Artificial Palm Trees

If you want to buy an artificial palm tree, you are making the right decision, because the modern urban jungle of palms, cacti and succulents is very much in vogue. Nothing is as expressive as a large, tropical ground plant. In the following, we informatively present the different varieties available from us. Thanks to the use of high-quality plastic, detailed reproduction of pointed leaves and cleverly designed trunks, most of which are made of real wood, you can look forward to pleasingly lifelike artificial palms from us.

Transform your city garden, your home or your office space into an exotic oasis. Some of our artificial palm trees are already in an indoor pot or stand on a wooden base, so all you have to do is choose a decorative ornamental pot for them. A large selection of artificial branches also awaits you in the Maxifleur online shop. You can place the attractive silk palm leaves together in a large planter.

Artificial Kentia Palm Deluxe 165 cm
£177.50 £147.92
Areca Palm Deluxe 225 cm
£359.95 £299.96 As low as £349.94
Raphis Palm Deluxe 100cm
£127.50 £106.25 As low as £124.94
Kentia Palm XL Deluxe 140 cm
£199.95 £166.62
Artificial Traveller palmtree 165 cm
£179.95 £149.96 As low as £177.49
Out of Stock
Golden Cane Areca Palm x3 180cm
£152.50 £127.08 As low as £147.50
Golden Cane Areca Palm 120 cm
£62.50 £52.08 As low as £59.96
Artificial Traveller Palm 130 cm
£119.95 £99.96 As low as £114.95
Banana Royal 210cm in pot
£299.95 £249.96

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Majesty Palm Giant 350cm
£1,149.00 £957.50 As low as £1,098.99
Artificial Areca Palm tree Deluxe 125cm
£189.95 £158.29 As low as £184.95
Paradise Palm Promo 100 cm
£59.96 £49.97 As low as £57.50
Parlour Palmtree 130 cm
£147.50 £122.92 As low as £142.50
Strelitzia Nicolai artificial plant 150 cm
£109.95 £91.62 As low as £107.50
Banana Royal 165cm in pot
£219.95 £183.29 As low as £214.94
Artificial Phoenix Canary palm XXL 300 cm on foot
£2,795.00 £2,329.17
Kentia Palm XL Deluxe 190cm
£329.95 £274.96 As low as £299.95
Areca Palm op trunk 120cm
£109.95 £91.62 As low as £107.50
Phoenix Palm OD Deluxe 225cm
£329.95 £274.96 As low as £324.95
Phoenix Palm Deluxe OD 300cm
£517.50 £431.25 As low as £499.95
Raphis Palm XL Deluxe 130 cm
£269.95 £224.96
Artificial Areca palmtree deluxe 150 cm
£259.94 £216.62 As low as £252.50
Artificial Raphis Palm Deluxe 160 cm
£219.95 £183.29 As low as £217.50
Artificial Chamaedorea Palm Deluxe 150 cm
£229.95 £191.62 As low as £224.95

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Artificial Fishtail Palm XL Deluxe 130 cm
£299.95 £249.96 As low as £289.95
Artificial Fishtail Palmtree 130cm
£119.95 £99.96 As low as £114.95
Artificial Areca Palm Tree Deluxe 180cm
£349.94 £291.62 As low as £329.95
Artificial Kentia Palmtree Deluxe 135 cm
£114.95 £95.79 As low as £109.95
Paradise Palm Promo 180 cm
£149.96 £124.97 As low as £142.50
Artificial Chamaedoria Palmtree 85 cm in pot
£64.95 £54.12 As low as £62.50

Palm varieties

You would like to have the coveted tropical look brought into your home. Then you don't have to look any further from now on:
  • - The Kentia artificial palm tree is probably one of the most well-known palm species. If you buy it as an artificial palm, you will immerse your own four walls in an Amazon ambience. The Kentia consists of long palm branches with pointed leaves. We have paid special attention to its trunk, giving the plant an even more authentic look.
  • - Our Areca artificial palm trees, which are also available in an XL version with a height of 2.25 metres, would look perfect in a bright room in your kitchen or living area. You can also get the large, leafy palm from us in a deluxe version. It has many palm branches and looks wonderfully full and luxurious. It also has a real wooden trunk, which makes it look even more genuine.
  • - The Parlour fake palm trees take on the function of a tropical surprise that find their place in many interiors. Its fine branches and elongated artificial silk leaves form an attractive contrast to the rough, split wooden trunk.
  • - The Traveller artificial palm is also known as Ravenala. Officially, it belongs to the ranks of the palms. However, when you get right down to it, it is related to the Strelitzia. It consists of several stems and large artificial silk leaves. Give the plant some space so that it comes into its own.

Our Raphis artificial palm is also called "The Lady Palm" and has long, fan-shaped leaves. It is almost indistinguishable from the original and you can see that we have paid a lot of attention to its trunks, which are finished with real wood.

Fake palm trees for every space in your room

The more modestly furnished the room, the more impression the artificial palm trees make. So when it comes to palm tree placement, think big! For example, fill a bare space, such as a corner, with it. If you want to bring the tropical theme to the fore, then put the artificial palm in the spotlight and make its large, glossy leaves look highly visible.

The artificial Traveller palm, for example, is a wonderful mood enhancer that can be displayed in either a tall or low decorative pot. Are you looking for a suitable way to separate the living room from the dining room? With a cupboard, you can do this in no time at all. To add a little colour to the arrangement, place a large plant on or next to the divider. With us, you are guaranteed to find specimens of the right height.

To freshen up your workspace and thus increase your productivity, a large houseplant next to the desk is an optimal solution. However, if you are short on space, it's best to choose a mini palm, such as our artificial Cycas baby palm. What a cute appearance!

Competitively priced at all times

Are you looking for an artificial palm that will convince you with a pleasing price-quality ratio? Look for the addition "Promo" after the plant name. We can offer you these artificial palms at a particularly favourable price. You don't have to make any compromises when it comes to quality. For example, we use several plastic stalks surrounded by real palm wood for these specimens. You save money compared to the deluxe versions.

Our artificial Paradize palm, which we sell in various sizes, is considered the perfect palm tree for the cost-effective decoration of your gastronomic establishment. You will also find a promo and a deluxe version of the areca. As you can see, we have the right artificial palm for every budget, which is guaranteed to be of higher quality than specimens from the garden centre.

Outdoor artificial palm trees: Maxifleur

At Maxifleur, we not only make sure that the trees and plants look good, but we also pay attention to important details. This way you can always be sure that you get exactly what you pay for. For example, the hard plastic leaves of our palms feel as if they are real palm leaves.

Some of our outdoor plastic palm trees also have leaves made of UV-resistant, high-quality plastic material, making them ideal for outdoor use. You can easily recognise these by the green tick and the designation "8 years UV colour protection". A popular example from this category is our Cycas deluxe, which is often found near swimming pools.

XXL versions: Artificial palm plants in large, larger, and largest sizes

Do you own a large room and want to beautify it? A row of fake palm trees will give your foyer an elegant and decidedly tropical ambience. Our artificial Washingtonia Giant palm brings the tropics into your home. The fan palm comes in an imposing total height of 375 centimetres and, unlike many other species, has distinctive fan-shaped leaves. We deliver it on a large metal plate and ensure that it is mounted in the desired location with our additional service. The artificial palm is wonderfully suitable for swimming pools and transforms them into a subtropical bathing paradise in no time at all.

Or how about an equally gigantic coconut artificial palm? The sight of it will make you think you're on a tropical beach. And one thing is certain: with this specimen, you won't be disturbed by falling leaves that fall into the water. Complemented with some decorative stones on the ground, the tropical tree is a real eye-catcher.

Combine artificial palm trees with other types of plants

The artificial palm plants on their own are already a feast for the eyes. It becomes even more summery when you combine them with other tropical-looking plants, such as ferns, yuccas or banana trees. A strelitzia with bright orange flowers also looks great next to it. A little less obvious, but still in a very attractive way, monstera, sansevieria and olive trees go well with it.

The advantages of fake palm trees

Compared to a real palm tree, an artificial specimen will convince you of some advantages. An indoor palm is usually not cheap and its maintenance requires a lot of time. Since most palms do not like to be disturbed, it is best to repot them only when absolutely necessary.

Choosing the right spot is also much more difficult than it is with an artificial palm. Real palms prefer a place in partial shade. Dry and/or cold air and too little water can quickly cause the leaf tips to turn brown. The lower leaves should also be removed regularly so that the growth of the plant is not negatively affected.

Does all this sound too complicated to you? Our perfectly replicated areca artificial palm trees require gratifyingly little attention, making them the ideal plant for your home or office. The real wooden trunk, its height of 120 centimetres and the long palm branches with pointed leaves give it a touch of luxury.

You can place our artificial palm trees wherever you like. They require practically no care. All you have to do is dust the palm leaves every now and then. In our online shop you will also find a professional cleaning product to freshen up artificial plants and trees.

Don’t forget about the decorative container!

To keep the exotic theme to the end, place your artificial palm trees in woven baskets made of reed, rattan or seagrass. Matching ornamental containers await you in our nature collection. From examples made of knotted rope to pots with a rough wooden look, you will find exactly the decorative pot that suits your ideas here.

Another way to set the scene for your fake palm trees is to combine them with a terracotta pot. The reddish-brown earth tone is the ideal choice when it comes to bringing a little warmth into your interior. In our online shop, we have a variety of suggestions for matching decorative pots. You can order these together with your new artificial palm tree.

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