Artificial strelitzia plant

More and more people are opting for a strelitzia, making it one of the most popular houseplants. It falls into the category of exotic flowers and can also be found as a cut flower. An artificial strelitzia plant is almost indistinguishable from the original. The plant stands out with its bright orange flowers as well as its large leaves that rise up like a fan. This unique combination immediately gives any room a typical jungle vibe.

Whether you prefer a modern or traditionally simple look, the medium green shade of the strelitzia in harmony with the flower is perfect for any interior. To brighten up your room, you can drape the flower either individually on a table or as a larger specimen in a corner.

Strelitzia Deluxe 115 cm
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Strelitzia branch Deluxe 90cm - Orange
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Different types of artificial strelitzia

Did you know that the strelitzia is related to the banana plant? When you compare the leaf shapes of both plants, you will notice the similarity.

In the category artificial bird of paradise plant you will most often find the Strelitzia Regina (or bird of paradise flower) and the Strelitzia Nicolai (or tree strelitzia). The difference between the two species lies mainly in the flower: the Regina has characteristic orange flowers and the Nicolai has black flowers with a hint of white.

The Nicolai is known for not flowering very quickly indoors. For this reason we only sell it flowerless in our online shop. Another important difference between the two species is the size of the leaves, which is slightly higher on the Nicolai than on the Regina. This visible characteristic makes it easy to distinguish between the two plants.

The artificial strelitzia plant and its advantages

A great advantage of an artificial strelitzia plant is that it requires no care and is always in full bloom with healthy-looking leaves. In real life, however, it is a natural process for the outer leaves to turn brown over time. With real plants, there is nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem with an artificial specimen: the fake bird of paradise plant never gets unsightly brown spots or completely or partially brown leaves. The latter are also quite sensitive in strelitzias and tear quickly, which cannot happen with an artificial plant.

In the wild, the Strelitzia Regina produces its first flowers at the age of about five years. Even after this time, there is no guarantee that the plant will flower at all. Although such a growth process holds something interesting, you will certainly like it better if you can immediately enjoy striking orange flowers. This advantage only comes with an artificial strelitzia plant.

The real strelitzia literally grows out of its pot over time. Regular repotting is unavoidable. This is not the case with the artificial strelitzia plant. It will remain in the pot you have chosen for it for as long as you wish.

Due to the rapid growth of the houseplant, it is important to provide it with appropriate nutrients. You know what comes next? That's right: the artificial strelitzia plant does not need any fertilisers.

Which species of strelitzia do you choose?

Once we have convinced you of the undeniable advantages of an artificial strelitzia plant, it is time to choose a species that meets your wishes and expectations:

- For example, a single artificial branch looks wonderful in combination with other artificial flowers. You will be amazed at the high quality: The strelitzia is very well reproduced and consistent in every detail - from the strong leaves to the silky orange flower.

- The 75-centimetre strelitzia shrub is supplied as a loose artificial branch with orange leaves. It is perfect for arranging with other artificial flowers in a colourful bouquet.

- For those who like to kill several birds with one stone, a ready-made arrangement is recommended. In addition to the artificial bird of paradise plant, various other artificial flowers, such as the gerbera and the aralia leaf, have been used to create a beautiful arrangement. Use them either for table decoration or as a gift when you are visiting someone.

The artificial Strelitzia Nicolai

- Are you looking for an addition to a bouquet of flowers? Our Strelitzia leaf is the perfect basis for this. It is made of foam, which makes it look and feel very realistic.

- The 150-centimetre Nicolai artificial bird of paradise plant without leaves looks like a real jungle plant. For interior lovers who like a tropical vibe in their home, it is a perfect addition.

- For those who prefer it even larger, the 180 centimetre high Strelitzia Nicolai or the 190 centimetre high Strelitzia Nicolai artificial tree are excellent choices. Thanks to the impressive size of these specimens, you generate an eye-catcher in your room that needs little additional decoration.

Don't forget to add a beautiful flower pot!

Once you have selected the right artificial bird of paradise plant from our large assortment, it is time to decide on a beautiful pot, because one thing is certain: a carefully selected container can make all the difference. Take a look at our showroom! There you can see how a plant-pot combination affects the ambience in the home. A plant pot with a wooden look emphasises the tropical look of the plant. A shiny black container, on the other hand, contrasts beautifully with the green leaves.

Are you sure that your artificial bird of paradise will fit into the pot you have chosen? It is advisable to always check the dimensions. We make this as easy as possible for you by always mentioning the exact dimensions on the left side of the product pages, including the photos. Would you like to purchase a pot directly with your plant order? No problem. You can add the pictured decorative pots to your order for an additional charge.

Artificial bird of paradise flowers can be placed in both high and low decorative pots. To show off the plant to its best advantage, we recommend giving it plenty of space and not pushing it too far into the corner. In this way, you can use it to brighten up your living room or bedroom. The paradisiacal plant is also a popular choice for adding colour to a showroom or a rather dull office.

Faux bird of paradise: unmistakable in their quality

At Maxifleur, we want to offer our customers the highest quality. To achieve this, we work exclusively with the best materials and an eye for detail. With our deluxe artificial bird of paradise flowers in 115 centimetres, we make this more than clear. The first-class artificial bird of paradise plant is exclusively available at Maxifleur and cannot be found anywhere else.

The orange artificial silk flowers, the leaves and the leaf print: everything has been made for you with love and care. You will see: Our deluxe plants have a particularly natural look.

Other names for the Strelitzia

The strelitzia has many different names. This is mainly due to its beautiful flowers. Strelitzia is Latin and stands for the plant family of the Strelitziaceae. Other frequently used synonyms are: Flower of Paradise and Bird of Paradise. In some countries the plant is also called bird's head flower, because with a little imagination it reminds one of a colourful bird. In South Africa it has been given the name crane flower. But there is also another connection to birds: The showy flowers are originally pollinated by hummingbirds in nature.

The origin of the plant

It is worth mentioning that the bird of paradise flower with its blue and orange blossoms originally comes from South Africa. In Europe it is considered a popular plant in botanical gardens, for which it has been cultivated several times. In the subtropical countries of the European continent, such as Spain, Portugal and Greece, the strelitzia is often seen in home gardens because of the favourable climate. In northern Europe, it is more of an indoor plant, usually grown in greenhouses. However, you can sometimes find it as a pot plant on the balcony, terrace or in the garden.

Choose Maxifleur!

We would like to end this article with a little bit of history about our company. Maxifleur is a real family business. We started out as growers of fresh flowers. We now use these years of accumulated experience as a solid foundation for our authentic-looking artificial strelitzes. As already mentioned, we set ourselves particularly high quality standards. We work exclusively with the best manufacturers within the artificial plant industry. Many products in our range are designed and developed exclusively for Maxifleur. The result is a unique range of goods that you will not find anywhere else.

Maxifleur is now a successful importer, exporter and supplier of premium and natural artificial greenery to private and corporate customers. We offer an extensive range of stem flowers, artificial branches and plants in various containers.

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