Artificial Hanging Plants

Which lifelike artificial hanging plant will liven up your restaurant, shop or recreational space? Will you opt for colourful blossoming beauty above the bar in the office cafeteria or do you prefer to hang out with a lush, contemporary green hanging plant? You can even create the perfect hanging garden or enjoy your very own Urban Jungle!

Maxifleur is the number one specialist in the field of artificial hanging plants. Ever since 1991, we've been designing and producing unique artificial planting that look both realistic and natural. Thanks to a close collaboration with the manufacturer, we keep our quality high and offer artificial hanging plants from stock and at great prices.

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Artificial hanging plant: natural decoration

An artificial hanging plant is ideal to decorate a space in a quick and easy way. It's also useful to camouflage unwanted objects, such as pipes. How about the green Scindapsus? This artful hanging plant is ideal as decoration by your pool. And can you already picture those capriciously curling Sea grasses in their moss baskets hanging above the reception desk. A really hip welcome with Urban Jungle effect!

Extensive and unique assortment of artificial hanging plants

At Maxifleur, you can find an extensive assortment of artificial hanging plants of very high and durable quality. Often exclusively designed for - and sometimes by - us, so absolutely unique in their kind. In order to safeguard our high quality, we listen to what our customers and loyal manufacturers have to say. This helps us to meet our customers' wishes with fantastic products.

Where to place an artificial hanging plant? Well, everywhere!

You can opt for a separate Grape hanging plant in your restaurant, a Petunia wreath to decorate that ugly heating pipe at home, but also for a natural moss basket decorated with Rhipsalis. Or do you prefer to create your own trendy Urban Jungle effect in the cafeteria at work with a moss sphere and several hanging artificial grasses?

Advantages compared to real plants

The artificial hanging plants of Maxifleur bring lots of advantages compared to real hanging plants. They're an investment you'll soon earn back. For instance, our perfectly replicated artificial hanging plants are moisture-resistant and can withstand temperature fluctuations. This makes them suitable for many interiors, different locations and many situations without requiring too much effort.

Artificial hanging plants: little maintenance

Artificial hanging plants are also very low maintenance because they don't need water or sunlight. They don't wilt if they aren't tended to and will always remain beautiful. The only thing you have to do is dust them off. You can do this with special cleaning products that don't damage the artificial hanging plant. This will keep your artificial hanging plants beautiful and colourful.

Interested in ordering artificial hanging plants? No problem!

Our assortment of artificial hanging plants includes various types and sizes of plants suitable for many different applications. We now have over 9,500 products in stock that are immediately available and will be delivered quickly. Curious what your favourite artificial hanging plant looks like? Visit our virtual showroom. Would you prefer to see the plants in person? Visit our showroom of 1,000m2 in Rozenburg (NH).

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