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4.77 out of 5 based on 98 user ratings

Maxifleur Kunstplanten ontwerpt, importeert en verkoopt topkwaliteit kunstplanten, kunstbomen en kunstbloemen voor zowel bedrijven én particulieren. Met onze kunstplanten webwinkels in Nederland, België, Frankrijk, Duitsland en Engeland zijn we in de afgelopen 11 jaar uitgegroeid tot dé Europese specialist op het gebied van natuurgetrouwe kunstbeplanting. Of het nu gaat om kunstplanten van 50 cm op de vensterbank, of een speciaal op maat gemaakte kunstboom van 5 meter als blikvanger op uw kantoor, u vindt het allemaal bij Maxifleur kunstplanten!

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Artificial trees

The best artificial trees and artificial palm trees can be found here, at Maxifleur. Take a look at our huge collection of top quality faux trees in our webshop, or make your way through our virtual showroom where you will find a wide range of lifelike artificial flora in various sizes!


Are you looking for trees to make your environment a little more pleasant to stay in? Maxifleur has been the no.1 specialist in artificial trees since 1991. Because we are working on designing and producing the finest art trees since 1991, we are the foremost expert in our field of expertise.


  1. Alocasia Calidora Deluxe x4 125 cm

    (excl. VAT) £148.72 (incl. VAT) £148.72
    Still 31 in stock
    This self-designed Alocasia Calidora Deluxe artificial plant is in all respects a very decorative tree! The large leaves are a perfect imitation of the real Alocasia, which naturally grows in tropical areas.
    Learn More
  2. Artificial Bamboo Deluxe 150 cm

    (excl. VAT) £111.53 (incl. VAT) £111.53
    Still 33 in stock
    The bestseller in artificial Bamboo trees! This Bamboo deluxe 150cm is an extra full model and made of the most natural quality Bamboo leaves!
    The Bamboo Deluxe is made at no less than nine real Bamboo sticks and... Learn More
  3. Artificial Oriental Bamboo tree 160 cm

    (excl. VAT) £119.79 (incl. VAT) £119.79
    Still 45 in stock
    The Oriental Bamboo is the refined artificial plant for both home and office! This Oriental Bamboo is characterised compared to other bamboos because the leaves are smaller and grow almost directly from the stem. The ... Learn More
  4. Artificial Ginkgo Bonsai tree 150 cm

    (excl. VAT) £148.72 (incl. VAT) £148.72
    Still 15 in stock
    With this exclusive artificial Ginkgo Bonsai tree you will bring a very special green decoration to you home.

    Both the fan-shaped Ginkgo leaves and the appealing shape with 3 different layers, combined w... Learn More
  5. Artificial Ficus Exotica Deluxe 150 cm green

    (excl. VAT) £105.74 (incl. VAT) £105.74
    Temporarily not in stock
    Our artificial Ficus exotica range is the best selling and extremely lifelike Ficus serie that has been specially designed by Maxifleur. Due to it's special 3D leaf design, this silk trees are hardly indistinguishable... Learn More
  6. Artificial Acer Bonsai Deluxe 170 cm green

    (excl. VAT) £173.51 (incl. VAT) £173.51
    Temporarily not in stock
    The artificial Acer Bonsai Deluxe 170 cm green tree was specially designed by Maxifleur and gives your home or office that oriental touch! The Acer (also called Maple tree) looks so amazingly real, that you would thin... Learn More
  7. Zamioculcas XL 120 cm

    (excl. VAT) £121.07 (incl. VAT) £121.07
    Still 11 in stock
    This Zamioculcas XL 120 cm is a very natural and dense looking, artificial plant, which is very well suited for home and office decoration. By placing the plant in an exclusive tall planter, you create a very luxuriou... Learn More
  8. Artificial Alocasia Calidora Deluxe 165 cm

    (excl. VAT) £190.04 (incl. VAT) £190.04
    Still 7 in stock
    This self-designed Alocasia Calidora Deluxe 165 cm artificial plant is in all respects a very decorative tree! The large leafs are a perfect imitation of the real Alocasia, which naturally grows in tropical areas. Learn More
  9. Artificial Draceana Reflexa Anita 145 cm

    (excl. VAT) £159.09 (incl. VAT) £159.09
    Still 14 in stock
    Exclusively designed for Maxifleur and only available here in our webshop, is this magnificent replica of the Draceana Reflexa Anita.

    The artificial Reflexa Anita is in respect to the ordinary Reflexa char... Learn More
  10. Bamboo Deluxe 120 cm

    (excl. VAT) £61.94 (incl. VAT) £61.94
    Still 26 in stock
    The bestseller among our artificial trees in this very natural looking Bamboo Deluxe 120 cm! This artificial tree is real top quality and made of 8 natural Bamboo trunks, multiple thin branches in between and the silk... Learn More

Artificial trees

As you can see, our range is further divided into green artificial trees, artificial palm trees, artificial flowering trees and artificial trees for outdoor use, large trees and Christmas trees. Because we mostly use real wood and high quality plastics, our products not only look lifelike, they also feel like it! At Maxifleur you are in the right place if you are looking for exceptional artificial trees. Through our years of experience in the development of artificial flora, our range has greatly expanded over the years. Maxifleur trees are suited for a vast range of different environments. Palm trees, for example, are perfect as decoration for a swimming pool. Not sure what tree is best for your situation? Please contact us for advice.

We offer a large range of various types of artificial trees. We have green artificial trees, artificial palm trees and artificial flowering trees. But you can also buy our products with planter included. Are you looking for particularly large specimens? For that too, we have a wide range to help you find what you need. Think of a Longifolia Giant Deluxe of no less than 450cm. This beautiful artificial tree is perfect for decorating a large hall or a showroom. Of course, we also have smaller trees. For example; our Ruscus Bonsai Deluxe would be perfect for an office environment. Please browse our extensive product range online. It’s more than likely that we can help you find the perfect faux tree to suit your needs.

Are you looking for plants for your company? Please contact us at the phone number you can find at the top of this page. We’d be happy to provide you with customised, sound advice.