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Low, narrow decorative planters filled with calming Bamboo in the cafeteria, inspiring green walls in the corridors or the perfect pot/plant combinations that match your style? Our artificial trees and plants create a green atmosphere, making workplaces more pleasant and productive, restaurants come alive and transforming every recreational visit into a wonderful experience.

But how do you combine the right artificial plants with the most wonderful planters for your interior? That's a completely different matter, but don't fret, we have gained plenty of experience by now. To make your choice easier, we'll gladly provide non-committal advice about which artificial plants, trees and pots suit you and the space best. Which of the projects below appeals to you most?


For Siematic Netherlands we have created atmosphere in the showroom by placing beautiful pot / plant combinations. A good look was taken at the color schemes of the showroom and the Kentucky decorative pots were connected to this. The Pineapple artificial plants give the whole an exotic atmosphere.

In the showcase we have placed tailor-made artificial trees. The Gynko leaf branches are drilled on prepared, real wood trunks. Together with the light gravel layer, the artificial trees make this showcase a real eye catcher.


For the Delfland Water Board we have planted planters with different types of artificial grasses and flowering artificial plants such as Spathiphyllum in the existing furniture. You can see an example of the grasses here. A natural separation has been created that, due to the true-to-life appearance, immediately brings more atmosphere to the room.


For this retail service organization we have placed a display case that is used here as a room divider. By using different decorative pots from the same series in combination with high and low artificial plants, a beautiful whole has been created with a dual function: decorative and functional. A top-level dividing wall!

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