Plant baskets

Plant baskets are completely hip and trendy. Put a nice artificial plant in it and you're done! Plant baskets and artificial plants go well together. It is a beautiful combination of natural colors that reinforce each other.

You can easily bring atmosphere to a room by using one of our plant baskets. To ensure that your artificial plant stands out extra, we have selected plant baskets of the best quality.

Artificial Moss hanging basket 10 cm on rope
£3.50 £2.92 As low as £2.95
Artificial Moss hanging basket 15 cm on rope
£6.95 £5.79 As low as £6.50
Avalon rattan basket round natural h25xd30cm
£17.94 £14.95
Out of Stock
Avalon mand rond l.bruin - h28xd36cm
£34.94 £29.12
Out of Stock
Avalon rattan basket round - h32xd44cm
£49.95 £41.62
Out of Stock
Avalon round basket natural - H21 x ø18 cm
£15.95 £13.29
Out of Stock
Avalon basket round natural - H26 x ø26 cm
£23.95 £19.96
Avalon basket round natural light brown - H31 x ø30 cm
£39.95 £33.29
Plant basket Kotaro 24x 30 cm - white
£32.95 £27.46

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Plant basket Kotaro 27x 35 cm - white
£44.95 £37.46
Plant basket Do's 45x 40 cm - natural
£44.95 £37.46
Plant basket Kotaro 30x 40 cm - white
£57.50 £47.92
Plant basket Kotaro 24x 30 cm - black
£32.95 £27.46
Plant basket Chama 25x 25 cm - natural/grey
£26.95 £22.46
Plant basket Kotaro 27x 35 cm - black
£44.95 £37.46
Plant basket Kotaro 30x 40 cm - black
£57.50 £47.92
Plant basket Chama 28x 30 cm - natural/grey
£32.95 £27.46
Plant basket Chama 32x 35 cm - natural/grey
£45.96 £38.30
Plant basket Do's 30x 25 cm - natural
£24.95 £20.79
Plant basket Do's 35x 30 cm - natural
£29.95 £24.96
Plant basket Do's 40x 35 cm - natural
£37.95 £31.62

Why a plant basket?

First of all, a plant basket is in every interior. The natural colors make it good, but also easy to combine with your style. Modern or classic, it doesn't matter! The plant baskets give your interior a fresh look. In addition, a plant basket is something different from a plant pot.

Where will the plant basket be placed?

With so many plant baskets to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to see which plant basket fits perfectly with which living space. Thanks to our Augmented Reality, you can virtually see at a glance what the best choice is.

Have you finally found the perfect place for your plant basket, then the next choice presents itself. Which artificial plant fits best with the plant basket? We have our own plants and pots configurator for this. Mix and match the artificial plants with the plant baskets and find the perfect match!

Combine plant baskets

Maxifleur has a wide range of plant baskets. You not only have the choice between different sizes, but also between colors and materials.

Plant baskets are easy to combine with all kinds of different artificial plants. In principle, all artificial plants are suitable for a plant basket. But because there is so much choice, we are happy to help you!

One of our favorite combinations is a cactus in a plant basket. Choose from the euphorbia or the opuntia cactus. Both will look gorgeous.

The plant basket also looks great in combination with an artificial monstera giant or a ficus exotica. Prefer a tree? That too can be combined well with a plant basket. Take, for example, the artificial tree bougainvillae or hibiscus.

Make it a varied and playful place by using different plant baskets. Mix and match with the different heights and colors of the plant baskets.

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