Artificial Sansevieria plant

Do you fancy buying the faux snake plant Sansevieria, otherwise known as a snake plant? Then chances are that you'll find specimens offered by us that are barely distinguishable from the original. All our artificial plants, bouquets and cuttings are reproduced so lifelike using the highest quality materials that they sometimes even look more beautiful than the real thing. With an artificial Sansevieria plant, you can enjoy all the benefits of this eye-catching species without the burden of time-consuming care. We offer them in different types, sizes, designs and prices. What will you use your new Sansevieria for? Get inspired and read on!

Sanseveria artificial plant 30 cm green
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Artificial Sanseveria green 110cm in pot
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Sanseveria 70cm green in pot
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Sanseveria XL 100cm
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Sanseveria Cylindrica 85cm in pot
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Sanseveria bouquet 40cm green
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Artificial Sanseveria bouquet 60 cm
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Artificial Sanseveria bouquet 80 cm
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Sanseveria Cylindrica artificial plant 75 cm
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Artificial mini Sanseveria Cylindrica bouquet 20 cm
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Sanseveria artificial plant 78 cm
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Artificial  Sanseveria green 130cm in pot
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Artificial Sanseveria varigated 110cm in pot
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Artificial Sanseveria  vert N 50 cm in pot
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Artificial Sanseveria  vert N 70 cm in pot
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Sanseveria artificial plant 72 cm green
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Sanseveria artificial plant 72 cm yellow-green
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There are many good reasons to choose an artificial Sansevieria plant

With its leaves that resemble upright women's tongues, this dazzling and contemporary plant adorns many a windowsill. And quite rightly so, because the succulent brightens up any room with its characteristic look. For this reason, we have done our best to make our Sansevieria artificial plant as lifelike as possible. Where we couldn't find it in our partners' existing range, or where we just didn't like it enough, we simply started designing it on our own. Drawing on our extensive botanical knowledge as former fresh flower growers, we tried to recreate the most beautiful specimens for you. Take a look at our range and judge for yourself!

Sansevieria as it looks in the wild

Is it called Sansevieria, or Lady's Tongue? In fact, it's quite different, because the small, cute plant with upright leaves in the shape of tongues has the official name Dracaena trifasciata. Until 2017, it was officially called Sansevieria trifasciata. Based on DNA research, the plant was then reclassified to the genus Dracaena. However, the new name is still unknown. Therefore, it is preferred to continue calling it Sansevieria. The Lady's Tongue originally comes from the tropical part of West Africa - from eastern Nigeria to the Congo. It includes many species - some with variegated leaves, some with white margins, others with cylindrical leaf shape and still others with a compact growth habit.

Dracaena trifasciata is a succulent flowering plant from the asparagus family. It can be recognised by its long, lance-shaped leaves and the white, faintly fragrant flowers. The leaves are dark green with light grey-green zigzag stripes. The leaf size varies and can reach a length of up to 90 and a width of up to six centimetres. Under ideal conditions, the leaves can even grow more than a metre high. The white to yellowish-white flowers form in clusters along the stem. They give off a characteristic fragrance. As an indoor plant, the evergreen Sansevieria with closely spaced, upright leaves needs a lot of time to form flowers.

We have these varieties of the artificial Sansevieria plant available for you

If we had tried to reproduce all the varieties and sizes of Sansevieria, it would have been beyond our scope. That is why we have concentrated on the most beautiful and unusual versions. You can either place them as a small version on a shelf, on your windowsill, your catering table or in your lounge area, or use a larger plant to give a hall or your company's counter that little bit extra. Do you like it more creative? Then create an atmospheric separation between the desks in your office with several specimens of this Sansevieria tree. Sansevieria bouquets can also be wonderfully integrated into a green wall or other decorative arrangement. Different leaf shapes and colours as well as matching decorative pots provide variety.

You have the choice between:

Artificial snake plant bouquet with plugs: common type with green leaves in heights of 20 and 40 centimetres, cylindrical leaves 20 centimetres high, for use in arrangements.

Artificial Sansevieria plant in plastic inner pot: in heights of 40, 70, 78 and 100 centimetres in green, in heights of 70 and 100 centimetres in variegated leaf colour and in heights of 75, 85 and 95 centimetres in cylindrical leaf shape, can be placed directly in an ornamental pot

Artificial Sansevieria plant with branches: leaves in heights of 60 and 80 centimetres with cuttings, for use in creative arrangements

Artificial Sansevieria plant: the right species for every taste

Did you know that we offer Sansevieria in many different forms? Most of them have their own species name. For the sake of simplicity, we group them together as Sansevieria artificial plant - popularly known as bow hemp artificial plant - with green or variegated leaf colour and with cylindrical leaf shape. While the shape of the leaf of the Sansevieria with green and coloured leaves is broader and flatter, that of the Cylindrica is more round. If the latter shows a monochrome leaf pattern, it is the classic variety with characteristically spotted, green or variegated leaves with yellow edges. You also have a choice of different sizes and versions for all species. Create your own arrangement with a Sansevieria bouquet or present your plant solo! For example, this 95 centimetre high Cylindrica artificial plant is perfect for a modern interior.

What is the best combination for an artificial snake plant?

Upstairs, downstairs, in the office, around the pool, in your catering location or simply in your home: the artificial snake plant Sansevieria makes a lasting impression everywhere. Only for a location in the blazing sun we do not recommend, because the plastic reacts sensitively to it. The playful artificial mother in law tongue plant is very much in vogue these days. The Sansevieria Cylindrica harmonises particularly well with a minimalist and modern interior. With its striking and eye-catching appearance, it comes into its own here. But other varieties are also suitable for this interior style. Thanks to its neutral leaf colour, Sansevieria will fit into practically any decorative pot, bowl or planter. A delight to the eye is the combination of different varieties for a lush urban jungle or a playful eye-catcher in a green wall. Do you need more ideas? Then browse through Planters Collection, get inspired by the photos on the left side of the products or take a look at the pictures we have compiled of customers or previous projects!

High-quality artificial snake plant

Sell, tidy up and move on? No, that's not Maxifleur's style. Because we have worked as fresh flower growers ourselves for years at auctions and in shops, we believe we know what our customers want: Quality. Otherwise, we might as well have sent you to any DIY store near you. We want to deliver the ultimate experience when you buy artificial greenery. We achieve this by providing you with fully-fledged alternatives to the original that you can enjoy for years to come, without too much effort. We invest in the highest quality materials and the best suppliers. The many designs that come from our own pen are made exclusively for us by our ancestral factory. Our wealth of botanical knowledge benefits everyone in the process. Much of our range is unique, so you won't find it anywhere else in a hurry.

Buy fake snake plant: Benefit from attractive price advantages!

As the market leader for high-quality artificial greenery for private and business customers, we can assure you that you can rely on the quality of all our products. That's why the decision to buy several of a kind is the right one. Of course, we would like to share the advantageous price we get from our suppliers for a higher number of items with you. You will find the new reduced price above the shopping cart button and it will be settled directly at the checkout. Of course, the attractive conditions also apply to large-scale project plantings, which are also carried out by us. On our promotions page we also regularly have nice promotions, discounted products or other tempting offers ready for you. Stay on the ball!

Artificial snake plant: consistent quality in a class of its own

Nine out of ten customers are full of praise for our quality. And that's why we give our best every day. Our standards are immensely high: only if we would take the plant or tree home, it belongs in our assortment. After all, who would want artificial greenery that does not remotely resemble the original in the wild? We not only do everything we can to deliver the highest quality, but to make our art as lifelike as possible. With us, there are no bare trees to look through, no plants that only have fullness at the front and no artificial products that change colour in the sun in no time or lose their leaves just by looking at them. As the market leader with four successful online shops in four different countries and as a family business with many years of experience, we do things differently. We stand for high and exclusive quality that you will hardly find elsewhere. That is our promise to you!

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