Artificial hedge

Have you ever considered having a fake hedge for your garden? Let us take care of your wish! With our extremely lifelike artificial hedges made of high-quality plastic, you benefit from all-round comfort - whether in the office, in your catering business, in the leisure area, in your garden, on your balcony or wherever you like. Some of the artificial hedges are suitable for placement in the direct sun, thanks to our unique UV protection. You will enjoy all the benefits without the annoying and time-consuming burden of maintenance. We have a huge selection of different types, sizes, colours, heights and designs - from a cheerfully playful Clematis fake hedge to an intensely green coloured Hedera. So the choice is not that easy. Which fake hedge will you choose?

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Why buy artificial hedges?

Are you wondering why you should consider buying a fake hedge when you can get a real one? This is what most plant lovers think about - but only until you are confronted with the time-consuming maintenance of a natural hedge. What a hassle it is to regularly trim it into shape. No sooner is the hedge trimmed than it has grown back again. And then those pesky beetles and other creatures that seek refuge in it. You can only hope that the hedge doesn't get diseased and die, so that all your hard work is left in vain. But don't worry! We have the perfect solution for you! With our fake hedges in various shapes and sizes, all these problems are a thing of the past. They fit just as well in your own four walls as they do outdoors; at your home, office or elsewhere. From prefabricated artificial greenery wall hedges to specimens for self-assembly, we offer everything a plant lover's heart desires.

Authentic artificial hedge panels: attractive partitions for privacy

To find out what a hedge is, no one needs to look it up in the dictionary. But let's take a look at the definition on Wikipedia anyway: According to the online encyclopaedia, a hedge (or woodside, as they say in Belgium) is a common linear planting of shrubs and trees for the purpose of separating space or maximising privacy. And that's what it really is: a vegetal separating or dividing element. Use it, for example, to indicate where your private property begins or to effectively screen your property. A hedge also functions excellently as a privacy screen from prying neighbourly glances or as a component to visually separate different places from one another. And animal lovers can even use the hedge as an ecological connection zone. Aren't hedges wonderfully versatile? See for yourself!

From the classic ivy to the UV-resistant artificial planter box hedges

A hedge can consist of countless different shrubs and trees. It is entirely up to you which variant you choose. Would you like to put together your own fake hedge? Then you can choose from various species. For example, you can get conifers, ornamental grasses, yews, bamboo and much more. Simply filter them with the help of our search bar at the top. If you're after maximum convenience, take a look at our pre-made artificial hedges. How about a pleasurable-looking clematis flowering hedge, for example? Or do you prefer the pure green, relaxing effect of an artificial shrub as a sun-resistant in your garden? We keep all options open for you for the most diverse furnishing styles, tastes, surfaces and areas of use. Let your imagination run wild!

From tree to plant to grass: what do you like best?

The fact is that a fake hedge provides privacy. But exactly which one do you choose from the huge selection at your disposal? Should it be a small collection of shrubs, a long row of trees, an idyllic arrangement of various bamboo species or a graceful creation of waving grass? This decision can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you're putting together the hedge on your own. To shed light on the matter, you can use our general search bar. You can also use the filters in the left-hand menu to get a satisfactory result. Here you can select different types, sizes, heights, variants and purposes. For example, if you are looking for a large hedge that will obscure the view of your swimming pool, it is important to look out for our special UV-resistant logo. Products with this brand have been treated with our unique UV protection so they won't be affected by the blazing sun.

You can find your new artificial hedge in the following designs:

- Loose artificial plants in plastic inner pot: can be placed directly in the ground in an ornamental container with several plants.

- Loose artificial bouquets: various hedge bouquets that can be placed directly in the ground or in a planter with several plants at once

- Loose artificial trees: various trees for use as hedges, from a height of 150 centimetres upwards

- Complete hedges: prefabricated hedges in certain formats that can be placed directly in the ground or in a planting container

Artificial hedge - but what kind?

So you've decided to buy an artificial hedge? Then the question arises as to exactly what kind it should be. Do you like oriental-looking bamboo, traditional conifers, robust boxwoods, a yew, a laurel or Schefflera columnar tree or would you prefer artificial grasses? Whatever suits your taste, you can get it from us. If your new artificial hedge is intended for outdoor use, then take a look at our "artificial plants for outdoors" section and look out for the appropriate logo that identifies the plants as UV-resistant. If you would like a somewhat lower hedge that also adds a little colour, we recommend a romantic lavender hedge or a strong agave hedge. If you assemble your hedge independently, feel free to choose almost any product you want from our range. For the sake of simplicity, we will concentrate on the following on the prefabricated hedges, which can be created in no time at all. It couldn't be any simpler!

These are our complete range of hedges:

- Artificial Hedera hedges: best-known and best-selling species, in a richly filled version of 80 centimetres wide and 56 centimetres high, UV-resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use.

- Artificial boxwood hedge: various sizes and versions, both with and without UV protection, deluxe versions in sizes 80 x 100 and 80 x 25 centimetres, UV-resistant normal version in size 80 x 56 centimetres

- Schefflera artificial hedge: in 80 x 56 centimetre format, UV-resistant

- Artificial clematis hedge: two-coloured clematis hedge in a height of 125 centimetres on a bamboo frame, which can be placed on a fence in the ground or in a planter

Want to buy an artificial privacy hedge? See for yourself the optimal privacy of an artificial greenery wall!

Have you not yet thought about the effective hedging effect of an artificial greenery wall? If we may give you a tip: Do it now! Did you know, for example, that we sell a range of fire-retardant artificial plants? They are ideal for separating the tables of your gastronomic establishment or for a hedge in the shopping centre.

Does your hedge expect a place in the sun? Then it's a smart idea to protect your artificial greenery wall from UV light. Conventional plastic does not withstand this very well. Rather, it discolours, becomes porous and unsightly. With products that have our logo for UV resistance, this problem is completely eliminated. They are specially treated with our unique UV-resistant protector, which gives you the guarantee that your artificial green will not fade in the sun for at least eight years.

Are you looking for even more exclusivity? While all our products are of a high quality from the ground up, we put the icing on the cake with our deluxe versions. These are usually artificial greenery wall plants and trees that we design ourselves and have manufactured exclusively for you to the highest quality. In this way, we create unparalleled works of art that are almost indistinguishable from real plants and that you won't find anywhere else.

Would you like to buy a unique artificial hedge? You will find it at Maxifleur!

You can hardly order your new artificial hedge easier and faster than at Maxifleur. Our online shop is available around the clock. As already mentioned, many of our products are specially designed by us and therefore have a unique character. You will not find any of our product selection anywhere else. We offer the right product for every taste at a fair price and focus on the highest quality. And because we order in large quantities, you also benefit from attractive discounts when you buy several of the same type. These are displayed for each product above the shopping cart button. We also recommend that you regularly take a look at our promotions page. Here we repeatedly place tempting offers. Our virtual showroom, which invites you to take an inspiring online tour, is also a great decision-making aid. And if you are interested in plantings for your business and would like to outsource your project completely, then find out about our project planting service.

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