Artificial plant wall

Can't decide where to place your artificial flowers? We have a suggestion for you: just hang the plants on the wall! You will be amazed at how harmonious a green garden looks on your wall. Provided it is equipped with lifelike artificial plants of the highest quality. Or do you prefer colourful flowers, quirky succulents or striking exotic plants? Anything is possible! First, however, you should make sure that you have a solid base. For this, choose either attractive-looking reindeer moss, traditional boxwood or the fresh green of a Hedera, according to your individual preferences. It is also up to you to decide which bouquets of flowers or artificial hanging plants are suitable as complements. Let your imagination run wild and bring your ideas to the wall in the form of an inviting creation.

Ivy hanging plant 80cm green
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Scindapsus Hanging plant 80 cm RT
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Ruscus Hanging plant 125cm
£33.50 £27.92 As low as £29.95
Donkey tail bouquet 25cm
£11.95 £9.96 As low as £10.95
Draceana Bouquet 25 cm red and green
£6.95 £5.79 As low as £6.50
Parlour Palm bouquet 50cm
£21.50 £17.92 As low as £19.95
Out of Stock
Acuba artificial bouquet
£3.94 £3.28 As low as £3.50
Draceana Bouquet variegated 60 cm
£15.95 £13.29 As low as £13.95
Artificial Agave Bouquet 25 cm
£9.95 £8.29 As low as £9.50
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Bamboo Grass bush 40 cm
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Boston Fern Deluxe 65 cm bouquet
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Artificial grass bouquet 60 cm green
£3.94 £3.28 As low as £3.25
Artificial Chlorophytum S Bouquet 30 cm
£11.95 £9.96 As low as £10.50
Ivy hanging plant 100 cm green
£23.95 £19.96 As low as £21.95
Tradescantia hanging plant 100 cm variegated
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Draceana Bouquet 60 cm green
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Tradescantia hanging plant 100 cm purple
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Scindapsus Pictus hanging plant 60 cm
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Staghorn Bouquet 30 cm
£8.95 £7.46 As low as £7.95
Staghorn Bouquet 50 cm
£16.95 £14.12 As low as £15.95
Artificial Draceana Marginata Bouquet 50 cm
£17.94 £14.95 As low as £16.50
Artificial Draceana Branch 80 cm variegated
£13.95 £11.62 As low as £13.50
Artificial Draceana Branch 80 cm green
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Synthetic Ming Aralia Branch 50 cm burgundy
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Synthetic Ming Aralia Branch 50 cm green UV
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Eucalyptus trailing plant 70 cm
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Senecio Bouquet 15 cm
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Artificial Rosemary Bouquet 40 cm
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Boston Fern Deluxe 45 cm bouquet
£12.95 £10.79 As low as £10.95
Artificial Senecio Pearl trailing plant 100 cm
£12.95 £10.79 As low as £11.95

Turning the dream of a faux plant wall into reality with ease

Dare to try and decorate your room with a fake plant wall. Once you get used to the wonderful appearance of an artificial green wall, you will enjoy walking past it and gently reaching out your hands for the pretty greenery. Can you picture the first green waves, the bouncing leaves and colourful blossoms in your mind? What an inspiration and a calming experience! Don't leave it as a dream! Creating your own artificial green wall in the office, in your home or in a restaurant is child's play with Maxifleur. Which mats and plants will you choose? Do you prefer the mossy mats, rough grasses, surprisingly playful ferns or flowers in bloom? Don't be afraid to put your mental plans into action!

An artificial green wall should be well filled

Artificial plant walls are very much in vogue. And quite rightly so. They are not only an attractive eye-catcher for visitors, but also reflect your individual personality or interior design style. An artificial green wall also offers many advantages for your company's employees. They will work more efficiently and with more pleasure when they have a view of something green - even if it consists of artificial plants. It's no wonder that our products for creating a fake plant wall are literally being snatched out of our hands. We receive new requests for business projects in the form of artificial plant walls every day. Do you also take up the challenge of arranging your own creative fake plant wall, or would you rather leave it to us? Read on and let our ideas inspire you. If you are unsure, we will be happy to do all the work for you.

Real Plant walls do not come without time-consuming maintenance

If a plant wall is artificial, this does not mean that it attracts less attention. Quite the opposite: a simple fake plant wall is a great eye-catcher that is guaranteed to surprise your visitors. Moreover, greenery in the home in the form of an artificial living wall, in gastronomic establishments or in the office has been proven to have a relaxing effect. It promotes productivity and generates joy in everything you do around it. But have you ever dealt with the maintenance of your beloved real wall garden? The fact is that it undoubtedly cannot do without regular, time-consuming and complicated maintenance. You have to water the plants separately, make sure you don't damage the healthy plants when removing dead leaves and put a lot of effort into reaching the highest rows of plants in a metre-high wall. We fear that these and other unpleasant facts will come with some headaches.

An artificial green wall puts an end to difficult maintenance

Despite the aspects just described, don't let them stop you from creating an attractive plant wall in your home, office or catering establishment. However, do it differently and opt for an artificial living wall made of fake plants, where you do not have to invest any more work once you have installed them. No watering, no pruning and no maintenance. A weekly dusting is all that's required. In short: Enjoy all the advantages of a fake plant wall without having to take on its disadvantages. You can create it according to your personal preferences. Do you prefer uniform greenery or a wall full of sprawling succulents?

The aesthetics of a green artificial plant wall is the be-all and end-all

Every person's taste is different. And then the existing furnishing styles, room requirements and the available budget come into play when it comes to designing the perfect artificial plant wall. If your room is decorated in an austere and minimalist way, then a plain wall with similar mosses will look stunning. On the other hand, you can create an eye-catcher with a mix of different shades of green, broken up by some cheerfully colourful flowers. And if you like it industrial and modern, opt for robust succulents. All your wishes can be turned into reality.

Our product range for your new artificial plant wall:

- the base: mats with various moss, hedera or boxwood species and colours, also available in UV-resistant and 3D-effect versions

- Artificial bouquets: somewhat smaller plants of various species and sizes, such as leaf begonias, calathea or various fern and staghorn varieties; when you stick them into the wall as bouquets, they literally pop out visually

- Artificial hanging plants: hanging artificial plants, such as vine leaves, pothos, asparagus or poplar; when you attach them, they hang down instead of sticking out; also available in fireproof versions

What is the best selection for your artificial plant wall?

The answer to this question is not so easy with the extensive range on offer. We recommend: Follow your personal taste and intuition! Choose a completely uniform, green base of similar boxwoods or create more depth with different shades and luxurious reindeer moss species. Should it be some beautiful colourful bouquets, for example from this special Tradescantia Zebrina or do you favour a pretty artificial hanging, such as this fantastic willow specimen? Play with colours, shapes, sizes and patterns! Everything is allowed!

Artificial plant wall inside or outside? The main thing is that it works!

A plant wall that is only suitable for indoor use and certainly not to be placed in bright sunlight? No! That is not our intention. The mats from our UV-resistant plant range are guaranteed to resist discolouration from sunlight for eight years. We can make this promise because we have worked for years to develop a suitable protector that shields the porous plastic from the effects of ultraviolet light. We found it, tested it extensively and brought it to market. For this reason, you can place your plant wall creations wherever you see fit - even in the blazing sun.

Have you already taken a look at our UV-resistant 3D moss mat? It creates an even more realistic and lively effect. And if you think that a plant wall can only run vertically, you should quickly change your mind. So climb the ladder to your new, metre-high artificial plant garden!

Our "Do it yourself" step-by-step instructions for your artificial plant wall

- Determine the space and dimensions of the artificial plant wall you want to create!

- Choose a sturdy fabric for your canvas and adapt it to the dimensions of the chosen space!

- Find a sturdy and suitable frame and attach the fabric to it!

- Think about a style and possible patterns and colours for your plant wall!

- Decide on a base and attach it to the canvas with mats!

- Find suitable cuttings and work them into the mats!

- Hang up the frame and enjoy the sight!

Shall we create your artificial plant wall?

We create green walls with artificial plants for business and private customers every day. And in doing so, we do much more than attach a few moss mats to a canvas and a frame and hang it on the wall. First we find out what our customers want, what their taste is and what their budget is. Then, together with them, we design an initial pattern that includes lines, colours and other details. In this way, we can adapt the wall to existing furnishing styles as well as personal preferences and wishes.

Would you like us to inspire you with our products? We will also ensure on your premises that your green garden wall is installed in your premises with the greatest care and with the best quality materials so that you can enjoy it for a long time. But why should you choose us for this? Quite simply, we believe that as a market leader in high-quality greenery, as well as a long-standing family business, we have the most experience and the highest level of commitment. It is no wonder that we are such a successful importer, supplier and producer of artificial plants and trees. Are you the next person to discover our products?

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