

UV-proof artificial plants for outdoor use

Looking for fully weather-resistant outdoor artificial plants? The special UV-resistant artificial plans for outdoor use can handle any type of weather. Thanks to a unique UV-protector, the synthetic parts of these outdoor artificial plants won't be affected by fluctuating Dutch weather for at least 8 years.?So, bring on the sun, rain, wind and snow!

Years of experience in artificial plants

Looking for unique atmospheric and exclusive artificial outdoor plants? Maxifleur has a large assortment of artificial outdoor plants of the highest quality. Maxifleur has years of experience with designing and producing artificial plants that are suitable for outdoor use. Ever since we started in 1991, we've passionately been working on the most beautiful artificial plants that look just like the real thing.

Interested in buying artificial outdoor plants?

Would you also like to order some unique artificial plants for your garden, porch, company or restaurant? Allow our large stock of artificial plants for outdoor use inspire you. Have you found what you're looking for? Easily order online. Thanks to our large stock, fast delivery is guaranteed.

Would you prefer to buy your outdoor artificial plants yourself or would you like to experience the quality and look of the plants during a virtual or live visit to our 1,000m2 showroom? Let our artificial outdoor plants and beautiful combinations with luxury planters inspire you. If you're convinced, you can even take the plants home immediately!

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