Mix & Match

The perfect mix: you have it in your hand!

So you have fallen in love with a decorative ornamental pot, a planter, a bowl or a pillar at first sight, but you are unsure about the combination with your artificial plant? Is the plant perhaps too big for the pot? And how does the composition actually harmonise in your room? With our plant-pot configurator you can eliminate all doubts in no time at all. Vary plants, pots, sizes and placement according to your mood.

Your practical configurator for individual arrangements

Imagine seeing exactly how a combination of an artificial plant and a corresponding decorative pot will look in your surroundings. With our innovative configurator tool, this is easily possible. The tool allows you to arrange any plant of different shapes and sizes with any container of your choice and place it where you see fit.

Static is a thing of the past!

When shopping online, you usually see a "flat picture" on your monitor. With this, it is difficult to determine whether the selected plant, together with its decorative pot, makes as beautiful an impression in real life as it does on the screen. With our plant-pot configurator, this problem is a thing of the past. With the tool's help, you can find out how a combination will look at home, at work or at any other place of your choice.

How do I find the best pot for my artificial plant?

Our configurator is made up of three sections. Start with your personal settings in the two vertical scroll bars on the left. Your selection will then appear in the middle section, which you can then adapt to your own wishes and your surroundings. Once you have found your favourite combination, select it in the right-hand section and order it quickly and easily

Step 1

Start your search on the far left. Select the desired pot and plant size in the horizontal bar and indicate whether you are interested in an indoor or outdoor plant. You can also click on the green grid symbol to get an overview of suitable plants and pots and make your selection this way.

Step 2

A selection of plants and pots that match your specifications appears in the two vertical bars. Scroll through them with the help of the mouse. For some pots, you have the option of swiping left or right to see other colours. What you finally select in the grey bar on the left will appear as a combination in the middle.

Step 3

When your combination appears in the middle box, you can view it from different perspectives. Click on the small arrows to the left and right of the green camera symbol at the bottom right.

Step 4

Would you like to make your arrangement even more customised? Then upload a picture of your surroundings or room by clicking on the green camera. You can rotate and crop the photo to fit your needs and the size you want. You can then place the combination you have chosen anywhere in the photo.

Step 5

Are you happy with your unique pot and plant combination, but still need some facts and figures? You will find information about the pot and the plant in the two grey fields.

Step 6

Are you happy with your selection? Then place it in your shopping basket and order it directly. Feel free to download a picture of the combination and share it with whomever you like.

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