Augmented Reality

Bring your artificial plant to life!

So you have fallen in love with an attractive artificial plant or tree, but you are not sure how it will look in your home or office? Are you in doubt about the size, colour, style or some other criterion? Then use Augmented Reality! This innovative application allows you to project the artificial plant directly into your living or working environment. In this way, you can find out in no time at all whether the chosen artificial landscape is suitable for your purposes.

Your artificial plant arrangement in virtual 3D

Imagine being able to bring every artificial plant, tree and flower from our range to life in your own environment? That you could walk along and around it with your eyes, that you could place it here and there and move it again. All this is possible with Augmented Reality. Scan the plant with the tool and the area where you want to place it. Then upload and wait. In no time at all, the artificial plant will appear in virtual 3D directly in your own living room, office, restaurant or at the location of your choice.

Augmented Reality: from static to life

The tricky thing about online shopping is that you only see the product on a "flat" website. So it can be a challenge to determine how the product will look in your home. Does the plant fit in a certain corner and with the style and colour of the rest of the interior? And what does it actually look like from behind? With our augmented reality application, you will get an interactive and accurate result.

What is Augmented Reality and how does it work?

Augmented Reality literally means "added reality" and this is exactly how you can imagine the application working. This reality can be either your living room, your office, a restaurant or any place on earth. It is your "reality". Our tool scans the selected artificial plants, trees or flowers and projects them into the space you specify - all in full 3D. You can rotate the entire scenery 360 degrees and adjust it interactively.

How do I bring my arrangement to life?

Step 1

If Augmented Reality is available for your selection, a photo with a green area and a QR code will appear at the top left of the product page. Open the image and scan the code with your smartphone.

Step 2

Go to the "AR" button and click. Then slowly move your phone or tablet from left to right to scan the area where you want to place your artificial plant.

Step 3

Have you scanned the area? By touching a spot on the screen of your phone or tablet, you determine where the plant should be positioned.

Step 4

Now the plant appears in your room as if it had always been there. Enjoy it in 3D and with the help of 360-degree rotations as well as other functions.