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Can I exchange my product? If yes, how? I would first like to see the plant before buying, is this possible? And are all your products directly available from stock? These are just a handful of frequently asked questions. Fortunately, we've got the answers! Here you'll find an overview of questions, including their answers. Do you have a valuable answer or a tip that's missing? Please share it with us!


Do artificial plants and artificial trees require maintenance?

To optimally enjoy your artificial plants and trees for a long time to come, it's important that you regularly make the artificial plants or trees dust-free. The easiest way to do this by cleaning the leaves with an anti-static cloth. A slightly moist, soft cloth also works well. You can also spray the plant with a Silk Flower Refreshener. This turns any dust on the leaves into tiny 'balls' that can easily be removed with a feather duster or soft cloth. The leaf will regain its fresh colour but will also gain a gloss. In other words, not suitable for every plant. Additionally, the treatment provides the leaf with an anti-static layer, which means it won't attract as much dust.

We advise against putting your artificial plant or artificial tree in the shower or outside in the rain. The trunks and branches of our products often consist of real wood, which means that too much water can cause them to rot. Of course, you can clean the leaves with a moist cloth. This works very well!

The Silk Flower Refreshener can easily be ordered alongside our products, but is also available separately in our online shop.

Can all artificial plants be placed outside?

That's a question we hear very often. Artificial plants are increasingly often placed outdoors. Not only in the restaurant industry and companies, but private individuals are increasingly often looking for artificial plants for their garden as well. The current generation of artificial plants is becoming more and more suitable for outdoor use. But unfortunately: no, not all plants can be placed outside. Many flowering artificial plants and trees are too delicate and break down when exposed to heavy rain or wind. Additionally, the plants will discolour under the influence of UV radiation of the sun. This process varies from several months to years.

Some items are excellently suitable for outdoor use, however, such as the Buxus, Conifers and the Pinus. These products are grouped in the Artificial Plants for outdoor use and the Artificial Trees for outdoor use departments and are also available in a UV-resistant version. We give an 8-year colour guarantee on the artificial components for this version! You can recognise the UV-resistant products by the UV logo.
uv logo
Please note! Many of the outdoor products are made on real wooden trunks. Naturally, these are subject to weather conditions. To prolong the wood's lifespan, we recommend varnishing or treating it with a transparent lacquer. We don't provide a guarantee for the wood.

Are all plants fire-retardant?

No, artificial plants usually have not received a fire-retardant treatment. It depends on the materials used. Not every type of artificial material is suitable for retaining the fire-retardant treatment.

Please note! Fire-retardant doesn't mean that the plants can't or won't catch fire or burn. They can certainly catch fire, even after they've received a fire-retardant treatment! The term 'fire-retardant' means that it will take longer before the leaves catch fire in case of open fire. Depending on the intensity of the source of the fire, this varies from 15 seconds to one minute. This is plenty of time to leave the room.

You can recognise the fire-retardant products by this logo:
uv logo
Maxifleur cannot provide guarantees for fire-retardant products, nor can it provide certificates regarding the fire-retardant properties or be held liable for possible damage caused by fire. Thanks to conditioned fire-safety tests, we know that the artificial parts of the plant will not catch fire as quickly.

Do the prices include decorative pebbles or hydro grains?

The decorative pebbles or hydro grains you see on various photos can't be shipped because of their weight and price per kilo and therefore we don't offer these online. Moreover: if such a bag were to break along the way, this would result in considerable damage to your plant or tree. The prices as you see in our shop exclude pebbles and grains.

It is possible to order wood chips in various colours. These DecoChips will create a lovely natural finishing of the pot/plant combination.

Nevertheless, should you wish to have decorative pebbles or hydro grains for your Plant Project, we are happy to prepare a custom quotation, offering the pebbles, installation and placement. In this case, the transport will be packaged at an additional price.

The hydro grains and decorative pebbles are usually also available at garden centres.

We often fill the inside of the pot with tempex (styrofoam), so the plant can be placed in the decorative pot at the right height. Subsequently, we only fill the top layer.

Do prices include the decorative pots?

The prices stated for the plants and trees are the prices of the plant only. The pots can be ordered at an additional price. On the product page, we show several pot/plant combinations to give you an idea of what the plant or tree looks like in a decorative pot or planter.


How can I order?

It's best to place orders via our online shop. After you've placed the desired items in the shopping cart, you can press the orange order button that will take you to the checkout page where you can fill in the delivery address, invoice address, shipment method and payment method. By pressing the order button again, your order is placed and you will be taken to the payment page, depending on your chosen payment method. As soon as we have received your payment, your package will be prepared for shipment and sent to you.

How can I pay?

At Maxifleur, there are 3 ways to pay for your order: via the traditional way as a regular (tele)bank transfer, via an online payment or you can pay with your debit card in the showroom. In the online shop, you can use many of the most popular payment methods:


Because we attach great value to the security of your data, we have opted for the professional services of Ingenico for your payment. They are the market leader in the field of safe, online payments.

In exceptional cases, we can also create a payment link for you. You'll receive this link by email. When you click the link, you'll be transferred to the payment page of Ingenico where you can complete your payment.

It's also possible to transfer the purchase amount to our bank account. Select the option 'bank transfer' in the checkout.

Our bank information is:
Rabobank: 3930.71.189
IBAN: NL23 RABO 0393 0711 89

How do I remove a product from my shopping cart?

To remove a product from your shopping cart, you must first go to the shopping cart page. You can do so by clicking the green button with the shopping cart icon, in the top right of each page. Next to each product, you can see a small grey cross. When you click this cross, the product will be removed from the screen and the amount will be recalculated.

If you'd like to change the quantity of the product, you must click left or right of the counter. Don't forget to click the grey button 'update shopping cart' afterwards to recalculate the amounts.


How are the products shipped?

Maxifleur pays lots of attention to the shipment of its products. In general, the artificial plants and artificial trees are first modelled for you and subsequently neatly packaged in cardboard boxes. Upon delivery, the products might require some rearranging to give them the most natural look.

Generally speaking, orders are delivered within 5 workdays after we have received your payment. You will be kept informed of the progress of your order via email.

Can I come pick up my order?

You can come pick up your order in the Aalsmeer showroom. On workdays, we're open during office hours. At the weekend and on public holidays, we're closed. Please always ask whether your order is ready! Simply call us to make an appointment.

Our address is:
Rietwijkerdwarsweg 4
1432 JD Aalsmeer
The Netherlands

Can I also have products shipped abroad?

Maxifleur also facilitates international shipments to Belgium, Germany, France and England. Larger shipments with multiple boxes and/or sizes of over 175 cm are generally delivered on a pallet.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time of the order is partially dependent upon the size of the order. Generally speaking, we prepare your order for shipment within 1 to 2 days. Add another 1 to 2 days for transport and delivery, and this means your orders will usually be delivered between 2 and 4 days. However, larger orders on a pallet may take longer.

Can I track my package?

As soon as your package has been picked up, you will receive an email with a tracking code. For shipments with DPD, you can see when your package will be delivered within a 1-hour time frame.

The transport services of DHL and Dachser are used for larger shipments and pallet shipments. Because the distribution and delivery of the packages is done by these external partners, it's not possible to provide an indication of the time of delivery for these shipments.

Will delivery take place at the weekend?

Smaller packages can also be delivered to private customers on weekends. Larger and business deliveries only take place on workdays. No deliveries are made on Sundays and public holidays.

Can my order be delivered to a different address?

Yes. It's possible to have your order delivered to a different address. For instance at your workplace or as a present for someone else.

In the order process, you can enter another delivery address in addition to your own address. You can also indicate which of these addresses should be used as the invoice address.

What are the shipment costs?

Depending on the size or volume of your order, the following shipment costs are charged, as stated on the checkout page:

£0.00 if you pick up the order at our warehouse or showrooms in Aalsmeer
£0.00 for orders from £100
£7.95 for orders below £100
£49.95 for all your larger (pallet) shipments that can be sent with Dachser


I would like to return my product

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you can return the product within 14 days in the original box. Make sure the plant is once again properly secured in the box so it won't be damaged during transport.

You can send the package to the following address, with sufficient postage paid:

Maxifleur B.V.
Rietwijkerdwarsweg 4
1432 JD Aalsmeer
stating: Return shipment

After we have received your package, the full purchase amount will be transferred into your bank account within 14 days. In case of purchases below £100, the shipment costs of the initial shipment are also returned to you.*

You can also take the package to a DPD parcel shop. In this case, you need a return label, which you can request here. Subsequently, print the label and stick it onto the box. Once we've received your package, we will transfer the purchase amount, minus the costs of the return shipment, to you within 14 days. In case of purchases below £100, the shipment costs of the initial shipment are also returned to you.*

You must always pay the costs for the return shipment yourself. In this way, we adhere to the European legislation in the field of right of withdrawal.

*Applicable if you return the complete order. If you send back part of the order, the shipment costs are not refunded.

I would like to exchange my product

If you would like to exchange one or multiple products, for instance because you prefer a larger or smaller plant, you must first send back the product concerned. After we have received the product, we will return the purchase amount of what you have sent back. If you return the complete order, we will also return any shipment costs of the initial shipment. In the meantime, you can order the right size via the online shop.

You can also exchange the products in the showroom. Potential price differences can be returned or paid in the showroom. Don't forget to print your order confirmation and bring it with you!

My product was damaged upon delivery

We endeavour to carefully package your product. However, there is still a (minor) chance of your product being damaged upon arrival. In this case, please contact us via the customer service. Make sure you never throw anything away and take photos of the damaged box and product. This can help us determine how exactly the damage has arisen.

Keep the order number close at hand so we can quickly find your order. You must report any damage to us IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait!


I would like to have my product repaired

We very rarely repair products. And if this is the case, it usually concerns larger, business projects. Even then, a product is replaced more often than it's repaired.

An artificial plant or artificial tree is created in such a refined way that it's often impossible to repair. Naturally, it's possible that a leaf comes off, but this doesn't detract from the look of the plant and it is not necessary to reattach it. Moreover: when the plant or tree is handled normally and no forces are exercised on it, the product does not break.

How long is the warranty on my product?

You have a right to a good product. The law states that a product must be sound. In case of normal use, you must be able to use the product for a certain time.

If a product does not meet one's expectations, this doesn't necessarily mean the product is faulty. It's only faulty if the product isn't in good condition. However, not all problems make a product faulty. For instance, when a product slowly discolours throughout the years, this doesn't make it faulty. This is simply what happens. The same applies to your curtains, couch or (wooden) floor, for example. A car must also be maintained and the same is true of artificial plants and trees.

Have you used a product incorrectly, or placed it outside while it's an artificial plant for indoor use, or have you damaged the product and has it broken as a result? In those cases, you are responsible for paying the costs for repair or pay for a new product. This is not included in the warranty.

You've bought an artificial plant. After several years, a leaf detaches from the grain. This doesn't mean the product is faulty. But if a complete branch falls off after a month, the product is certainly faulty and you can contact us. You have a right to a free repair or new product.

Supplementary warranty on UV products

In addition to the regular legal warranty, we also offer additional warranty on our UV products. This supplements the warranty you are entitled to by law. The warranty is only applicable to the artificial parts of the plant. We guarantee that this will not discolour during 8 years.

The wood is subject to weather influences, however. We do not offer a guarantee on this. We therefore advise to treat the wood with varnish or a transparent lacquer to extend its lifespan. Should the artificial parts of the UV-resistant products discolour before a certain time, you have a right to replacement.

General Conditions

You can find the General Conditions on this page.


My question isn't listed. What now?

Is your question not listed? Please contact us. Please call 0122 379 0084 and you will be assisted immediately during office hours. If you send an email to, we will do our best to answer your email as soon as possible.

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