Artificial trees

Also fallen in love with those artificial trees that look exactly like the real thing and that you haven't seen anywhere else yet? Durable, tempting and of such high quality that they will remain beautiful for a long time. Looking to brighten up your home, office, shop or restaurant with a unique artificial tree that will meet all your expectations in terms of ambience and experience?

It's time to discover our online offer of artificial trees! Maxifleur has been the number one specialist since 1991 when it comes to exclusive, artificial plants. You won't soon find our unique products anywhere else! Whether you're looking for green or flowering artificial trees, artificial palm trees or artificial outdoor trees or large artificial trees in general.

Artificial Bamboo Deluxe 150 cm
£177.49 £147.91 As low as £169.94
Artificial Monstera deluxe tree 140 cm
£199.95 £166.62 As low as £197.50
Draceana Fragrans XL artificial tree 170 cm
£159.95 £133.29 As low as £152.50
Lyrata Deluxe 155 cm
£197.50 £164.58 As low as £192.50
Ficus Exotica XL 110 cm artificial plant
£159.95 £133.29 As low as £157.51
Strelitzia Deluxe 145cm
£244.95 £204.12 As low as £239.96
Lyrata Deluxe artificial tree 170 cm
£279.95 £233.29
Royal Bamboo 165 cm green
£192.50 £160.42 As low as £189.95
Lyrata artificial tree deluxe 110 cm
£224.95 £187.46 As low as £219.95

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Artificial Chamaedorea Palm Deluxe 150 cm
£229.95 £191.62 As low as £224.95
Artificial Acer Bonsai Deluxe 170 cm green
£279.95 £233.29 As low as £269.95
Philo Selloum XL artificial plant 125 cm
£299.95 £249.96 As low as £289.95
Artificial Acer tree 120 cm green
£129.95 £108.29 As low as £124.94
Elastica Robusta artificial plant 120 cm green
£114.95 £95.79 As low as £109.95
Bamboo 150 cm FR
£164.95 £137.46 As low as £159.95
Artificial Longifolia Royal Deluxe 165 cm
£192.50 £160.42 As low as £187.50
Out of Stock
Longifolia XL Deluxe 120 cm
£234.95 £195.79
Out of Stock
Philodendron deluxe artificial tree 170 cm
£369.95 £308.29 As low as £359.95
Acer artificial tree 120 cm burgundy
£129.95 £108.29 As low as £124.94
Philodendron Xanadu deluxe artificial tree 140 cm
£259.94 £216.62 As low as £249.95
Alocasia Calidora Deluxe x4 125 cm
£219.95 £183.29 As low as £214.94
Kentia Palm XL Deluxe 140 cm
£187.50 £156.25 As low as £179.95
Golden Cane Areca Palm 120 cm
£62.50 £52.08 As low as £59.96
Royal Bamboe XL deluxe artificial tree 130 cm
£279.95 £233.29 As low as £274.95

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Artificial Traveller Palm 130 cm
£119.95 £99.96 As low as £114.95
Paradise Palm Promo 100 cm
£59.96 £49.97 As low as £57.50
Fireretardant Ficus Exotica Deluxe 150 cm green FR
£192.50 £160.42 As low as £187.50
Schefflera Exotica 120 cm FR
£142.50 £118.75 As low as £139.95
Artificial Bougainvillea N 150 cm cherry
£192.50 £160.42 As low as £189.95
Artificial Fishtail Palm XL Deluxe 130 cm
£299.95 £249.96 As low as £289.95

Artificial trees: a warm welcome

Buy artificial trees? why would you? Well, first of all, because they offer so much ambience at home, at work or in your shop or restaurant. They invite visitors to come in and will inspire your employees and raise productivity. For instance, artificial palm trees are perfect for decorating a pool and a Lyrata will look great in any office. And have you seen that beautiful artificial Olive tree?

Low maintenance, sunlight-free and water-free

Another major advantage is that a lifelike artificial tree creates a long-lasting atmosphere that can be maintained with minimal effort and doesn't require sunlight. You won't have to water them and they won't discolour or wilt. Naturally, the leaves may accumulate dust, but with a special cleaning product or dust cloth, this is removed in no time. Did you know that artificial trees are highly suitable for people with allergies?

Years of intensive collaboration

Thanks to our years of experience in developing artificial plants and artificial trees, our large assortment is truly lifelike and unique in the European market. Because we've been intensively working with only the best suppliers, we deliver high-quality artificial trees at a wholesale price to many private and business customers.

Lifelike quality artificial trees

To safeguard our quality standards, we listen closely to what our customers, suppliers and Dutch growers have to say. This means we're well tuned to everyone's wishes and we only deliver high-quality products. By using high-quality synthetic materials in combination with real wooden trunks, our trees don't only look lifelike, they also feel like it!

Different types of artificial trees

We have various types of fake trees and matching decorative pots available in our range. For instance, you can choose from green artificial trees, artificial palm trees and flowering artificial trees. Moreover, there are large artificial trees, such as the Longifolia Giant Deluxe, that are perfect to decorate a lobby, large hall or a showroom. And how about an artificial Bonsai on the counter or the reception? Talk about an atmospheric eye-catcher!

Also interested in ordering unique artificial trees?

Our collection contains a large assortment of fake trees that we can deliver immediately from stock at wholesale prices. You can also experience the quality yourself in our virtual or actual showroom of 1,000m2 in Rozenburg (NH) and take our products home immediately. Looking for planting projects for your company, shop, recreational space or restaurant? We are happy to provide you with sound and custom advice on location.

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