Artificial hanging plants in pots

Are you looking for a fully assembled fake hanging plant in pot arrangement including decorative baskets that you can give as a gift or place in your own home? Then Maxifleur is the right place for you. In our assortment, you will find beautifully coordinated combinations of artificial greenery in matching pots for those who are quick on the uptake and those who like it ready to go. If you want to hang them up, it is best to opt for artificial hanging plants in pots. For these, we have selected the most advantageous plants and the most attractive containers. All you have to do is decide which arrangement is your favourite. We will do the rest for you.

Tradescantia Zebrina pendant 45cm in pot
£7.95 £6.62
Philodendron pendant 50cm in pot
£9.95 £8.29 As low as £8.95

Artificial hanging plants in pots: pure comfort!

Today's world is characterised by stress and hecticness - with or without children in the household, at work or in your gastronomic business. You can really use your energy more effectively than choosing a suitable pot for your fake hanging plant in pot. The process can be labour intensive and lengthy - especially considering our extensive range. Instead, opt for a complete arrangement with artificial hanging plants in pots. With care, a lot of know-how and attention to detail, we offer you in this section a smorgasbord of the most beautiful fake hanging plants in pots each with a matching ornamental pot. Benefit from this unique convenience and get an attractive plant-pot combination to hang in your home or business in no time at all!

Looking for an artificial hanging plant in pot?

Thanks to our years of experience as a professional flower supplier and later as an artificial flower supplier, we know exactly which artificial plants harmonise with which pot. We select the individual elements of the arrangement with great care, bring them into the right shape and create an irresistible overall picture. An arrangement of artificial hanging potted plants or artificial plant in baskets put together in this way looks stylish and creates a pleasant atmosphere in your home, business, hotel or restaurant. Simply choose the components that suit your taste, the interior design style and the available dimensions in your room. Or are you looking for an original gift? Then don't immediately think of a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers that will wither within a week. Instead, opt for artificial hanging plants in pots! Let's bet that the recipient will be delighted!

Here is a summary of the advantages of artificial hanging plants in pots

- Easy: Look, compare, decide and order - we take care of the rest.

- Time-saving: Are you looking for a suitable planter or decorative pot for your faux hanging plant in pot? Save yourself time and choose a complete arrangement from our range!

- Original: Anyone can give a classic promotional or reception gift. Do it differently and give away artificial hanging plants with pot! The recipient will be thrilled.

- Unique: While DIY stores are flooded with standard artificial plants, you will find exclusively designed specimens here.

- Complete: All you have to do is choose, place and enjoy!

Our range of hanging faux plant in pots

Our hanging artificial plant in pot and artificial plant in baskets come in many different shapes and sizes. You can trust us: With our knowledge and skills acquired over the years, we are able to put together the best combination for you. Our assortment ranges from a wide, short fern arrangement tucked into a large moss ball to a very long, narrow Rhipsalis in a restrained container. We can see better than many which pot an artificial hanging plant will look best in. All you have to do is decide on the appropriate length, diameter, colour, pot size and price range.

Have you seen that you can get some artificial hanging plants in pots with special properties from us? For the hospitality industry or event spaces, for example, we offer artificial hanging plants in pots made from flame-retardant materials. With our deluxe versions, we have also spared no expense or effort to make them look even more luxurious. Or how about our UV-resistant examples? These have been treated with our unique protector, which ensures that the plastic parts of the plants are protected from discolouration by the sun for eight years.

Artificial hanging plants in pots: mix & match!

You have discovered the perfect fake hanging plant in pot arrangement for you, but you are not sure whether it harmonises with the interior style of your home, restaurant or office? No problem! With the help of our innovative augmented reality application, you have the opportunity to experience the combination virtually in your home. Simply scan the QR code on the product page with your smartphone and the selected combination will be projected into your living environment. In this way, you can see without a doubt how the plant and pot fit into your room. Do you need additional inspiration? Visit our virtual showroom.

Artificial hanging plants in pots by Maxifleur: game, set, match!

You came, you saw and you won? That's exactly what could happen if you choose our fake hanging plant in pot complete arrangements. We dare to promise that you won't find these combinations anywhere else. Not only do we design part of our range ourselves and have it made exclusively for us. We focus equally on the highest quality standards. This is reflected in everything: from the first carefully and faithfully reproduced design to the skilful hand-gluing of the most delicate materials into a real wooden trunk. Sometimes we spend months in all corners of the world searching for the most beautiful and highest quality planters. Many of them are handmade. In this way, products are created that have a superior and often unique quality. With our artificial hanging plants in pots, you will definitely get something exclusive, high-quality and original in your home.

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